Too Young to Fuck
(M+/f, ped, preg?)

by Kysa Braswell

Are you kidding me? Me make a porno film? I can barely handle you, how would I handle a porn star's cock? Right away I wished the guy hadn't asked, although I suppose I had let him think I was over eighteen and not just another hot 'n' sexy almost twelve year-old! I was so struck for words I stopped licking his cock for a moment and just knelt in front of him with a dumb expression on my face. I'd been sucking his big cock for more than twenty minutes and I was getting tired and my mouth was getting sore from his thickness stretching my jaw. 'If I tell him the truth would he refuse to drive me home?' My thoughts wandered. It was both cold and dirty in that back alley behind the pub and I knew it was already too late to find some other guy who' would fuck me or let me give him a blowjob and then take me home. Also, if I went around the front and asked the bouncers for help they might just say I'm well underage so that was DEFINITELY a no-no!

I live with my folks on the far side of town and, as every smart girl worth around here knows, these days a blowjob is accepted as the minimum fare for a free ride home from a club. It's too bad the Maiden's Pub is so far from my house or else I might scrape up enough for a taxi, but that would only cover one trip and I'm there Fridays AND Saturdays. So it's usually a quick back seat screw or a blow-job plus a bit of sweet talk, then I'll mostly use my panties to clean up [I never can remember to take a handkerchief!] before I get dropped off a few doors down the street and creep in the house without waking my folks.

Its not that I care how many guys I fuck with because I stopped counting all those cocks long ago. It all started on a weird Saturday a few weeks before my 10th birthday when my two cousins held me down and took turns at raping me and taking my cherry. By the time they'd finished with me I felt so sore and had so much cum running down my legs that I thought I was bleeding, but it was all their cum. But I didn't tell on anyone. I just kept quiet. Next day I woke up feeling horny so I told a flaky fifteen-year old neighbor he could fuck me in the cellar if his kid brother would keep a look-out. Although I hadn't planned to I then let them swap round so they could both cum inside me, and ever since then I've been well-known in the neighborhood as a little 'hottie' who 'puts-out' to the max. I know these days most younger girls my age will fuck if they're pushed, but the guys at school know I'm the easiest piece of ass on two legs and that's the way I like it! Anyway, I get really hot knowing that I'm just a horny fuck-slut, so my reputation doesn't bother me one bit. But what I really DO care about is getting grounded by my folks, and if they found out I'd been a regular at the Maiden's Pub for over six months they'd probably keep me in nights for a whole year!

"Yeah," I lied, huskily, "I adore hardcore porno films!" Then I jammed my face back into the guy's crotch and kept on sucking his huge cock until I'd milked all his cum right down my throat. His cum was thick and tasted sweet and I loved sucking him off. I kept swallowing over and over to work it right down my hungry throat until there was hardly any left in my hot sucking mouth. Then I coughed to clear my throat and gave one last swallow before I looked up at his face. "Was that okay.....?"

I knew I was good. With sex I don't believe in fucking around like some stupid girls I could mention, and I know that's what all guys like. "Yeah," drawled the unnamed stud, "C'mon kid I'd better drop ya at your place."

"Shit!" I silently cursed, "he says I'm not eighteen. Maybe if I stick my tits out more he won't guess my real age." I stood up and brushed the dirt off my knees then cursed again when I realized my cheap hose had torn a hole in the right thigh.

With my braless tits mashed against his right arm he led me across the parking lot to his car. He didn't say much on the way home, just stared out the window like he was deep in thought while I did all the usual stuff. Toyed with his big dick, flashed my tits at cars, and pushed his hand down my panties for a feel. Normal in-the-car boy stuff. When he finally spoke his middle finger was inside my slit and I was trying to remember if he'd told me his name!

"I'm having some guys round at my place tomorrow to watch some new porno films." He gave me a sideways glance. "Wanna join in the fun...?" As he said it his finger rolled back and forth inside my wet cunt-hole and I squirmed in the seat.

'Shit!' I cursed to myself yet again. 'How in the name of Lucifer can I get out of the house tomorrow night?' After thinking it over for a few seconds I shrugged. I'd just have to think up some good excuse, that's all!

