Horse Fever
(MFff, teen, best, size)

by Kysa Braswell

"Wanna come play with my doggy?"

Anna Lewis smiled in a strange way, when she made that suggestion, but Robin Flannery didn't know what the older girl meant. It seemed totally out of context to Robin. The two teenagers had just been talking about boys and fucking, and the conversation had gotten Robin horny. Robin was an innocent young teenaged virgin and Anna, also a teenager, was a lot more experienced. Anna had been telling the younger girl about some of the boys she had fucked with, relating a lot of juicy detail. She had even confessed to being a cocksucker, which had really thrilled Robin.

Why, out of the blue, should Anna have changed the subject from fucking boys to a thing like playing with a dog?

"You mean like throwing sticks for him to fetch and stuff like that?" asked Robin.

Anna giggled.

"Not quite," she said.

"I don't get it."

"Gee, you really are silly," said Anna.

Robin looked hurt. Defensively, she said: "Well, I like dogs and all, but I don't."

"You don't like dogs the way I like dogs," said Anna, smiling mysteriously. She gave the younger girl a speculative glance, and seemed about to explain what she meant. But then she merely shrugged.

"Well, I'm gonna go have some fun," she announced. "Maybe I'll see you later, okay?"

"Sure," Robin agreed.

Robin was just as happy that her newfound friend was leaving now, in fact. That naughty conversation had gotten the young girl go horny that she was in the mood to be alone, so that she could give her cunt a good finger-fucking.

The innocent girl had no idea that a girl didn't have to have privacy to enjoy a hand-job, nor that Anna would have been more than happy to do the job for her.

"Bye!" she called.

Anna turned and waved. Robin watched her walk away, heading for the farm across the field. Anna was a farm girl and Robin was a city girl who had just arrived for a two week vacation on the adjoining farm, where room and board had been arranged so that the teenager could enjoy a healthy, wholesome holiday in the open air.

She watched the older girl's heart-shaped ass sway provocatively as she walked away. It was a really great ass, and Anna had the tits to go with it, too, big thrusting tits with stiff nipples that pressed out in twin peaks against her cotton t-shirt. She was wearing a pair of cut-off jeans, cut so short that they were dragged right up into the vee of her crotch, as if by the suction of her pussy.

Robin felt tremendously excited.

But she knew that it must be because of the erotic conversation they had had. The girl was too innocent and naive to realize that she was also turned on by sexy Anna's lush body. She realized that she would have liked to see Anna naked, but supposed that was only out of curiosity. After all, they were both girls, so there couldn't be any sexual feeling involved.

Robin waited until Anna's hip swinging stride had taken her halfway across the field and then, giggling at her own naughtiness, she went back to the farmhouse to frig her pussy until she creamed.

And Anna went to play with her doggy.

Red was a big, shaggy brute with a jet-black coat and a wide, broad muzzle and pale-gray eyes. He had a long red tongue, as well. And when he saw Anna coming across the field, that long red tongue lolled from the side of his jaw.

He bounded across the farmyard to meet her.

Anna grinned at how enthusiastically Red greeted her as the big doggy yelped and wriggled and lapped at her hand. She stroked his head and shoulders, feeling the hard muscles ripple under his fur. He was a powerful beast, and potent, too.

"Glad to see me?" she asked.

The dog barked happily.

Anna knelt down and rubbed his flank. She looked around to make sure no one was watching, then slid her hand under his belly and ran her palm over his cock and balls.

His thick nine-inch prick began to tense immediately.

Anna purred. She loved to feel the big dog's prick turn from soft to hard in her hand. She stroked him, palm upward, from his balls to the tip of his cock. Red whined and squirmed, twisting around to lick at her caressing hand.

"Does the nice doggy like that?" she whispered.

He gave a little yelp, as if he understood.

But then she drew her hand away.

Red cocked his head, one ear lifted. Being only a dumb animal, he didn't know that it was wrong for a girl to play with his cock.

But Anna didn't want him to get a real hardon, not yet. If her mother or father happened to see her with the dog, they might begin to get suspicious, especially if the dog's huge prick was all set for action.

"C'mon, boy, let's go to the woodshed," she said, getting back to her feet. She moved off and the dog bounded along beside her, wagging his tail, his semi-hard cock swinging under his shaggy belly. Anna looked around again when they had arrived at the woodshed, saw no one about, and opened the door. The dog had been there with her before, and he trotted in happily, knowing he was in for a treat. He didn't know just what kind, because Anna liked variety. Sometimes she let the dog fuck her and sometimes she gave him a blow-job and sometimes, if she wasn't really horny, she only jacked him off. But it was all the same to the dog, as long as he got his rocks off.

The dog didn't even know that it was depraved for a girl to suck a dog's prick and drink his cum. What did dogs know about such things? Even French poodles didn't give blow-jobs. But Anna knew that it was depraved, that was why she enjoyed sucking dog-cock.

She entered the woodshed behind the dog and pulled the door closed. She felt safe in the dimly lighted shack. It was warm weather and no one would be coming for firewood so there was little chance of being interrupted like there was in the barn.

Red was squirming around expectantly.

Anna gazed at the big beast, wondering just what she felt like doing today. She was feeling quite randy, in fact. It had excited the naughty teenager to tell her nubile young friend about her sexual experiences. That conversation had very obviously thrilled Robin and that, in turn, thrilled Anna. Anna had been tempted to tell the girl that she liked to fool around with other girls sometimes, too. But she had resisted the impulse, not being sure how Robin would react to it and figuring it would be better to work up gradually to it.

Robin would be her neighbor for two whole weeks and in that long a time Anna felt pretty sure she could get the innocent virgin interested in doing some sexy things. But she didn't want to risk spoiling that lovely prospect by coming on too strong and too soon. She didn't want to frighten Robin off. Oh, no, that was not at all what she wanted to do to Robin.

She didn't want to frighten her off, she wanted to suck her off!

The very thought made Anna's mouth water.

And if she could get Robin to return the favor, so much the better. But at the moment, she had other things to do.

She sat down on a pile of split logs and patted her knee. Red came over and placed his muzzle on her leg. Anna stroked his flanks, then reached under to feel his prick and balls again. She lifted his hairy balls in her palm, as if judging by the weight just how much cum they contained. The dog's balls swelled in her hand, and his hard balls jiggled around in the hairy sac.

"Ooooh, your balls are nice and full today, aren't they, you horny doggy!" she squealed.

Red rumbled deep in his throat.

Anna ran her hand up from his balls, along his thick cock. She leaned to one side so that she could look under the animal and see the reaction her petting had on him. With her open palm, she rubbed up and down the underside of his cock sheath. The dog began to hump, pushing his prick across her hand.

The wedge-shaped cockhead began to come sliding out from the hairy black sheath.

"Ooooh," Anna sighed, as she watched that rubbery red cockhead squeeze out and flare. She rubbed some more, then folded her fist around his cock rod and began to jerk him off with slow, steady strokes. His prick shaft expanded in her fist and his naked cockhead turned a deeper shade of red and started to throb.

The sight thrilled the dog-loving nymph. His thick cock stalk was getting harder by the moment, pulsing in her hand. The feeling and the sight of his fucker made her mouth water and her cunt smolder. She still hadn't made up her mind where to take that big dog-cock, whether she wanted a mouthful or a cuntful.

Her hand had been skimming lightly up and down his prick. Now she tightened her grip so that she was pulling the hairy cock sheath back and forth. As her hand pulled up, the foreskin curled up over the ledge behind his cockhead, and as her hand pushed back toward his swollen balls, the naked red cockhead flared out mightily.

The girl was tempted to keep frigging the dog until he came. She liked to do that because it gave her a real kick to see all that hot, thick doggy-cum spurt out.

