Impregnated by My Big Brother
(M/f, inc, virgin, size, nc, preg+)

by Kysa Braswell

Martin spied his little sister Kysa walking across his hallway door in her frilly white night gown, which showed every nude curve underneath. Indeed, his hobby was spying on his beautiful little sister, who was a budding 12-year old and just sprouting pouty breasts and pubic hair. Martin had turned sixteen last summer, and was continually joking about among his friends about Kysa after seeing her in her bikini. The usual went something like, "If I had a sister like Martin, I'd be fucking that bitch until she couldn't walk," or something to a similar effect.

Dana was the only girlfriend Martin had ever had, but after their breakup she made him the butt of "horse cock" jokes when all he wanted from her was a blowjob. He got one lousy hand job out of it, and her response was, "I'm not into 'mutual masturbation'." Martin never understood what the hell that meant. Didn't matter: the hand job was lousy, though he did cum all over the dashboard of his car.

Normally, being the butt of Dana's 'big cock' jokes at school would lead curious girls to his feet, but not for Martin. He was shy, and tended to enjoy the company of his male friends far more than trying to figure out the abnormal idiosyncrasies of the female brain. Besides, perhaps everything he ever needed for his sexual education was right next door to his own bedroom.

Martin stepped outside the hallway and walked down to her room, watching her comb her long brown hair in the mirror, her budding breasts rising and falling with each stroke. Reflected in the mirror, he could easily see the outline of her new-growth pubic hair.

"Nice bush," he said quietly to himself and wondered what her pussy would feel like tightly enveloped wrapped around his fat, hanging cock peeking out of the bottom hem of his boxer shorts. "I would rip that little bitch in two, and she'd deserve every minute of it."

'Bitch.' There's that word. It fit Kysa, for she was a thorn in his side, never missing an opportunity to get Martin in trouble with Mom. The two siblings traded getting each other into trouble just to enjoy seeing the other get whipped by their Mom, Crystal, who beat either of them until she brought tears to their eyes. Sooner than he expected, however, Martin would have the upper hand on her for years to come.

Kysa was exploring her own body's pleasures, and had invited a black neighbor boy over one day after school and Martin caught them kissing on the couch in the living room. At the time, he ignored it, but filed it away. But today was Tuesday, and it was time he got his due from his little sister. He arrived home early from school just before she did and waited in her bedroom, sitting on her bed, fingering through her photo album of friends. Kysa walked in.

"What are you doing in MY room? Get out!" she cried.

"I'm doing whatever I fucking want from now on, and you're going to do whatever I want, too," he said.

"I'm not in the mood, Martin. Get out!" and she turned to pick up the phone, calling Lisa to talk. As she began talking to Lisa, she felt Martin directly behind her, rubbing his big cock through her dress into her asscrack, and then slowly he cupped both her breasts in his hands and squeezed tightly until she sighed loud enough over the phone to have to explain to Lisa what was happening.

"Nothing, I just stumped my toe. Let me let you go. I'll call you back tonight."

Hanging up the phone, she protested, "MARtin, WHAT are you doing?"

"Whatever I want to. And I'll keep doing it. Unless, that is, you want Mom to know you were kissing the nigger boy over here last week, probably feeling up his black cock, too."

"You asshole, you wouldn't!"

"I would, babe."

"SHUT UP, SHUT UP!! I'M NOT YOUR BABE! And get your fucking hands off of me, asshole!"

Martin grabbed a fistful of hair, kicked the door shut, and yanked her down on the bed. "Now you listen to me, BABE, you're going to learn something about 'boys' today and I'm going to learn something about 'girls' today. So let's just play nice and cooperate, or else, get your little ass ready for a beating from Mom." Kysa relented as he released her hair. But the expression of seething anger on her face did not abate.

"Take your panties off."

"I'm not…"

"Aht, aht, aht!! Yes you will." The last thing Kysa wanted was another whipping from Mom, so she peeled her panties off, revealing her sparse bush, but tight V where her thighs met her tight little asscheeks. 'God, 12-year olds' bodies are so fucking perfect,' Martin thought, salivating at her thighs.

Pulling down his boxer shorts, he released a hardening cock that was so fat it was amazing. Kysa looked, but then looked away, she did not want to think of her brother sexually.