While I was thinking we stopped for a red light and some guys stood staring at me through the window, making me look down. I laughed. My tiny skirt was hitched up round my waist and the guy's big hand was jammed down the front of my pale blue panties, exposing half my pubes. I couldn't care less how slutty I looked, and instead of trying to cover my pussy I waved at my audience and grinned widely when I noticed two of them start to rub the bulges in their pants. There was about five guys staring at me and I began fantasizing what it would feel like to be gang-banged by them all.

"How many will I have to be with?" I jumped at the sound of my voice. I'd been daydreaming as I stared at the guys crossing the road and hadn't meant to speak out loud.

"Look kid," my escort laughed, "you can fuck whoever you want because I just don't give a shit. I jus' thought you might like to watch some porn." He gunned the motor as the lights changed. "How many ya fuck and all that shit is up to you!"

I smiled and gave it some more thought. His offer sounded perfectly reasonable to me. A free viewing of the kind of porno films I'd wanted to see ever since I'd first heard about them as a curious nine year-old, AND there'd be at least one guy to fuck with if I felt randy. I reached over and squeezed his cock.

"Sorry... don't know why I asked such a dumb question." I felt his cock starting to get hard again. "I'd just love to see your porno films, so where do you live?" He reached forward in the dash pocket then handed me a card with his address. "Be there about 8p."

"You bet I will!" as I pulled his big cock out again and lowered my head to it.

My timing was very close and I was still swallowing his second load of spunk when I hopped out the car and watched him pull away. I stepped into a doorway, undid my belt and tugged at my crotch-high micro-miniskirt until it was almost the length of an ordinary mini, then pulled my top up around my neck so I could fasten the bra I'd hidden in my handbag. I felt an exhibitionist urge and stepped onto the sidewalk for a minute, shaking my small bare tits at passing cars like some topless-dancer slut before reluctantly clipping the bra and pulling my top down. "Yeah!" I smiled to myself as I strutted the last few yards home, "Its fun being a young teenage slut, I get to do anybody… er, anything I want!"

Next day I called my older cousin Jenny and gave her some bullshit about wanting to help a friend with her schoolwork but my folks wouldn't let me out three nights in a row. "Please Jenny," I pleaded with her, "Would you call Mom and make out you need me for something?" I thought I ought to wheedle a bit just to make sure. "Just this once and I promise I'll make it up to you." Finally I heard a sigh at the other end of the line.

"Okay Trina," She said eventually, "Just this once, I'll call her around 7p."

She was a good sport and I knew she didn't really mean the 'just this once' crap either.

I was real good to Mom and Dad all day, helping out and stuff. At 6p I told Mom I was going up to have a shower and sort my things out for school. First I snuck into her bedroom to borrow a tiny pair of her panties, and then I retrieved the ultra-short and tight lycra dress that I keep hidden in my room and stuffed both items into my bag together with a small cologne spray. So far my plan was working out peachy! I then took a shower and repeatedly pushed the small shower-head deep into my cunt to give my busy fuck-hole its daily sluicing. After drying off and stuff I heard the phone ring. Great!

As I knew she would, Mom then called me down and actually apologized for sending me round to Jenny's. All I had on was my bathrobe so I gave her one of my 'I'm a good citizen' expressions. "It's okay Mom, I don't mind helping Jenny. I'll just go and throw some things on." Back in my room I clipped on my other lacy bra, stepped into some cotton French-cut panties, and then pulled on my Levis, a sweater and my best shoes.

She watched me pedal off on my bike. It was only a few blocks to the bus station, and there I locked the bike to some railings then bought a cheap pair of white hold-ups from the kiosk and found an empty cubicle in the restroom. Just five minutes later a sexy perfumed little tart emerged wearing a spray-on microdress – little ol' ME! I looked like the perfectly cute little 12-year old whore I was! I put my sweater, jeans and cotton panties in a locker and hopped on the bus. My dress is so unbelievably short it always shows plenty of panty-triangle whenever I sit and it quickly got me off with two guys across the bus who gave me their numbers and made me promise to call them soon. Like I said - EASY!

The trip took about half an hour and by the time I eventually found the apartment and rang the doorbell it was 8:05p. The door opened and Carl [the name was printed on his address card] looked me up and down appreciatively. "Hi kid!" came the drawled welcome, "Bring that cute little ass inside." I gave him a sexy smile and he gave my tight little ass a friendly squeeze and a loud, slightly painful smack as I walked past him.