But she was too horny to settle for that today. Anna wanted to get her own rocks off, too. She gave his big prick a last push-pull, then drew her hand away.

Red whined. His hairy haunches humped, pushing his abandoned cock in and out.

The girl stood up and unsnapped her shorts. Squirming as she worked them down over her heart-shaped ass and flared hips, she tugged the shorts down and kicked them from her feet. Then she tucked her fingers under the elastic of her bikini panties and tugged them off, as well.

The crotchband of those panties was sopping wet with cunt juice. Anna held them up to her face and sniffed. Then her tongue came out and she took a lick. She really loved the taste of pussy juice, even her own, although it was a lot more delicious when she drank it, all hot and foaming, out of another girl's cunt.

She held the soaking panties in front of the dog.

Red's long, wet tongue slithered out. He lapped happily at the crotchband of the girl's panties, his slobber running into her cunt cream. His cock got even bigger and harder as he licked up that pussy juice with such doggy enthusiasm.

"You like that, hey, boy?" she asked.

His tongue slurped merrily away.

"Want some more of the fucking stuff?"

The dog cocked his head inquisitively.

Anna tossed the panties aside, onto the woodpile. She sat down again and extended her long legs, her thighs parted. She patted her pussy. Anna was a blonde and her cunt mound was a mass of golden curls, spread wide from the vee of her crotch onto her belly. Lower down, her open cunt was flowing like a swampy river between her sleek legs. Her pink clit stood out, throbbing and erect.

"Come and get it, Red," she coaxed.

The shaggy brute thrust his blunt snout between her thighs. His cold black nose sniffed at her pussy. Then his long, nimble tongue began to slap up her cunt.

"Ooooh! Yeah! Lap the fuck juice out of my pussy," the excited girl whimpered. "Tongue it up, fella!"

The dog was slurping away at the delicious feast with long, rippling strokes.

Anna hiked her ass higher and the dog's long tongue began to sweep up the crack of her ass, whipping all the way from her asshole to her pussy mound. Cunt juice sprayed out of her open pussy slot, milky drops splashing into the golden curls of her pussy thicket. Ribbons of pussy juice trickled over the doggy's whipping tongue and doggy slobber was running into the flowing slit of her cunt.

Anna closed her thighs around the dog's big, bobbing head, as if to hold him where he was, but Red needed no encouragement, for he was obviously enjoying the snack. Then she spread her legs open again, gazing down past her heaving tits and watching that hot tongue slap up her fuck hole. She reached down and spread her cunt lips farther apart so that the brute's tongue could lap right up inside her pussy. The darker flesh of her inner pussy was streaked with frothy cunt juice. The doggy's slurping tongue lapped the cunt cream up and slid on over her tingling clit, causing the blonde teenager to shudder.

His tongue felt wonderful. Anna was tempted to let the dog keep on lapping away until she creamed, and then to return the favor by milking his fat cock into her greedy mouth. A nice drink of steaming dog-cum was always welcome.

But she felt like some dog-prick up her cunt, as well.

It was always hard for a girl like Anna to make up her mind about such things.

Her ass was perched on the very edge of the woodpile, grinding and churning, and her slightly rounded belly was pumping up and down as she squirmed, with a fucking motion, against the obedient doggy's slapping, slurping tongue. Cunt juice poured from her fuck hole and trickled down into the taut crack of her ass. Then the dog's head dipped down and his tongue ran up that crack, reclaiming the stray cunt cream.

Her whole groin was awash with cunt juice and doggy-slobber. She moaned and squirmed. She wondered, vaguely, if sexy little Robin Flannery could lap a pussy as well as a dog did.

That thought added to her passion.

Do I wanna cream on his fucking tongue? she wondered. Or do I want my cunt to melt on his prick? The thought of having that huge slab of iron-hard cock meat fucking in and out of her steaming pussy caused her to whimper. She loved to feel the doggy's cum squirt up her fuck hole when she came.

Anna decided to let the dog fuck her today.

Anna took the dog by the head and dragged his snout away from her smoldering pussy.

Red had been quite happy to be lapping her pussy and was willing to continue, but he was a dutiful doggy and he sat back on his haunches, wagging his tail and eyeing his mistress expectantly. His tongue hung out from the corner of his jaw, lolling over his fangs. Cunt juice, mixed with dog-slobber, dripped from the red meat. The dog was panting. His cock thrust up under his belly and Anna noticed that the head of his prick was the same color as his tongue, and she was eager to get it stuck up where that tongue had just been. She arched her back, pushing her ass to the edge of the log and tilting her foaming crotch up into position.

Red twitched and his cock rippled. His balls were like over-inflated balloons and his whole powerful body was vibrant and tense as he awaited the girl's command.

She patted the log beside her. It was clue enough for the dog. Sometimes Anna got down on all fours and let him fuck her doggy-fashion, and sometimes she wanted it face to face.

It was all the same to the big-balled, long-cocked animal. As long as he got his prick fucked into hot pussy, he didn't give a damn what position the rest of the girl's body happened to be in.

He whined and bounded up, placing his forefeet on the log on either side of her nubile hips.

His massive prick jutted out over her inclined belly. Anna gazed rapturously at the fat slab of his naked cockhead. Red began to lap at her tits. Her nipples exploded under the cotton t-shirt. She pulled the shirt over her head and thrust her tits out, letting the doggy tongue the fat tit mounds and slurp up her deep cleavage. Reaching down, she took his cock in her hand, holding it by the hilt, and began to brush his cock- head against her explosive nipples. Those rosy tit tips were standing out like bullets. One time when she had been rubbing the dog's cock against her tits, he had come unexpectedly, and the thick slime had squirted right up into her face. Her mouth, luckily, had been open, so the tasty dog-cum had not gone to waste.

Now the piss hole in the dog's cockhead parted and a trickle of cum oozed out. The sticky stuff flowed sluggishly down his naked cockhead and onto Anna's stiff nipple.

"Ooooh!" she cried at the sight.

She hauled his cock up higher and tilted her face down. Another drop of quicksilvery cum was squeezing out of his piss hole. Anna flicked the tip of her tongue over his hot prick meat, gathering that succulent nugget of dog-cum onto her taste buds. She let the cum slide around in her mouth, savoring the flavor, then swallowed. The slippery stuff went down like a fine brandy, warming her belly.

She gave his cockhead another slurp, curling her wet tongue all around the dog's prick.

But she didn't dare take his cockhead into her mouth, as delicious as the prospect was. Anna knew from experience that once she started sucking on a prick, dog or human, it made no difference, she just couldn't stop until she had milked the fucker and swallowed all that slippery cum. Her lips got stuck on a cock- head like a suction cup, and wouldn't let the tasty slab disengage until it was emptied.

Today, having decided to get fucked, the cock-loving teenager wisely resisted the temptation to take a few sucks on the brute's prick, although her mouth was drooling at the thought and her tongue, as she licked the head of that cock, was every bit as hot as her clit. Her mouth and her cunt were interchangeable. She loved to get vigorously fucked in the mouth and her cunt sucked cock as well as her mouth.

She took a last lick, then drew her head away.

Red's huge red wedge of a cockhead was pulsing in and out like an inhaling lung as it hovered over her tits.

It was high time to get that sweet prick stuck up her fuck hole, she figured. She was so hot that she might just cream at any second, and it would be a shame to come before her cunt was stuffed full of the dog's mighty prick.

Holding his cock by the root, she levered the big fucker down into her hairy groin.

Red held his big, powerful body rigid and trembling as he waited for the girl to make the coupling. He could manage to get his cock jammed up a bitch in heat with no trouble, but with a girl manual guidance was necessary.

Anna began to run his naked cockhead up and down in her pussy slot, tracing up the parted cunt lips and rubbing the hot prick against her equally hot clit.

She whimpered with the sensation, using his cock like a ladle to stir her slippery bowl and tantalize her clit.