"I'm not fucking you, Martin!" she said.

"No, but you will jack me off. Here…" he said, grabbing her hand and placing it on his thick shaft. Her little hand could not reach even halfway around and he was not fully hard yet. Kysa gulped at the sheer size, weight, and heat pulsing through the cock. She looked down again, and immediately knew it was a mistake. Martin noticed she licked her lips. He put his hand over hers and instructed her on what to do, peeling the shaft back and forth, barely exposing his cockhead as his foreskin peeled back to the edge. It was the first cock she had ever seen up close. Sure, she had seen Martin coming out of the shower, or even naked in his room, but never did she realize he was THIS big. 'Were all boys THIS size?' she wondered?

Martin slid his middle finger between her legs, mistaking her body heat for arousal, he sliced the digit along her slit until his finger was wet. Slippery with her girl juice, he reached for his cock with his left hand and peeled his foreskin all the way back unveiling a LOT of precum that dripped down his shaft. He mixed Kysa’s juices with his precum, then replaced his finger alongside her slit. Her jacking had taken on the life of a task now and she used both hands, wanting this to end as quickly as possible.

It did not go unnoticed by Martin that she was doing a fantastic job on his cock. Her hands were like a tight cunt gripping his huge member, now stretched to its full length of 10.25 inches and a good bit thicker than her forearm. Kysa accidentally crossed her legs, which rejected Martin's hand from her crotch. She smiled and asked, "How much longer do I have to do this?" unaware that the answer was until he came.

"Here, I'll shift positions to make it better." Martin then straddled her thighs, letting his huge cock rest along her thighs, and the cockhead just above her bush. "Now, jack me off."

Kysa obeyed, hoping this would pay off her debt for kissing the black boy. By now, though, Martin's cock was leaking a tremendous amount of precum, and not only was his cock and her hands slathered in the slippery hot liquid, but her belly was being sprinkled with droplets of clear precum. She sped her pace, pulling the foreskin far over the cockhead, then pushing the cockshaft skin back, but only the tip of his cockhead poked through the foreskin. Martin's balls began to churn, though, and he began to flex his hips over her thighs. She could feel his cock flexing itself through her hands, almost jerking itself away from her grip. She held onto the massive meat as well as she could, even though it was supremely slippery.

"Ooohhhhhhyeaaaahh, goddamn!! That's it, That's it, That's it, That's it, ahhhh, let go, Kysa, let go!!" he yelled and just as she did, the huge cock erupted, spewing forth a long white stream of hot cum onto her pubic patch, splashing her bush and thighs, then another grotesquely long stream split his cockhead and poured forth, followed by another and another and another, and yet more and more and more. Martin came for over a full minute, and when he finished, he left Kysa soaked from belly to knees in his boy cum.

"Jesus, Martin, what did you just do? GROSS!!" she cried.

"I came!" he answered, and as he shook from his cock the last few strings of cum, he slathered the cum along her belly, then pulled huge goblets down between her thighs. He grabbed several fingers' full of cum, and coated her tiny little slit with his cum, as if trying to make her pregnant by the macho act.

"God, is that what boys do when they cum? I didn't know that was what it's like."

"That's it."

"Jesus, hang on, don't move. I have to take off my dress or it will get all over it," she explained. Removing it, she revealed her perfectly budding breasts, which made his cock twitch again. She noticed the big cock pulsing all by itself again, and she said, "Oh no, not again!" and pushed him hard onto his back.

"What's wrong, Sis, can't take it?"

"Fuck you, asshole! Consider my debt paid – you won't tell Mom now."

"Oh no, not so fast. I'm not done with you. Next week, we'll take your virginity, unless you've already given it to the nigger boy!" he laughed.

She slapped at him, but he blocked her blows with his arms in a lewd site of her soaked in his cum and his enormous cock still slinging cum as it alternately slapped each of his thighs during his self-defense.

The following week, Martin treated her like a slut. He couldn't sort out his feelings now. He loved her more than ever by virtue of simply lusting after her. But this was his own sister. On the other hand, he wanted to punish the little bitch for all the mean things she had done to him over the years. He made up his mind to go through with busting her cherry. It would take Monday, enough time for him to tease her about it over the weekend.