In the den were six of his friends, all guys, and I was quickly given a drink before being introduced to them. Two were about my Dad's age [WOW!] but the others all looked twenty-something. The doorbell rung again and two more guys stepped into the room, then stood and stared at my crotch. I looked down. My tight dress had drawn itself up an inch or so to expose my panty-crotch, a young girl's peril [and pleasure!] from daring to wear such ultra-short micros! I giggled and looked them straight in the eye while pulling at the hem half-heartedly until it hovered around my cunt-level. This was already getting to be fun!

I had a couple more glasses of wine and tried smoking some pot [another first!] when one guy handed me his joint, inhaling as deeply as I could to get all the shit right down into my lungs. Lucky for me I was not unfamiliar to smoking. I first tried a normal cigarette when I was nearly ten, but my best friend double-dared me to inhale and I just ended up coughing and choking on it. Then I began stealing them from wherever and practiced on my own, and after a few months I was able to inhale and hold my breath until no smoke escaped. For a while it became my party trick! I've been smoking regularly since eleven and a half and since my first fuck three months later I've had cigarettes every chance I get. Mornings are bad because I have to wait until I set off to school, then I get three down me one after another. I have two every lunchtime and an extra one in break times followed by three more before I get home. So far by begging, borrowing, stealing and offering guys quick feels and stuff I'm getting through about forty a week, but I know my body needs a lot more because I get frustrated if I only have 4-5 or so a day. A few times I let some guy fuck me for a carton to take me through a couple of weeks, but Fridays and Saturdays are okay because at the Maiden's Pub I can keep smoking nonstop until I'm feeling all nice and relaxed.

I clamped my lips together and held my breath for ages, wanting to make sure the marijuana did its stuff on me properly. The shit really fucked my lungs good and when finally I couldn't hold my breath any longer I let out a very slow sigh and was pleased when I saw no smoke escape this time either. I looked around to make sure I'd been watched [I had!] and by the time Carl put on the first video I was feeling a bit stoned, but dead horny too and my fuck-hole was already leaking sex-juice! One day I'd like someone to inject me with something that'll really fuck me up just to see what it feels like – and to find out how far I'll go when my brain's totally out of control.

The girl porno stars were so sexy and attractive, and I enjoyed the intro feature which showed two girls in a shopping mall in hotpants and skimpy tops printed with the words 'FEEL ME - I'm real!' They were promoting their latest porno-flick, and smiled as they kissed each guy who walked up to squeeze their braless tits. Every other guy who had a feel would grab a girl by the crotch and the lovely sluts would laugh and shamelessly grind their crotches into the guy's palm! A few passers-by stood staring in disbelief and I noticed some young kids in the background giggling at the antics. One guy even stuck his hand right inside both girls' micro-shorts to finger their panty-free pussies in public. The giggling sluts obviously didn't care and, amazingly, nobody tried to stop the very public sex-action. [I found out much later that the mall security guys had been paid very well to keep scarce while it was filmed!] After a few more minutes of kissing and blatant feeling-up both tarts waltzed boldly into the men's room and began giving blow-jobs in full view of men and boys alike! I had to admire their total disregard for any rules and could not resist cheering when one of the girls stood in the men's room doorway, using her fingers to wipe some guy's wet spunk off her face before laughing into the camera!

From that moment on I was hooked and sat glued to the big TV screen with one hand rubbing away at my clit through the thin material of cotton panties. The hunky stud actors really got me drooling at the way they'd keep shoving their big cocks into one smiling open-legged girl after another before finally unloading their cum into some lovely porno-chick's open mouth. God they were big! She'd stare right into the camera and play with the spunk for ages before swallowing it, which I thought was divine! The film ended with a super orgy where everyone fucked everyone else and the girls were left plastered with spunk. Fantastic!

My panties were sopping wet and I felt so horny I never said a word when one guy led me off and into a bedroom. Don't ask me his name because I don't remember, but he was about twice my age and had a really big cock. That thing was as long as my forearm! He just laid me on the bed, pulled my panties to one side, and shoved it in pretty deep (about 4 inches) which got me going until sparks were exploding through my nerves. I must have cum so hard I didn't realize he'd cum inside me until his dick went limp and he pulled out for me to suck him clean. I crossed my fingers. 'Well so what!' I thought to myself, 'I haven't got pregnant so far so why shouldn't my luck hold!' You see I'm not on the pill because I can't ask Mom and I've heard clinics don't supply under kids under age 16. But I couldn't stop fucking, could I, so I just don't let it bother me none. Besides, it feels REALLY good when a big cock fills my belly with its cum. So warm, so full, so wet. God, it's sexy! Just keep on risking it, Trina, and hope for the best - that's my motto!