The dog's hindlegs scrambled on the floor and his haunches began to hump, even before his cock was buried in her. Cunt juice poured onto his cockhead, slippery white ribbons of the stuff flowing over that steaming red prick meat.

"Shall I put your big prick up me now?" she whispered.

His cock swelled in her fist and his prick knob rippled and expanded in her soaking cunt slot. The dog whimpered.

Anna tilted her wrist and pulled the tip of the big brute's cock into her fuck hole. Her cunt lips sucked on the big slab greedily and her cunt began to ripple in anticipation of the lovely load.

Squirming, she worked her pussy down over the swollen crown of the animal's prick.

With the cockhead buried, the dog could do the rest. She drew her hand away and arched her back and wriggled her ass.

Red braced himself, then humped, driving the full length of his giant prick up the girl's fuck hole.

"Oh!" she gasped. "Oooooh!"

No matter how many times she let the doggy fuck her, the girl never got over the initial thrill of having his big cock slide in on the first fuck-stroke.

The dog's prick was buried balls-deep in her cunt, throbbing and pulsating inside the girl. Her cunt muscles began to work on that hot cock meat, rippling up his cock stalk and molding her pussy around the contours of his flaring cockhead.

She threw her legs around the animal's hairy haunches, hooking him with her thighs and holding him at the full penetration for a moment, so that she could savor the pleasure of having her juicy cunt stuffed to the brim with hot cock meat and the doggy could enjoy having every inch of his prick buried in pussy.

Holding him, she wriggled her ass, working her cunt around on his cock with a twisting motion. Her cunt walls clutched him like a slippery velvet clamp. Her pussy lips were unpeeled around the hairy root of his prick, sucking like a mouth, and cunt juice was running down into the crack of her ass.

Then she unhooked her legs.

And Red began to fuck her ass off!

His powerful hindquarters humped, driving his fat prick into the girl's steaming fuck hole. His backbone twisted into a S- shape as his loins drove his cock into her, then he withdrew. He pulled back until only his naked cockhead was embedded in her cunt, then he fucked the whole cock rod back into her vigorously.

Anna met the beast with equal energy.

As his cock fucked up her cunt, she shoved her crotch down to meet the thrust, and as he withdrew she twisted her hips from side to side so that she was winding her cunt around on his prick like a juicy nut onto an iron bolt, adding the friction of torque to the fucking.

"Ugh! Ugh!" the girl grunted each time the doggy fucked his stiff cock up her pussy.

Her fist grasped the loose skin of his shaggy shoulders, clinging to the big dog as he fucked furiously into her. His bloated balls swung in and slapped against her ass. Dog-drool splashed on her tits and cunt juice coated his cock. The fat prick stalk came out lathered with slippery pussy fluid, then hissed back up her fuck hole, vanishing completely into the horny farm-girl's pussy.

"Pour the fucker to me, Red," she gasped. "Oh, shit! Fuck the prick up my pussy! Shovel your hot fucking cock meat into my juicy fuck hole! Feed it to me, boy!"

The dog fucked faster and faster. His balls swelled larger and his cock expanded, getting thicker with every fuck-stroke. His naked cockhead felt like a lump of molten iron deep inside her cunt, and the stalk of his prick was like a crowbar, prying and wedging into her pussy, tilting her ass up from the woodpile.

Anna was wild with fuck-lust now.

Her whole body thrashed about in the throes of ecstasy. She reached down to hold his balls, squeezing gently, lovingly, as if to coax the cum from them. Her belly pumped and her thighs opened and closed around his hind-quarters as her ass jolted up and down.

Red's long tail was swirling behind him like a propeller driving his ass in and out. The dog was yelping and whimpering and whining in doggy joy. His big, tight-fitting plunger of a prick was stuffing her so full that each time he fucked in a flood of cunt juice was pumped out. As he drew back, the juice evaporated from his cock, steaming in the air.

Anna felt the crest coming. Long, lateral waves rippled across her pumping belly and shot like electric currents up her trembling thighs. A whirlpool of sensation swirled in the depths of her belly as her cunt started to melt.

"Shoot it up me, boy!" she wailed, longing to feel that doggy-slime squirt into her pussy at the same time that she creamed. "Spurt that hot fuck juice up my cunt! Fill me full of cum!"

The dog's black haunches were a blur now as he fucked in and out in a frenzy.

Anna felt his balls explode.

"Yes!" she wailed. "Feed it to me!"

The thick cum rushed up his cock and came spurting in a slippery deluge out of his cockhead and into her fuck hole. The instant that the horny girl felt that dog-cum splash into her cunt she creamed. Her cunt juice gushed out to blend with the animal's cum. Wave after wave ripped through her as she thrashed about in multiple orgasms, her cunt and clit pulsing.

Red pumped the fuck juice into her cunt, spurting another hot dose out with every thrust of his hairy loins.

He emptied his big balls to the dregs, then slowed, panting and trembling, the last few drops of his cum trickling out into her clinging, sucking fuck hole.

Anna kept grinding away on the dog's fat cock, even after he had stopped fucking, as she worked off the last spasms of her orgasm and milked out the last drops of her release.

"Fucking hell," she murmured. "What a fuck that was!"

A dreamy smile turned up the corners of her mouth. She leaned back. Red eyed her and she nodded.

"Okay, boy, you can climb off," she said.

His prick was still big and hard and, when he drew back, her cunt sucked on his cock so that it came out inch by inch, almost turning her pussy lips inside out as they clung to the retreating cock as if reluctant to be vacated. Then his cockhead slipped out and the dog jumped down from the woodpile. His big prick swayed up and down under his shaggy belly like a horizontal pendulum. A slimy mixture of doggy-cum and cunt juice dripped from his slippery cockhead.

The same blend, but a lot more of it, poured out from Anna's empty cunt and soaked her crotch.

She felt wonderful now, with her pussy so well creamed and her fuck hole full of all that thick, hot dog-cum. Red had turned sideways to her and she saw his long cock, still standing out stiffly. She knew his prick would start to draw back soon, that the naked cockhead would vanish up the hairy cock sheath and the whole big thing retract into his loins, and it seemed a shame not to take advantage of his hardon while it was still there. She slid down from the woodpile, her ass gliding fluidly over the cum-soaked surface, and knelt down beside the dog. She tilted her head and ducked under him.

Now the cock-hungry girl could have that tasty mouthful that she hadn't dared enjoy before the dog had shot his wad, knowing that she would not have been able to stop until she'd milked him off. She flicked her tongue over his cockhead, lapping up the fuck juice. The big cockhead jerked. The naughty girl kissed the prick tip, then slowly slurped it into her mouth and began to suck the dog's prick.

"Ummm," she purred happily.

Anna adored a mouthful of dog-prick. She loved the taste and the texture. And it was thrilling to be sucking doggy-cum and cunt juice from that big cock. Her nimble tongue laved all around the fat wedge of cock meat and her sweet lips sucked lovingly, polishing the prick to a bright luster. She slid down lower and tongued a few stray drops of cum from the dog's balls, then kissed her way back to the head of his prick and gave it another sucking, savoring the succulence of a cock that had been soaked in pussy juice.

Anna had never decided which she liked to drink better, cum or cunt juice. But having the two together, and sucking them off the head of a dog's cock, was the best of both worlds.

She drew back, a slippery trickle of fuck slime running from the corner of her sensual mouth, down her chin. Her tongue gathered it up again.

And Anna thought about sexy little Robin Flannery again now, with her taste buds tingling from what she had just drunk, and, too, from happy expectations.

She wondered if Robin would like to fuck the dog.