"What are you doing in my closet? Get out, you!" Kysa said. "Mom!! Martin's in my closet. Make him leave!"

"Martin, be nice to your sister, young man!" Crystal yelled back from the living room over the TV.

"Let's not and say we did," he said. "Ah, this is the one. I want you to be wearing this when I deflower you." He was holding up a small little strapped tank top with matching white panties.

"Fuck you, Martin, you're NOT doing that, I promise," she said.

"Oh? Okay, then I'll just go tell Mom about your little black boyfriend and how you just LOVE to kiss him, among other things. I can only imagine you'd be grounded for… LIFE! Not to mention the endless beatings she'd give you," he threatened with glee, putting down the garments and walking toward the door.

"No, wait. Wait! Just don't be crude, okay?"

"Okay, let's talk."

"About what?"

"About you 'taking' me," he said.

"Taking you?"

"Taking my cock inside you," he said pointing to the obscene bulge in his pants.

"You know I can't do that! I'm too young!"

"No you're not."

"Yes I am! Besides, you're WAY TOO big down there!"

"No I'm not."

"Oh yeah? Let me measure!" she dared him, thinking it would frighten him. It didn't. Martin dutifully whipped out his soft cock.

"Go ahead, Sis," he said, holding his penis out.

"God, you have no shame," she reminded him. Reaching over to her desk, she found the 12-inch ruler and held it underneath his meaty shaft that was still soft. "7.5 inches."

"That's soft, now let's help it grow a little," he said, placing her soft hand on his lengthening member. The penis felt so heavy in her clasp. Kysa squeezed the shaft, but it slipped from her grip and fell against his bloated balls. When it was semi-hard, he asked, "Measure it again?"

"Nine inches. God, it grows fast!" she wondered.

"Keep it up. Better, let's do it this way." He reached forward, raised her dress, dropped her size 5 panties down below her hips, and then slipped the meaty cock between her thighs, nesting it there against her soft pubic bush. It felt as if it "belonged" there to him.

"Martin! Stop it." Kysa lightly protested as he raked the cockshaft along her slit, sending slight shivers through her loins.

Pulling back from her, he displayed the cock, now ¾ hard, and she noticed how the foreskin completely covered his cockhead. She didn't know whether to measure the cock or include the extra quarter inch of foreskin that lapped over the cockhead. She settled just for the cock itself.

"Oh my god! You ARE huge, Martin! Look at this, 10 inches now!" she exclaimed, and then looked toward the door, wondering if Mother was still in the living room.

"Now measure across, its thickness," he ordered.

"Okay, um, brother?"

"Yes?" he smiled.

"2.5 inches across!"

"And again, I'm not fully hard either. Okay, let's cut this foolishness out. You're enjoying this too much!" he laughed.

"Yeah right, you big perv. You're the one trying to get inside MY panties, remember?" she said.

"Kysa, just because I want to get inside your panties, doesn't mean I don't want to fuck the shit out of you."


"Exactly!" he said.

Kysa rolled her eyes, and pulled up her panties, dropped her skirt, and pushed him out of the door.

The next day, their mother left to go shopping, leaving the two alone in the house for a couple of hours. Kysa was in the living room reading a book, but with the TV on. Clad only in shorts and a overly large t-shirt, Martin spied her subtle, but lithe movements on the couch. Deciding to surprise her, he pulled his cock out and walked up beside her at the end of the couch, his cock hanging right next to her shoulder.

"Martin! What are you doing?"

"I figured you'd want to suck me off, what do you say?" he asked.

"No! Now go away, I'm trying to read."

"Well, I figured we'd move your deflowering date up a couple of days. Now is the perfect opportunity."

"Fuck you, Martin. I told you: I'm too young and you're cock is WAY too big for me. I'm still just a kid!" she reasoned.

"Fuck me?! Well, fuck you, bitch!" he yelled. Then Martin dropped his shorts, grabbed Kysa, tore off all three pieces of clothing she had on – her shirt, shorts, and panties – and then threw her down on the couch. Leaping between her thighs before she could close them, he held down her arms as she struggled.