I could hear sounds from the TV. "C'mon," I French-kissed him deeply with my tongue, "I wanna see another film!" I whipped off my panties and dropped them on the floor, used a towel to wipe all the cum from my belly and pubes, and then pulled my dress down until my crotch was barely covered.

The next film starred a young girl of about 17 and four guys - all with really big cocks. That must have been the reason they were chosen for this film. She was a natural and obviously loved being filmed having sex. The studs had her every which way while she smiled at the camera and swallowed their spunk. Amazingly, she smiled even wider when two of the guys screwed her in the ass one after the other. I haven't yet had my ass used for sex but I guess I'll get around to it sooner or later. The girl happened to look a bit like me and then I realized how much I'd love to be a porno star like her and make lots of money from fucking all sorts of studs. If I did, Mom and Dad would go nuts once they found out, but even if they did get to know surely I could afford to run away from home and live on my porno money?

I'd been smoking and fingering myself through most of that second film and almost forgot I'd fucked once already, so when a guy in his 40s picked me up I just giggled and gave him a sexy deep kiss as he carried me through to the bedroom. As he lay me down I noticed my panties on the floor where I'd left them and giggled again. I must've been a bit pissed as well as stoned by then, but I remember him pulling up my dress and opening my legs to get his mouth onto my cunt. As his tongue felt me inside and out I recall shuddering with lust and thinking 'I'll bet not many chicks as young as me get this treatment!'

By the time he slid his long cock up me I was ready for anything. I kept calling him Daddy and saying things like "Fuck me with your big cock, Daddy," and "Don't save your cum for Mommy, shoot it in me this time, make me pregnant, Daddy!" That last one got him over the top and I felt his cum flooding into my cunt while my orgasm pumped away to empty his bloated balls. I was starting to feel really nice and slutty by then. When we got up off the bed some sperm started to dribble out of my hole so I gave my crotch a good wipe with a clean towel then pulled my dress down over my ass again. For a moment my thoughts drifted to pregnancy again but I quickly got over it. Why should I give a shit? This is too much like fun so all that fucking stupid baby crap can just fuck off because I don't wanna know! and with that I waltzed brazenly out the room with another man's load in my belly!

I was giggling at my thoughts as I went back into the lounge and some guys made a few rude comments about me fucking my Dad, but it was all in good fun and I couldn't care less anyway. I was enjoying myself far too much to mind a few jokes so, still giggling, I blurted out "'Course I've just fucked my Dad, doesn't every girl...?" They all loved that. I grabbed someone's marijuana joint and breathed deeply from it, then poured myself one more glass of wine and could feel my juices giving me another wet on before the next film had even been put in the machine. God, I was so randy!

"Hey Carl!" One guy called out, "Let's see one of your specials this time." Carl looked across at the guy, then looked quizzically at me and shrugged before answering with "Okay, why not." He opened a cupboard, took out a video and put it in the machine.

I couldn't believe my fucking eyes! There were two girls, kids I mean, and two adult men. Both girls looked about eight or nine since they had no tits and just a bald slit instead of pussy hair and a cunt. The film started with the girls fingering themselves while they flicked through hard porno magazines like I hadn't managed to get a look at in twelve years! Next they moved over to the guys and sucked their cocks while the men eased the girls' legs apart and pulled open their tiny hairless slits.

It fascinated and excited me to see little girls doing such horny sex stuff. When the camera went in for a close-up it was obvious they weren't virgins either because I could see right up inside their opened cunt holes. I'd no idea girls could fuck at that age, never mind be porno stars, and I realized what a sheltered upbringing I must have had to be so naive. I thought I'd first had sex young, at ten, but by then I'd got small tits and just a hint of pubic hair and had already had my first period, so that when my cousins raped me I just guessed it was time to get into some serious fucking, but these kids looked like they'd been sucking cocks since before kindergarten!