Robin had really gotten turned on by the conversation she'd had with the naughty older girl and as she walked back to the farmhouse she felt as if there were a glowing ember between her legs. She, like Anna, was wearing shorts and she looked down to make sure that there wasn't any evidence of her arousal, in the form of cunt juice trickling down her thighs. She hadn't reached that stage yet, but the crotch of her tight-fitting shorts was damp. Well, it was no wonder! How honest Anna had been when telling about her sexual experiences. She hadn't even blushed, although Robin had, as she listened.

The younger girl had been truly fascinated. She had never had a sexual experience herself, except with her own hands. She had never done more than kiss a boy, without parting her lips if his tongue tried to get involved. No one had ever touched her tits. She had only been finger-fucking for a little over six months, in fact, having discovered the pleasure almost accidentally. And she hadn't even been sure what was happening to her the first time her pussy creamed on her frigging hands. She'd been kind of scared, in fact, but not so scared that she didn't give herself another hand-job a few minutes later.

Since that wonderful discovery, Robin had been finger- fucking herself with regularity, at least once a day. She liked to do it first thing in the morning, when she was still groggy with sleep, or last thing at night, before drifting into a contented slumber. She didn't often feel the need of a hand-job in the middle of the afternoon. But then, she didn't often talk to a girl like Anna!

How could Anna admit to such things, to a girl she had just met? Robin was astounded by the older girl's bold confessions, and would have been even more shocked, had she realized that the naughty things that Anna had talked about were not nearly as naughty as some of the other things she had done. She had talked freely about fucking and sucking cocks, but she had not mentioned fucking with her dog or her inclinations to suck cunts.

Innocent, virginal Robin might well have fainted at such talk, on the other hand, she might just as well have creamed her jeans.

Robin's mind was not as innocent as her nubile body. Although she had never experienced sex, she had thought about it a lot. When she finger-fucked herself, she pretended that it was a prick sliding in and out of her fuck hole. And sometimes she bunched her fingers together and pushed them into her mouth and tried to imagine they were a cock she was sucking.

Robin was ready to lose her cherry.

The horny youngster was eager for her first fuck, as soon as the right guy came along. She wondered who it would be, but she never dreamed that it might be a dog.

Robin went into the farmhouse stealthily, ashamed of her intentions, guiltily feeling that if anyone saw her going up to her room at this hour they would guess the reason. She didn't know that the farmer who had rented her the room had jerked off twice, just thinking about his sexy teenaged lodger, and would have been pleased as punch to know that the girl was frigging her cunt in his home.

She went up the stairs to her room, a rustic chamber with knotty pine walls and a patch-work quilt on the big, soft bed and a full-length mirror in a brass frame.

Robin paused in front of the mirror to gaze at her image, wondering if her horniness could be detected in her reflection. Her pretty face was slightly flushed. Robin had long, dark hair and green eyes. Lust wasn't really obvious in her expression. But when she looked down at her body, she saw that her nipples were sticking out against her blouse, stiff with passion. She wondered if Anna had noticed that. She hoped not. And yet, in another way, she hoped that the brazen girl had noticed how aroused she had become, and suspected that Robin was going to finger-fuck herself. It was oddly thrilling to imagine that. Robin would have liked to think that Anna had also been turned on by the conversation and had gone home for a finger- fucking session. But the girl had only gone to play with her doggy and that, as far as Robin knew, was not very exciting.

Robin decided that if she was going to enjoy an afternoon hand-job, she might as well make it a good one, long and leisurely, thinking about the things that Anna had told her as she stroked her cunt. She locked the door and then, standing in front of the mirror again, she began to take her clothing off.

It was more fun naked.

She opened her blouse and slid it back from her shoulders, arching so that her plump tits thrust out. Her young C-cup tits were not very big, but they were round and firm and her nipples stood out like a pair of missiles ready to be launched, rosy and tingling. Looking at herself in the mirror, she cupped her tits in her hands, massaging the smooth globes, then pulling at the sensitive, aroused tit tips. She purred happily as a thrill shot through those stiff tit tips and ran down into her groin.

How nice it must be when a boy feels you up, she thought. She was sure that she was going to come the first time a man played with her tits. She could make herself come that way, too, if she wanted to. But today she wasn't in the mood for anything as mild as that. Her pussy was smoldering and needed attention.

Her thumb and fingers drew up her nipple. Her eyes narrowed and her lips parted. Her pink tongue slid across her mouth. She wished there was a boy there to suck her tits.

Would she dare to suck his cock, in return?

The thought of it caused her mouth to water.

"What's it like?" she had asked Anna earlier.

"Yummy," the lewd girl had said.

Robin could well believe it.

A prick was the perfect size and shape to fit in a mouth, to be nursed and sucked, and the sexy virgin knew that very soon she was going to have to discover the joy of cocksucking.

With a man, of course.

What other sort of cock could she suck?

She opened her shorts and tugged them down, along with her panties. Naked, she posed before the mirror, turning this way and that and admiring her ripe young body from all angles. She knew that she was sexy. She tried to see herself as a horny young man would. Then, for some unknown reason, she wondered how she had looked to randy Anna.

She looked at herself in profile, pushing her tits out, thrusting her ass back. It was a lovely ass, she thought, shaped like a teardrop as it swept out from her tiny waist. She turned away from the mirror and looked back over her shoulder, dark hair flowing over one cheek. Placing her hands on the cheeks of her ass, she spread those firm mounds apart so that she could see the taut brown bud of her asshole.

I wonder if anyone will ever shove a prick up my asshole, she thought, finding the idea fascinating. It would be awfully dirty to do a thing like that, and she knew she'd be embarrassed, afterwards, but she knew it would be awfully fucking exciting, too. Maybe with some total stranger who didn't even know her name and who she would never see again. Then she wouldn't have to worry about the guy shooting his mouth off and ruining her reputation. Of course, dogs wouldn't talk, either, but why on earth should such a thought occur to Robin?

She ran a finger up the crack of her ass and nudged it gently into her shit chute.

Her hips jolted from side to side.

Wow! Am I ever fucking horny, she thought.

She turned toward the mirror again, dipping from the knees and pushing her lean belly out and parting her thighs so that she could see her pussy in the mirror. Her pubic vee was a dark forest and, lower down, her pink cunt lips had unfurled like the petals of a fleshy flower, revealing the inner cunt meat, streaked with pussy juice. Her clit was standing out like a stump in a swamp.

Oh, shit! If it would feel good to have a guy suck my nipples, just think what it would feel like to have him suck my clit!

She would have to ask Anna about it.

It didn't occur to her that Anna might demonstrate.

Tensing her sleek thighs, the horny teenager humped and pumped, staring at her juicy pussy. She ran her hands up the insides of her thighs, not touching her cunt yet.

A ribbon of cunt juice trickled down her leg.

Robin jerked and jolted her pelvis in a fucking motion, as if she were grinding away with a cock stuck up her. Her cunt was steaming. slippery pussy juice flooded into the open cunt slot. Robin flicked her fingertips lightly over her clit and shuddered at the thrill. She took the hot nugget between her thumb and forefinger and tugged, feeling it explode. Rippling waves of pleasure darted through her.

Fucking hell! I've never been this fucking hot before, she thought.

Then she began working on her smoldering pussy with both hands. She bunched all four fingers of one hand together in a cock shape and began to finger-fuck her cunt.

Her other hand stroked her clit and traced along her unpeeled cunt lips. Her pussy fluttered and rippled. Panting, she slammed her hips forward. Cunt juice soaked her hands.

Her cunt muscles were sucking on her stiff fingers as she fucked in knuckles-deep. The inner rings of her cunt tightened and pulled. Each time she shoved her fingers up her cunt, fuck juice seeped out, soaking her hairy crotch, lathering her with foam.

Her head switched from side to side, eyes glazed, lips parted, face contorted by her passion. The long black tresses of her hair cascaded over her cheeks. Her tongue slid across her lower lip and she moaned.