"Martin, stop! Stop it, Martin, I mean it or I'm going to tell Mom," she protested. "Aaaiiiieeeee, stop!! You're hurting me!!"

"That's a good one. Or maybe I'll be the one telling Mom, or don't you remember, Sis? You're going to get fucked right now, you little tart bitch. I'm tired of your smart little mouth and I'm going to bust your ass good!" and he slapped her face firmly.

"Stop, stop it, Martin, please?!" she cried, tears now quickly ran down her cheeks.
"That crybaby routine won't work on me, Sis. Get over it. You're going to take my cock NOW," he said.

"No Martin, please, I can't. You're TOO big!" she choked out amid tears. "Let me jack you off again, okay?"

"No way, I'm tired of girls wanting the least bit. I'm ready to fuck something, and you're something!" he exclaimed. Looking down at her naked little 5'0 body which was simply delicious, his will broke for a moment and he had an insight.

"You know what Sis? Maybe I won't fuck you today after all. But that doesn't mean you're still not getting fucked on Tuesday." His cock was fully hard and extended now, dripping its precum onto her belly and thighs as he continued to straddle the preteen girl. "But maybe you need to learn something new yourself. I'm going to do something I've always wanted to do to you: eat your pussy."

"What?! No Martin, no!"

"Yes, Martin, yes," he retorted with a lascivious chuckle. "Relax and spread your legs, Sis. It's either get eaten out, or get fucked, your choice."

Kysa gave into to his coercion, for she could no longer resist without getting the worst of the situation. Slowly spreading her thighs, Martin dipped down and kissed her inner thighs, tickling her through her tears. She continued to cry in humiliation of being forced to pleasure her big brother. She did not want to fuck 'him,' she wanted a real boyfriend!

Martin worked his way up to her belly and sucked her budding, puffy nipples. Kysa admitted that it didn't feel bad at all. He slowly kissed his way down her tight, flat belly until he reached her pubes. He softly and dryly kissed her pussy. Martin noticed how small her pussy was. 'There is no way this little girl is going to be able to take my cock, god, I'd kill her,' he thought. Licking her pussy, his fingers peeled back her labia exposing her tiny clit and he licked up and down her pussy, slathering her whole pubis in his saliva, making wet, sloppy slurping sounds, which made Kysa laugh at his hunger for her body.

But then something clicked in her loins. She uncovered her face and bucked slightly, releasing an involuntary "Oh!" from her lips.

"Hit a sweet spot, did I?" Martin asked, smiling through her cunt hair up at her. The boy continued to let his tongue talk to her, buzzing her clit and licking her pussy in the form of the letters of the alphabet. Kysa did not realize it, but she was feeling the origins of her first orgasm welling up deep inside her belly.

"Oh god, Martin, stop, Martin stop, you're hurting me," she said gasping up at the ceiling, but knowing the horny boy would not stop short of their Mom stabbing him in the back of the neck. He was going to enjoy his sister, and he was going to teach her how to pleasure a man, starting with and especially him. What she mistook for pain was actually an amazing and overpowering pleasure that spread through her loins and overtook her body and mind. Kysa bucked her pussy into Martin's mouth and her thighs squeezed his face as she came, her pussy dripping from her growing orgasm and Martin's sloppy head.

"Oh god, Martin! Oh god, Martin! Oh god, Martin! Jesus, you're killing me, oh god, don't… don't… you're… oh god, ooooohhhhhh aaaiiiieeeeeeaaaahhh!!" she squealed as her orgasm forced her to lose control over her senses and shed all inhibitions. Martin slowed his pace, then began kissing her thighs and belly again. Kysa’s head was turned away from him, toward the TV, and her eyes were glassy from cumming so hard.

"What happened? What did you do to me?" she asked.

"I didn't do anything. You just came. You just had your first orgasm apparently! Methinks Kysa likes it, eh?" he joked.

"Oh GOD, that was unbelievable! It felt…"

"So good?" he finished her thought.

"Yeah!! God I've never felt so…"

"Out of control? Good? Hot? Drugged?" he added.

"Drugged – what do you mean?" she asked.

"Sex is better than any drug on the planet. But I wouldn't know. I've never been with a girl. You'd be my first, and that would make you so special, Sis."