As I watched, the girls got on top of the studs and each held a stiff cock between their thighs then carefully fitted the end just inside their openings until their hairless slits were completely stretched over the huge bulbous knobs. Having got past the first stage they slowly worked their small bodies lower and lower, both girls biting their lower lip with determination, until several inches of cock was inside each of them and their little butts were virtually pressing into each guy's lap. Finally, with first a smile at one another then at the camera they began to fuck, lifting then pushing so the cocks went repeatedly in and out, in and out their young undeveloped bodies.

I was staring at the screen amazed, yet couldn't hold back a gasp when a third little girl came into view wearing nothing but tiny stockings and suspenders. She kept fingering and feeling up the other two girls, then picked up a Polaroid camera and when her two friends froze in mid-stroke she took several shots of their half-impaled bodies. She studied the developing photographs for a few moments, then grinned at the camera and held up a couple of snaps which showed each little girl with a big cock sticking out of her tightly-stretched cunt. Their little pussies were grotesquely stretched around the massive adult cock shafts, and you could easily tell the little girls were straining to take them. [It turned out later this kid was only seven and a virgin when the film was made, but the other girls' teasing had her begging to be fucked so she could be like them! As a result, the next day her cherry got busted with a small-size dildo. The day after that she started fucking, first for a group of 'pedo' amateur photos, and four days later she had her first professional video/still-shot session, screwing not one but three experienced studs! Carl showed me the film on a later visit and the sexy kid was grinning from ear to ear as each guy carefully ejaculated his stuff into her little stretched-out cunt!]

Watching little kids fucking had me all sexed-up and when I put my fingers to my cunt it was sopping wet. As the film went on the two girls increased their movements and a look of concentration was on both their faces. With a little cry of triumph, one girl finally stopped moving and half lay back with the stud's cock still buried deep in her hairless slit. A second later the guy started to groan and spasm as his spunk was pumped into the child, while she sat on his cock with a smug expression all over her pretty face. Almost immediately the other guy grunted and then clung on tightly to his partner's tiny hips until he'd finished unloading his sperm inside the girl, who kept giving sly grins across at her friend.

Both girls waited until the director made a signal then, as if in slow motion, they gradually lifted themselves off the guys' cocks. Assuming a half-squatted position they reached between their legs, pulled their slits open and smiled at the camera as the men's spunk dripped slowly from their sex-holes. After about fifteen seconds disco music started to play, whereupon the two girls nonchalantly got up and danced around as if they hadn't been fucked at all, or couldn't care less their kiddy-cunts were still half-full of sperm!

The music stopped as abruptly as it started, and the girls then lay back on the sofa with their feet flat on the cushion and legs wide apart. They were joined by the younger girl who unashamedly opened her own legs in the same pose, and again the camera began to move in for a close-up view of each girl. The first girl's thighs were coated with drying semen, and then her face came in focus to show her grinning widely at the camera as she reached between her thighs and pulled open her cunt to reveal inside the distended opening still cloyed with spunk. The camera lingered for some time while the girl tried to open herself more, then moved up and sideways until her friend's face filled the screen.

This girl looked maybe a year older than the other, her expression was of pure sexual precocity, open mouthed saucy smile with tongue pushed into her cheek, and the camera kept her face in focus as it panned back to reveal her crotch. With her hands under her thighs, she had stuck both middle fingers just inside her hole and was pulling herself wide open and holding that position while dozens of still photos were taken. Then the screen split vertically with her face filling the left side and crotch on the right. As she pulled her slit open wide I could clearly see thick spunk all the way up to her cervix. Every now and then she relaxed briefly to get a better grip, then the saucy smile would return and she'd tug at her baby-smooth labia to give another crystal clear view all the way up her cunt. As I watched, a dribble of cum trickled out her hole and soaked her ass-crack but, maturely, she kept the pose going until every last photo-frame had been taken. I also noticed her inner thighs were streaked with trails of runny semen where it must've leaked out her cunt while dancing.

In response to something said off-camera this girl then got up on her knees to lean sideways, took her friend's hands from between her thighs and placed them around the outside of her legs then proceeded to show the younger kid how to correctly pull her fuck-hole wide open. Holding the girl's middle fingers she pushed them both just inside the child's vagina then pulled down and outwards and the hole opened up wider than before to reveal a pink tube coated with spunk all the way up to the eight-year old's winking cervix. About fifty still shots were taken in quick-succession, then the camera panned back to show both kids grinning and pulling faces at the camera. I was snockered to see a nine-year old teaching a younger girl how to hold her cunt open while it was repeatedly photographed and gasped yet again when she turned and did the same to the seven-year old, only this time it just revealed the maiden's hymen covering her tiny cock-channel. All the same the older girl kept pulling at the youngster's fingers over and over to get her cunt properly open and seemed to be lecturing the infant non-stop until she was sure the kid had got it right, and all the dated stills had recorded her last photo-session as a virgin.