"Fuck, fuck, fuck." she whimpered.

She drew her bunched fingers out of her steaming cunt and brought them up to her lips. She wanted to taste her fuck juice. She was so hot that she wanted to do everything possible. She licked at her fingers and her own tasty cunt juice tingled on her taste buds. Then she shoved her fingers into her mouth and sucked on them, making believe that they were a prick and that her cunt juice was cum. slippery ribbons ran across her lips. She slid her fingers in and out, finger-fucking her mouth. When she'd sucked all the pussy juice off, she lowered her hand to her crotch again.

She fucked her fingers up her cunt and twisted them about inside her as her cunt muscles contracted. Then she brought them back to her hungry mouth again. She was alternating between finger-fucking her cunt and finger-fucking her mouth. Her fingers went into her mouth lathered with cunt juice and into her cunt glistening with spit.

Her other hand was working steadily on her clit, rubbing and pulling and massaging. Cunt juice sprayed up into her pussy thicket, gleaming like pearls in the dark forest. The hot stuff was running down her crotch and into the crack of her ass. Her fingers were shoved up her cunt, then into her mouth.

Cunt juice is delicious, she thought, amazed that she should find it so, not being a lesbian, but far too hot and horny to worry about such a mystery.

Her clit was like a detonating cap, ready to ignite the high explosives of her orgasm.

Her fingers fucked up her cunt again as her other hand rubbed her stiff clit furiously. She wailed. The crest was almost there. The waves of lust surged through her, rising and coming faster.

"I'm fucking creaming!" she cried.

Her clit went off like a stick of dynamite and her cunt began to melt as she reached the peak. Gasping and shuddering, both hands frigging frantically, the horny teenager gave herself up to the wonderful bliss of a dynamic climax. She hovered there, at the heights, coming and coming. Her cunt opened and flowed and her clit sparked again and again. She churned her ass and ground her hips and pumped her belly out and the thrill ripped her apart.

"Fucking hell!" she gasped, when at long last the waves of ecstasy ebbed.

Her whole nubile body was glowing in the aftermath of her coming and she was soaked with cunt juice from belly to thigh.

She gave her clit a few last rubs, to make sure that she had milked off every sweet spasm.

It was the best orgasm the girl had ever had.

She smiled happily. But then she frowned, not sure why. After a moment she realized what it was. That coming had been so good that she was sorry it was over, despite her dynamic climax, Robin wanted to come again.

I'll rest awhile, then frig off again, she thought.

She staggered to the bed and flopped down on the quilt. Her tits heaved with her labored breathing. She was satisfied, yet she was still flushed with desire.

She wanted to talk to Anna some more!

Well, why not? The farm girl lived just down the road, and it would be easy enough to stroll over there. Anna was probably outside, anyhow, throwing sticks for the doggy or something.

That something would have amazed Robin. And it was sure as hell going to.

Robin got up from the bed and started to put her clothes back on. But she discovered that her panties were soaking wet and needed to be changed. Then she thought that maybe it would be a good idea to wear a dress, instead of shorts, just in case talking to Anna made her so horny that she creamed. The cunt juice might run down her thighs and it would be embarrassing, but a dress would conceal the flow. And she wouldn't bother to wear any panties under the dress, either. There was no sense in getting another pair sodden.

She selected a cotton dress that she knew made her look sexy, showing off her curves nicely, and she wondered, vaguely, why she wanted to look sexy for another girl.

When she went out, she left the juicy panties on the floor.

That was where the farmer found them.

Brian Burke was a tall, sun-bronzed man with pale-blue eyes and straw-colored hair, and a great big ten-inch prick.

That prick was hard as a stone now as he lurked beside the house and watched Robin's juicy ass sway as she walked past. He'd gotten a hardon the moment he first set eyes on his sexy young lodger and his cock seemed to have been hard ever since, although he'd jacked off a couple of times.

Jesus! Did he ever want to stuff his big prick up that sweet little gal's cunt! He watched her move into the field and was trying to decide if he should jerk off again or fuck his wife.

He decided to jerk off.

His wife, Lena, was a good-looking woman with big tits and a great ass and nice long legs, but the trouble was that Lena had such a big, sloppy cunt that Brian could never work up any friction in the fucking thing. His cock was huge, and it puzzled the slow-thinking farmer that he could dip his giant prick into her cunt without seeming to make any contact at all. It was like sticking his cock out the fucking window.

It hadn't always been that way. When they had first married, Lena's cunt had been tight and satisfying. Her pussy had only gotten so sloppy recently and Brian couldn't figure it out. He didn't like to mention it to her, either. She might feel insulted.

She could have told him why her cunt had gotten so loose, in fact. But there was no way that she was going to.

Brian was thinking about going into the barn and pumping his cum into the hay, but then he had a better idea.

He would sneak up to the girl's room and see if he could find a bra or panties or some other intimate undergarment into which he could spill his fuck juice. It would be like fucking her by proxy.

It was just as well for Brian's peace of mind that he decided not to go to the barn, although it would have given him the answer to the puzzle about his wife's expanding cunt.

Brian sneaked up the stairs and went down to Robin's room, looking around guiltily. The door wasn't locked and he went in, and the first thing he saw right there in the middle of the fucking floor was a pair of sexy bikini panties!

Must be my lucky day, he thought, grinning.

He bent over and picked them up and frowned.

Had she pissed in her panties?

Her panties were soaking wet. But it didn't feel like piss. The stuff was thicker and creamier and, holy shit!

Holding them up to his face, Brian sniffed.

It was fucking cunt juice! That sexy little piece of ass must have creamed in her fucking panties!

The tall, lean farmer staggered with emotion as that realization came to him. He shoved his nose and mouth into the soaking crotchband, sniffing and licking. Lordy! Her fuck juice was sweet! Brian's prick was threatening to burst right out through his overalls and his balls had swelled so much he was bowlegged.

Brian was not an imaginative fellow, but under such stimulation his mind was inspired. He imagined Robin coming. Had she given herself a hand-job with her panties on, or had she just creamed without touching her pussy? He liked to think she'd been finger-fucking herself, her fingers slipped inside those soaking panties.

He wondered what had made the girl horny.

He hoped she had been thinking about him while she played with her slippery cunt and got her rocks off. He didn't suppose so, but it was a fucking good thought. He lapped hungrily at the residue of her lust, wishing heartily that he was lapping the stuff out of her pussy instead of her panties.

Was she a virgin? Was she a hot little virgin that had to take care of her cunt by herself? Or was she a fucking slut? Did she get fucked a lot? Did she suck cocks, maybe, or get gang- banged by dozens of young studs?

Was her pussy tight?

That, under the circumstances, was meaningful to Brian. He thought about the teenager's tight pussy as he opened his fly and hauled out his cock and balls. His prick was massive, long and thick, the underside gnarled by dark veins and the knob flaring out in a great triangle of purple cock meat.

It was a cock that almost any man would envy, man, of course, being the operative word. His cock wasn't as big as, say, a horse's cock.

Standing in the center of Robin's room, with her soaking panties clamped over his face, Brian wrapped a big hand around the root of his fuck stick and began to pump the big cock rod up and down. The thick cock shaft throbbed mightily in his grip and his balls swelled with his cum-load. He was pretending that his fist was Robin's cunt, her tight, tight cunt.

"Take it, you little tramp!" he rasped. "Oh, you sweet little virgin!"

He was switching his fantasies back and forth between that of a wanton and that of an innocent, but in both instances he imagined her cunt to be tight as a mouse's ear.

The crotchband of her panties was soaking with his slobber as well as her cunt juice by this time. He wanted to come into her panties. He gave them a last lick, then brought them down and held them around the head of his prick as he pounded merrily away on his cock.