"Oh Martin, it's just that you're so big. I asked my girlfriends about their brothers and none of them said their own brothers had a big cock like you do. They didn't believe me when I told them your size, but Lisa had heard Dana repeat that you had a horse cock at school. But you're just too big to make love to a girl."

"No I'm not, and I'll prove it with you on Tuesday!" he said.

"Not that again! I can't, Martin. There's just no physical way you could fit inside me. Not unless you intend to kill me with that thing. I mean, you've got a REALLY big cock, brother!" Kysa reminded him.

"We'll see, then, won't we?" he said as he slid off her and stood to walk back to his room.

Kysa put herself together and tried to figure out what just happened. "So THAT was an orgasm? Jeez, I want to do that a LOT more, then!" After a few minutes, she walked down the hallway to her room and noticed a 'whacking/slapping' sound coming from Martin's room. His bed faced away from the doorway and he was jacking off his big cock. Kysa stood in fascination as how he did it. He jacked far faster than she ever could. And she noticed that as his loose foreskin was pulled down and tightened over his cockhead, it made that slight little 'slapping' noise. How cute, or rather, how sexy, she thought. Within two minutes, Martin was cumming. He leaped off the bed and aimed his huge penis over the large trashcan near his desk, and for over a minute, Martin's cock spurted cum over and over again. Martin released his cock as he came and let it cum under its own power, the cock jerking spasmodically as jet after jet spewed forth.

"Oh my god," Kysa said softly as she lost count after twenty full spurts. 'No wonder I was soaked the other day from breast to knee!' she thought and left to go call her friend Carla and ask more questions about boys. Kysa now had a few more 'answers!'

The following Tuesday came and Martin made sure to pick up Kysa at school so he could take her straight home for her fucking. She was understandably defensive and nervous, holding her books tightly under her breasts, wanting to explore more oral sex with her brother rather than be fucked by his huge penis. She wanted to give her virginity to a boyfriend, not her brother! It just wasn't right. Nothing was right about this. But the only thing that she could not forget was the power of her orgasm Sunday on the couch. That feeling was so powerful that she would do almost anything to experience it again and often.

"Get you something to drink, then go to my bedroom and take your clothes off. We're going to be a while," he ordered her, having planned today in intricate detail.

Kysa drank some orange juice, then brought a water bottle to his room. "Do we HAVE to go through with this, Martin? I'll do anything you want to, but not this, okay?"

"No! I've been far too patient with you so far. It's time you became a woman, and I'm going to make you one. Today is the day you take me, Sis. So stop your whining and quit trying to get out of it. You're going to get fucked," he replied.

Kysa had a quick thought that maybe she could somehow get him to do it really quick, like when he jacked off the other day, and then it would be over fast. Martin was now naked, his long cock hanging like a fat sausage between his legs, reaching halfway down to his knees. Kysa dropped the straps of her dress and it fell to the floor. He closed the door, despite that their Mother would not be home for another four hours. So time was on their side. Kysa sat on the edge of the bed not sure how to proceed. Martin walked up to her and split her thighs, nudging close to her, his enormous penis hanging in front of her face.

"Suck me, Sis," and he held the penis up to her face.

Kysa meekly looked up at his eyes, and then down at the massive penis held before her lips. The foreskin covered his entire cockhead and extended over the tip a good half an inch. Martin's own fist could not encircle his thickness. Kysa opened her mouth as wide as she could, and then backed away.

"What's wrong?" he asked.

"You know what's wrong. I can't even get it in my mouth," she said.

"Just suck the tip, then."

Kysa grabbed the cockhead with one hand and his shaft with the other. As she peeled his foreskin back, it dripped a long thin stream of precum onto her thighs.

"Ewww, Martin!"

"Goddamnit Kysa, don't let it drip, suck it!" he yelled in frustration.

She let go of the heavy penis, then reached down with her head and sucked on the excess foreskin hanging over the cockhead, slurping it wetly. She sucked it like a baby nursing a bottle for a minute before Martin helped her by expertly peeling back the foreskin, revealing a slippery wet cockhead, coated and dripping in precum. Kysa leaned forward and caught the precum with her lips before more of it dripped on her. She was naïvely trying not to make a big mess, but that was impossible with a cock like Martin's, especially when he begins to cum.