The film ended when the three kiddie porno-stars stepped into G-strings, still with drying spunk trails dribbling down the two older girls' legs, and each was handed expensive gift-wrapped presents and a handful of cash. They stood holding their gifts, waving, laughing at one another and grinning at the camera while each girl's name, age and city of origin was captioned across her naked tit-less chest. Then the picture finally faded. A short sixty second sequence followed showing the two older girls, wearing just short-cropped tops and cunt-tight lycra hot-pants, with several other pre-pubescent girls on what looked like school playing fields. The two porno stars first took off their shorts and pulled themselves open in front of the others, then made a play to lift the girls' skirts and get their panties down while everyone fell about laughing. It was obvious the experienced girls were trying to please the hidden cameraman by exposing the others' cunts and one submissive kid, instead of trying to resist allowed the older girl to take charge and manhandle her. She managed to get the naïve kid's hole pulled wide open, but it turned out she was a giggly virgin with nothing to show except her pink inner slit. Then the group began to get nervous and they all then ran off giggling, but by that time the cameraman had secured five hairless slits and their owners' faces on film for a short feature!

By that time my cunt was sopping and I felt horny as a bitch. I looked round at the guys playing with their cocks.

"That was fucking amazing!" I exclaimed, still half-pissed, "Carl, I didn't know little kids fucked like that!" My dress had rode up and I knew everyone could see all my cunt but with all the pot and booze I couldn't give a shit. He put on another film then came over and fucked me on the sofa for well over an hour. The weed he had smoked must have had Viagra in it because his cock was so hard, he just kept pumping me. I was getting really sore, and began to fight him to get him off of me.

"Not yet, niblet! I'm going to fuck you're little pussy properly – properly, that is, until I get your little whoring ass pregnant!" Carl yelled to the delight of the other sods in the room watching.

"Unnnnhghhhhnnnn, how do you know, uhgghhn, I'm not already… uhgghhnnn, pregnant?" I yelled back and with that comment, it sent him over the edge because he shoved all nine and a half inches of his big cock into my little womb and unloaded an enormous load of sperm into my womb. I could feel my guts tightening with pressure from all the cum he was filling me with. God I was going to be so sore tomorrow I thought. My thighs were shaking, unable to wrap around his hips any more. But by now I couldn't care less – I'd been fucked by two men already. That evening was something special, one of those times to let go and to hell with everything else! Just a part of growing up I suppose, but I knew it was something I'd never forget!

During the rest of the evening I was fucked several more times, mostly in front of everyone else so I didn't miss the movies, and after that kiddy-film I didn't give a shit who watched anyway. I think there was just one guy who didn't get in my cunt but I didn't mind because he was no oil painting. But I definitely enjoyed being a slag and getting used by different guys, and the films made everything nice and normal. Some had kids, some showed lovely teenage fuck-sluts [like me!], and some featured many beautiful porno-stars in their 20s. I got off on all of them, but especially liked the ones which showed kids younger than me getting those big cocks shoved up them! That was a real buzz and I started wondering how many kids at school were already into fucking.

When the evening finished I cleaned up a bit and then called Jenny to make sure our story matched. Two guys gave me a lift home, accepted my offer of a final quick blowjob for each, they dropped me outside the bus station at 11:30p. I'd already decided it was time I started taking more risks, and without even checking who could see I stood by my locker and changed in public! I even hung around for half a minute wearing just my bra and waist-length sweater to show people kids like me have pussies, too – that need fucking! One guy walked up and stroked my bare ass a couple times but that was all so it was no big deal. I'd half expected to get fucked, so feeling a bit cheated but very daring I pedaled home with my bra undone and top pulled right up to chill my hot tits and get my rosy nipples hard. It helped sober me up too, since all the pot and wine was still fucking my brain! Some people stared all right but no one tried to pull me up, and all the time it felt good rebelling against everything I could find through sex! I wondered if I would miss my period this month given all the cum in my womb over the past week, but I'd just have to wait and see.

The End
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