Oh! Suppose she puts them back on, with my fuck juice all over the damned things! Brian staggered at the thought. Her pussy will heat the congealed cum up again and maybe some of my cum will run right up her sweet little fuck hole!

His fist flew up and down in a blur. As it rammed down, his fat prick knob ballooned. The thick veins pounded up his cock stalk. His purple cockhead was gleaming, and he was so fucking hot that his prick was burning his hand. A dribble of precum seeped from his piss hole and smeared into her panties, streaking her cunt juice. Another spurt sprayed out and splashed on the floor.

Then his balls blew and the frenzied man was pouring hot, thick cum into Robin's panties. Load after load of the slippery fuck juice squirted from his cockhead as his hand pumped up and down and his haunches heaved, fucking his cock through his fist.

He shot so much cum out that he felt light-headed, as if he'd poured blood and brains as well as cum out of his big prick.

By the time he finished, Robin's panties were drenched.

His cock softened from a bar into a long, arching bow and a last drop of cum fell from the cock tip. But Brian knew damned well that his prick would soon be hard again, as soon as he saw that sexy little lodger, or even thought about her bouncy young body and tight, juicy pussy. Then he would have to jerk off again.

Damn! Why was his wife's pussy so fucking big? Come to think of it, where was Lena? He hadn't seen her all morning.

Brian put the girl's soaking panties back on the floor, hoping fervently that she would wear them again before she washed them, that his fuck juice would get into her cunt second-hand, as it were. He went downstairs. Lena was nowhere to be found, which puzzled the farmer. He filled his corncob pipe, wondering where she was, and why her cunt was so enlarged.

Both of those questions could be answered with the same explanation. Lena was in the barn, getting fucked by the horse.

The lusty woman had always loved big cocks, the bigger the better. As a teenaged country girl, she had been fucked by nearly every local boy and she was something of an expert when it came to judging pricks. Early on, she had discovered that the bigger the cock, the better the fucking, as far as she was concerned.

She had never cared much about a man's fucking technique, nor about preliminary love-play. What she wanted was to have a huge prick fucked up her hairy cunt. The local boys had cocks of varying dimensions, but none big enough to suit her. Once, out of frustration, she had arranged to get gang-banged by six sturdy farm workers, hoping that maybe quantity would make up for quality. Although she had enjoyed having that meat train run up her tunnel of love, it had not been a proper substitute for the gigantic prick she longed for.

Then Brian had come along.

Brian had been rather shy and had no idea that Lena was the local punchboard. But as soon as the woman saw the way the front of his trousers bulged out, she lured him into the hayloft. His cock had fulfilled the promise of that bulge. It was far and away the biggest cock that Lena had ever been fucked by. After he had fucked her, Brian asked her to marry him. He was not a worldly man and fully believed that, with his wit and charm, he had seduced a young maiden and was therefore obligated to make an honest woman out of her. His attitude had amused her. But she had seriously considered his proposal. For one thing, it was unlikely that anyone else would ask her to marry, since they all knew she was a tramp, and most of them had already fucked her, anyhow, and could always do so again without the bother of marrying her.

But the main consideration was Brian's huge cock. Lena didn't think she would ever be lucky enough to find a bigger cock. So it was that she had agreed to marry the unsuspecting farmer. She gave him a blow-job and he gave her an engagement ring and, in the course of time, they became man and wife.

It hadn't been a bad marriage.

For starters, Lena had been quite a faithful wife, not on principle but simply because she knew her husband had the biggest prick around and figured it would be a waste of time to cheat on him.

But his huge ten-inch cock only managed to temporarily satisfy her at any given time.

But not quite.

She still daydreamed about the perfect prick, one that would reach the spots that lesser cocks could not satisfy. Big as Brian's fucker was, the woman always felt as if the deepest part of her cunt wasn't being used, some mysterious and sensitive area up in the unexplored regions of her loins that had never been full of cock meat.

It left her frustrated, yet resigned.

Then came the day when a neighboring farmer brought his mare over to be serviced by Brian's big roan stallion. Lena had gone out to watch, quite innocently, and when she saw the size of the stallion's hard cock she almost fainted! She had to take smelling salts and tell Brian that she was ill. For weeks the woman had thought of nothing else. All her waking thoughts and most of her dreams were centered on that mighty horse-prick.

And in the end the horny woman knew she would have to try fucking a horse, wicked as it was. So she did. And to her joy she found out that she had been right all along, that massive horse-prick had fucked into those mysterious depths that had for so long been unsatisfied. Lena had been getting fucked by the stallion ever since.

And that was where Lena was now, fucking the horse.

When Lena walked into the dimly lighted barn, the big stallion raised his head and neighed softly. He was a robust brute with a silken mane and a flowing tail. There was one splotch of white on his chest. Lena thought that white spot, on his chestnut coat, looked very much like a splash of cum on a cockhead.

But that was the way Lena was inclined to see things.

Lena was a big woman, not at all fat, but statuesque. Her tits were large and firm and her hips were wide and her ass broad and bouncy. She had thick auburn hair, hazel eyes and a wide, sensual mouth. She was smiling now, in anticipation. For a few moments she stood just by the door, gazing at the stallion.

The horse was tossing its head about and pawing at the floor with one hoof.

Then she walked over and entered the horse's stall. The animal had grown accustomed to these visits and his mighty prick was already beginning to stiffen and lengthen. Lena loved to see that huge fucker get stiff. His cock was so big that she sometimes wondered how in hell it fit up her cunt, but she never questioned the fact and was thankful for the pliable, elastic quality that allowed her pussy to take that colossal cock.

She unbuttoned her gingham dress down the front and let it drop open. She wore nothing underneath. Her tits were immense, with big stiff nipples, and her pussy mound was a wild tangle of thick red hair. Her cunt was a steaming caldron.

The stallion lowered his head and Lena stroked his arched neck, gazing under him and watching his hardon grow. The massive cockhead was starting to slide out from the leathery cock sheath now. The horse's cockhead was dark, almost black, a giant slab of prick meat. His balls looked as big as watermelons as they swelled at the root of his elongating prick stalk.

Lena gave a little whimper and her tongue flicked across her lower lip. The sight of that cock meat was making her hungry. But Lena's mouth, although wide, was not as big as her pussy. She had tried to suck the horse's cock but only the tip would fit into her mouth, which was frustrating. She'd had to jerk the beast off, while her parted lips sucked on his piss hole, and had been treated to a massive mouthful of horse-cum for her efforts. But it hadn't been the same as really sucking him off. Still, horny Lena was content.

The stallion's long, wet tongue pushed out and he began to lap at the woman's tits. She purred and thrust her tits out. The horse's tongue ran up her deep cleavage and swept around the tit globes and caused her to moan as it laved her taut nipples. She held the horse's head between her hands, pushing her big tits out. Horse-slobber lathered her tits. The stallion's haunches began to tremble as his big cock came closer to a full hardon, as if in anticipation of the fucking they would soon be doing.

Lena thrust one long, shapely leg out and began to rub her toes against the underside of the stallion's swollen cockhead. The big prick throbbed against her foot. His piss hole was parted and the fat ventral vein pounded along the length of his cock shaft. Lena rubbed her foot against the sensitive spot where his cockhead swelled out from the rod and the thick vein spread out into a meaty delta. His cockhead pumped in and out.

The stallion lapped at her belly and then his head bobbed down and he ran his wet tongue up her leg. Lena leaned back against the front of the stall and pushed her belly out, tilting her slippery pussy up. The horse snorted and pushed his soft muzzle into her groin. Lena squirmed against him and the horse began to lap her cunt with long, fluid strokes. Cunt juice and saliva dripped from his tongue. His head went up and down as he licked her pussy.

Lena thrust her hips higher. The horse's tongue slurped up the crack of her ass, then flipped up her crotch, spraying pussy juice up into her cunt hair and onto her belly. Her hips jolted from side to side as that tongue slapped in time and again.