Martin lifted the heavy shaft, and Kysa knew instinctively to lick his balls and the sensitive underside of his shaft. In an effort to get him to cum without fucking her, she tongued that softspot right between his balls and anus, hoping he would explode. It failed to do that, but succeeded in making his cock as hard as a rock now. Martin's balls were as fat as tennis balls, and she felt sad that he was so big, and had to carry around this weight all the time. It would be the same as if a 13-year old girl had FFF-cup breasts. Her brother, Mr. horse cock. Wonder if Mom knew about his size?

Martin reached between her thighs and began softly rubbing her pussy. Kysa was already wet. 'The little slut wants it bad,' he thought, delighted at how slippery her juices were to his touch.

"Let me lie down," he said, "and here, you get on top of me, no, straddle me the other way," until she was facing his cock and her crotch was over his chest. He was too tall and she was too short for their loins to meet their faces symmetrically. As his cock, however, reached far past his belly button, she walked herself back into his face as he licked her pussy and she nursed his cock. Jacking him gently as she sucked his big penis, it was evident that his entire cockshaft was now wet with his precum. She was fascinated that his foreskin still completely covered his cockhead despite being fully hard, stretched now at 11 inches!! Just as Kysa began to moan into his cock from the oral pleasure he was giving her, he pulled her down flat onto the bed and split her thighs.

"Time to pay up now, Sis. Are you ready to take my cock?"

"Uh huh," she said, meaning yes, but really no.

Martin positioned himself and rested his cock right over her pussy. Even with her thighs spread as wide as possible, his cock was thicker then her pubis! Maybe she was right: this wasn't going to work after all. But he was going to try, and even if it didn't, Kysa deserved to be punished for all the crap she'd given him over the years. He pushed his cock all the way up her belly until his bloated balls rested again her pussy hair. What a sight: his cocktip reached to her breasts. 'Well, full penetration is not going to work, but then I knew that already,' he told himself. Placing his cockhead right at her slit, he deftly peeled back the foreskin, allowing his precum to soak her tiny labia, and then rubbing the cock all over her pubes, he managed to coat her pussy hair with precum, enough that it dripped down into her asscrack and onto her tight little asscheeks.

Pushing forward, he split her labia gently, but Kysa cried out, "Owwwwwccchhh!!" And though she scooted back away from the cock, he grabbed her breasts and held her down, again fitting his cockhead into her, spreading her pubes until she cried out again, "AAIIIEEEEEaaaarrrrrggghhhhhh… Nooooooo!!!! It hurts!! It hurts! It hurts!" and he held himself in place, allowing her to get accustomed to his thickness. Problem was, no woman could accommodate his thickness, much less a child of 12 years old! And by virtue of his thickness placed just inside her, he had already managed to rip her hymen, taking her virginity, though only half his cockhead was inside the young preteen's pussy.

"Pull out, Martin, pull out! It hurts too much. This is NOT going to work!" she cried, her tears pouring from her face now.

"Fuck you, goddamnit, you're going to fuck me whether you want to or not, you little slut!" Martin yelled. And with that declaration, he shoved two inches into her, getting his entire cockhead completely inside her now, and despite the slipperiness of both her juices and his precum, the fit was painfully tight. Martin was now feeling the pain, as if he was splitting her bones in order to get inside her. Kysa was sweating now under the stress of taking anymore of the huge penis, of which another 9 inches was left to take! The foreskin grotesquely gathered at her entrance, bunched around his cock like a donut ring, impossibly fattening the look of his cock and touching the sides of her thighs. All she noticed was the pain, and conversely for now, all he noticed was the pain, too.

"Aaaahhhhhhhh!!!" she screamed as he corkscrewed another inch into the young girl's painfully tight pussy. "Oh Martin, please stop, please, please stop!"

Martin paid no attention as he concentrated on pleasuring himself. He finally had what he wanted: his little sister sucking his cock anytime he wanted, and now he was fucking the little bitch. He intended to 'break her in' to the point that whenever she fucked another boy, she would not even be able to feel his cock inside her. He wanted her stretched out to HIS cock size, not theirs. Kysa was too good-looking to allow her virginity to be taken by just anyone – it was HIS and he would keep her pussy right where it belonged – in the family.