She turned her back to the stallion then and bent over. Placing her open hands on the cheeks of her ass, she spread the firm mounds apart so that the horse could slap his tongue up her ass cleavage. Then she bent lower and he lapped at her pussy again, from behind, his tongue sliding up from her cunt and into her ass crack.

Lena worked her hips and ass against his long tongue. Cunt juice was pouring down her legs now and the horny horse began to lap the delicious pussy juice up with his hot red tongue. Lena gasped as that long lapper grazed in her hairy feedbag, slurping up the insides of her thighs and then slapping into her cunt. Her pussy lips were wide open now and the horse's tongue was running right up her fuck hole.

She turned to face the animal again. As he slurped at her pussy, her thighs pumped, shifting her ass up and down just as if she had been riding at a trot. But Lena had never ridden the horse, it was the horse that rode the woman.

She moved her foot against his cock again and found that it was hard as a crowbar now, all his bestial instincts aroused by the taste of her hot fuck juice. The stallion snorted into her pussy, his nostrils flaring. He was ready to fuck, and so was Lena.

Seizing him by the mane, she pulled the stallion's head up from her soaking fuck hole and then, clinging to his neck, she began to lower herself under him. Her well-muscled legs supported her as she dipped under the horse's cock like a limbo dancer under a pole. Her arms came down to support her head and shoulders, as she bridged under the trembling animal. His long prick reached almost to his chest and the hot cock rod pressed against Lena's body from crotch to tits. She rubbed against his prick. The horse humped, sliding his cock meat up along her body. The dark slab of his cockhead glided through Lena's soft cleavage and bumped her under the chin. It tilted her head back.

When he thrust up again, she lowered her chin to her breastbone and pushed her tongue out and licked at the slimy head of his cock. The rich, musky flavor of horse-cock thrilled her. She tightened her thighs around his long cock, near the root, and as his prick head slid up between her tits again, the woman began to tongue the cockhead greedily. She licked all over the dark cockhead and pushed her tongue right up inside his piss hole. When he drew back, his dark cockhead was streaked with her saliva.

Again he humped up her torso and his prick was met by her flashing tongue and caressing lips. A fleck of cum oozed from his cleft and the woman hungrily slurped it up and swallowed it. Horse-cum was succulent, hot and thick and frothy. But it gave her a warning, too. That preliminary drop of cum heralded the full cum-load that was soon going to be shooting from the animal's huge prick. And, although she loved to drink the horse's cum, she preferred to have his cum squirt up her fuck hole. She let him give her two more strokes, lapping at his cock meat both times, then she shuffled backward, her head emerging from between his forelegs and her crotch drawing level with the head of the brute's throbbing prick.

She lowered her head and shoulders to the floor. Her thighs were trembling as she bridged, hiking her ass high in the air under the animal and bringing her hairy cunt up like a fucking platform. The horse humped again, and now his cockhead was slipping between her thighs and bumping into her foaming pussy.

Lena reached down with both hands and spread her cunt lips as wide open as they would stretch.

The stallion's mighty cockhead nuzzled into her groin again and the prick tip slipped into her fuck hole. Lena whimpered. Her clit throbbed against his pulsing slab of cock meat. The horse was pushing gently but steadily, and Lena twisted her hips from side to side, forcing her pussy onto his cockhead. Her big firm ass swayed under her arched body.

"Put the fucker up me!" she gasped.

With that big prick at the gates, her loins were smoldering for it. The mysterious depths where only the stallion's prick had ever reached began to ripple with her joyful expectations. Cunt juice poured out, lubricating her cunt, making her ready for the enormous plunger of the horse's cock. Her hairy cunt lips spread around his prick, dragging and pulling. Her fuck hole sucked his prick in. Slowly, inch by precious inch, the horse was wedging his cockhead up the woman's steaming pussy. She pumped, pushing her pussy down against him. Her soaking fuck tunnel rippled, adjusting to accommodate the great breadth of that prick, the self-lubricating fuck hole spreading around the horse-cock.

Lena gasped.

The head of the stallion's cock had fucked into her, fucked up her cunt. Her pussy began to work on it, the muscles gripping his cock meat. Her cunt lips were clinging to the horse's prick, just behind the buried cockhead. She twisted from side to side, slowly working more of that fat prick shaft up her cunt.

The horse snorted and trembled, but held steady, letting the woman squirm and writhe as she fucked her cunt onto his prick. His cockhead forged a passage up her fuck hole, prying her pussy open, and his long, thick cock stalk pushed in behind, vanishing inch by inch. Lena was working her crotch down toward the horse's balls, wanting all of that long, leathery cock shaft up her cunt hole while the gigantic cockhead delved into the very depths of her loins, filling her pussy to the brim with horse-cock.

"Ugh! Ugh!" she grunted, forcing her pussy down another inch.

Her face was radiant with passion, her head switching from side to side. She was panting like a steam engine. Her buxom body trembled as she fucked herself on the stallion's prick. Braced on her shoulders, she shoved, twisting her cunt hole onto the horse's massive fuck stick. Deeper and deeper went that oversized slab of horse-cock, grinding a passage up her spreading cunt, fucking slowly into the woman's innermost depths.

With a last thrust, Lena lurched and took the head of the horse's mighty prick as deep as it would go. She gasped, then smiled as she felt the wedge of his hot, hard cock meat throb inside her belly. There were still a few inches of cock that weren't buried in her cunt. Even Lena's marvelous cunt couldn't manage to take all of that enormous fuck rod. But she had most of it, and the horse's cock had bottomed out in her pussy. Stuffed full of horse-cock, Lena swayed, her ass and hips supported by the stallion's prick, her head and shoulders braced on the floor.

She moaned with the bliss of it. She didn't start to hump at first, wanting to retain the full cuntload. She tilted her crotch up and down and swung her ass from side to side, cavorting on the horse's cunt-stuffing fucker. As the massive cock pulsed inside her, the woman was lifted higher. Her lush ass bobbed up and down and her thighs rippled, tensing and relaxing, letting her move gloriously on that giant prick. The stallion was holding steady, most of his prick embedded in clinging, steaming pussy. He was snorting and neighing as he felt her hot cunt flesh cling and ripple and suck and mold itself around his prick.

Lena was fucked to the very core, whimpering with the pure joy of it. Then she began to pump her loins up and down, fucking herself through a few inches of horse-cock. Her pussy slid back and some of the leathery cock rod slid out of her fuck hole, dripping with her cunt juice. Then she fucked back down and took those vital inches back into her pussy, took the head of that mighty prick into the mysterious depths of her cunt that no other cock had ever reached. A shudder of sensation caused her to gasp. Her pussy was melting like a wax candle around a hard, hot wick. She could actually feel the cunt juice seep slowly out to coat the stallion's prick.

As she pulled back, her cunt lips were almost turned inside out as they sucked on the cock of the stallion. And as she fucked herself back down, those hairy pussy lips were stuffed up into her cunt.

Foaming cunt juice ran out of her cunt slot and soaked her crotch and trickled back into the crack of her ass. Her body, impaled on that horse-cock, was vibrant and trembling. A low, soft, steady moan murmured from her lips.

"Ummm," she sighed. "Ahhhhh!"

She was still fucking through only a few inches of that cuntload, her hips swaying and her elevated ass churning as she fucked on the horse-prick.

Then the stallion began to really fuck her.

He'd been holding steady, letting the horny human wallow around on his extended prick, enjoying the feeling of having her cunt twist and jerk and slide on his cock meat, but now the horse's hindquarters tensed and he began to fuck his prick in and out. His hot cock meat was stuffing her cunt so full that, at first, he could not manage to fuck in and out. As he drew back, he simply dragged the woman along with him. But Lena braced her feet, and her pussy loosened a bit more and then the stallion was able to fuck his fat cock into her, a foot at a time. As the horse fucked forward, Lena thrust her pussy up to meet him, and as he drew back she twisted her pelvis from side to side, grinding her cunt on the retreating cock meat.