Her raping continued unabated for more than thirty minutes, though the most he could insert into her was a mere 3-4 inches. Despite that, however, her pussy looked horribly stretched around his fat penis. She couldn't look as she kept both hands over her face, crying the whole time. But the finally fifteen minutes of their first 45-minute fuck session got serious as Martin forced her to take at least six inches of his enormously thick 11-inch penis into her, and this reached her womb. Martin knew because his cockhead felt as though it were caught in a vise grip and the two teens were like dogs, his cockhead knotted inside her womb, unable to separate even if they wanted to now. Martin held himself in place and allowed her uterine contractions to fuck his cock inside her womb. He was 'home' now and he was enjoying this, and would enjoy it more if only she could take a few more inches of him.

Martin leaned over and pulled Kysa's hands from her face and French-kissed her on the mouth. Kysa, surprised at the show of familial affection, hugged her brother's neck and kissed him back, and opened her legs further to let him deeper inside her sweetness. With pain, Martin pushed another two inches inside his preteen sister, then leaned back, flexing his cock inside her, admiring her for her new "ability" to take him where no other girl would even dare. This is true love, and he kissed her deeply again, the two now physically entwined as one, unable to uncouple even if they had wanted. Martin deep-stroked the small girl, knowing he was hurting her, perhaps ruining her pussy forever, but lust alone would not allow him to stop now. He fucked his massive penis in and out of her wetness, pulling her entire body along its path until finally his balls boiled with his load, and began soaking her womb.

The feeling of fullness inside of Kysa’s belly was ineffable. She felt her innards bloat as his cum filled her womb, creating an internal pressure that felt as though she were pregnant. For a moment amidst the pain of his enormous penetration, she fantasized what it would be like to carry her brother's baby, and then quickly awoke to Martin staring at her in ecstasy as he emptied his hugely bloated balls deep inside his little sister. When Martin's cock finally shrank in size enough so he could pull out, Kysa's pussy was a sloppy mess of precum, mixed juices, and cum flowing from her soaking the bedsheets. She held her belly in pain, but allowed Martin to kiss her gently on the lips as his cock still jerked and spit out thin streams of cum onto her belly and tits.

Martin lay beside Kysa exhausted, his fat penis resting upward along his stomach. Kysa leaned into him, and while being cradled in his left arm, she rested her hand across the massive penis shaft, feeling its heat pulse through her hand.

"Goddamn, Kysa, that was fantastic! Did you cum?" he asked.

"I was in too much pain at first, but after you starting kissing me, I opened up and I've still got orgasms lined up waiting to land inside my pussy!" she laughed and sighed into his chest.

Later that night, Kysa cried tears of joy, and though she would take the rest of the week off from school by pretending to be sick, the real reason is that she could barely walk from the vicious incestuous raping. The violence of her brother's raping was so that she felt as if she'd been kicked in the groin and belly with a steel boot. Laying in bed over the next few days, she would cradle her belly, only releasing it whenever Martin was near, whom she considered her very own lover forever. Little did she realize as she lay there wondering what the next encounter with her big brother would bring, that she was pregnant with his baby from their very first time.

As time went on, their Mother learned of the truth and Kysa’s belly grew larger and larger each month with her child. The children's mother, Crystal, encouraged the two to continue making love, since "it would be easier for Kysa during childbirth if she was stretched-out rather than tight, as the young girl had no idea how painful labor would be. Crystal supervised the love-making sessions between the two siblings, even serving as a "fluffer" girl for Martin, when he needed to get his cock hard quickly for Kysa. She would also jack Martin off at least once or twice daily and save his sperm for rubbing onto Kysa’s belly to prevent any stretch marks from forming. It worked and Kysa gave birth to a 6 lb. 1 oz. Baby girl the following year. In the meantime, however, Kysa’s breasts had grown during the pregnancy to EE-cup size! Milking did not help, though Martin was easily captivated any time she needed to nurse after the baby had been fed.

They lived in sexual bliss, and over the next six years, Kysa gave Martin five more babies by the time she was 18. Crystal helped raise them, three girls and three boys. But the next generation is another story altogether, and quite a perverse one.

The End
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