A foot of thick horse-cock pulled out from her suction cup of a cunt, slippery with her juices. Then it fucked back in, stuffing her pussy full, fucking damned near balls-deep. The root of his mighty prick stood out between them and Lena was supported on that gigantic cunt-stuffer. The horse's prick throbbed, lifting her higher.

She no longer needed to brace her feet on the ground, she was stuck on the horse's cock. She hooked one knee over his cock rod and flipped her hips, ass swaying, squirming joyfully around on the big horse-cock.

Her cunt was soaking wet and steaming as the horse's iron-hard fucker hissed into her juicy pussy. Her inner cunt muscles massaged the stallion's cock meat, rippling and pulling, sucking and dragging. The horse fucked harder and faster, cramming his prick up that voracious fuck hole, feeding phallic fuel to the furnace of the woman's hot pussy. His prick fucked in with a long, rippling, underslung fuck-stroke that hiked her ass high into the air.

Lena looked down between the rising slopes of her fat tits, half expecting to see the outline of the stallion's giant prick pushing a furrow up along her belly. Where the fuck did all that cock go? That mighty cock seemed as long as her whole torso and it wouldn't have surprised her if his cockhead had suddenly emerged from her mouth, if she had been impaled through and through on the horse's dynamic fuck stick, or if, when the stallion shot his cum-load, his steaming cum spurted right out of her mouth.

She whipped her hairy pussy around on his prick. Slippery flecks of cunt juice flew from her. Her clit throbbed against the horse's cock meat as he fucked her. Lena was in ecstasy. She was wailing and moaning and gasping with joy.

The stallion's huge balls swung in and out like the clappers of a meaty bell. They whacked against her churning ass as he buried his prick up her fuck hole, then swung ponderously back, so full of fuck juice that they were like lead. Her knee was hooked over the fat rod of the horse's prick and she pushed her foot down to touch his balls. Her other leg pushed against the ground, helping her to grind her soaking cunt around on his prick.

Lena began to cream.

She tried to hold back and wait for the stallion to spurt his horse-cum up her cunt, but the thrill overwhelmed her and her cum juice began to deluge her well-stuffed pussy.

"Come, you big fucker," she gasped. "Oh, shoot that fucking slime up my hot cunt! Flood my pussy with that fucking cum!"

His massive cock slammed in, tossing the woman's ass and pelvis up and down roughly. His prick was getting even bigger as his orgasm approached. Her body was shaking and she felt as if her hips would jump out of their sockets, as if her vital organs were being shoved aside by the horse's fucking cock.

A spasm shook her. Cunt juice sprayed from her pussy as the big horse-cock fucked in.

"Shoot, you son of a bitch!" she cried.

The stallion bellowed. His bloated balls exploded as his hindquarters heaved the prick into her cunt. The hot horse- cum rushed up his fat prick and Lena gurgled with the joy of it when she felt that steaming load of horse-cum pour into her fuck hole.

"Oh my God!" she cried, overcome by fuck-lust.

Her cunt had been creaming before but now, feeling that cock cream flood into her pussy, her coming peaked. Pussy juice filled her fuck hole, mixing with the stallion's foaming cum.

The horse shot again and again. He was spurting so much cum into her that Lena thought her body must be awash in the fucking stuff, that her heart and liver and lungs must be floating like flotsam in a slippery sea of horse-cum.

Lena's mouth gaped open, drooling. Her eyes narrowed to slits. She panted frantically. Spasm after spasm shook her lush, ripe body as she creamed again and again. Each time the stallion squirted another dose of cum up her fuck hole, Lena melted on his fucking prick.

He was shooting cum up her with such power that she felt he might blow her right off the end of his prick, if she hadn't had one knee hooked over his thundering cock stalk and her shoulders braced firmly on the ground. Her pelvis bobbed up as he fucked in, shooting yet another slippery load up her cunt, then she slid lower as he withdrew, only to ram his fucker in again.

"Give it to me! Give it all to me!" she wailed, feeling his balls slap against her ass.

With a mighty fuck-lunge, the stallion shot the last of his steaming cum into Lena's pussy. He slowed down, his head bobbing up and down as he panted and snorted.

Lena continued to grind her cunt around on the spent horse- cock, working her own slippery coming off to the last dregs. Then she stopped moving and, for a moment, was held immobile on the end of his prick, suspended under the mighty stallion, her ass high off the ground, her body still impaled on his massive prick. Then his prick twitched and began to droop.

Lena slowly slid down the incline of his cock as it lowered. Her cunt sucked through every inch. Then the cockhead pulled out of her and she fell to the ground, her ass bouncing, her tits flopping. A dreamy smile transfigured her face.

The stallion's prick, still huge and wet, swayed above her.

Horse-cum and cunt juice gushed from her vacated cunt.

It was no wonder that Lena's pussy was no longer suited to her husband's big but human-sized prick.

It had taken longer for Anna to fuck the doggy than for Robin to frig herself off. And so it was that the blonde farmer's daughter was just coming out of the woodshed as the dark- haired city girl strolled into the yard from the field.

Seeing Robin coming, Anna got a speculative look in her eyes and smiled faintly. The dog was still in the woodshed, standing behind her and sniffing at her ass, and now the girl went out and closed the door, leaving Red inside where she'd know where to find him, just in case his services were required again.

She walked down to meet Robin, her nubile hips, clad once again in the very tight and brief shorts, swinging naughtily.

Robin noticed once more just how revealing those shorts were. They were plastered to Anna's loins like a coat of paint, molded so tight that the crack of her ass showed as a shallow indentation, and the crotch of the garment was dragged right up into her groin, as if her cunt had sucked the material into her pussy slot. Robin noticed a wisp of pussy hair curling from the leghole. She also saw that Anna's thighs were damp and glistening.

Robin felt a flush of passion.

It surprised her again. Why should she get a feeling like that when it was another girl involved? And she was glad that she had worn a skirt because she could feel her own thighs getting damp as her pussy began to overflow with slippery cunt juice.

"Well, hi," Anna said. "Didn't expect to see you so soon."

"Well, I thought maybe we could talk some more, Anna. I was real interested in what you were telling me."

"Yeah. It showed," the blonde said, grinning impishly.

Robin blushed daintily.

They had met beside the old grindstone and Anna leaned against it. She had often wondered how it would feel to straddle that stone and turn it and grind it against her cunt.

"I never did any of those things you were telling me about," Robin said shyly. "I mean, I'm a virgin and all. But I'm not a prude, and I guess I'll be doing them soon, so naturally I was interested to hear all about your experiences. Like, well, like sucking pricks." She blushed again. "It sounds real good. I was wondering, do you suck a guy's cock until he shoots in your mouth?"

"Sure, that's the yummy part."

"Do you swallow it?" asked Robin, fascinated.

"Fucking right, I swallow it!"

"Gee, what's it taste like?"

Anna cocked her head and gazed at Robin thoughtfully. "Want to find out?" she asked.

"Me? Oh, wow, I, I think so."

"I can arrange it," said Anna.

"You know some guy that wants a blowjob, huh?"

"Not exactly," said the blonde, and she giggled.

Robin looked puzzled but intrigued.

"C'mon, let's have some fun," the depraved farm girl suggested, motioning toward the woodshed. Robin hesitated, then grinned and nodded, curious and interested. They walked back to the woodshed side by side, the blonde all bouncy, the city girl taut and grim. Anna opened the door and let Robin enter.

Red barked. He had been lying in the corner, his head on his front paws, and he looked up and sniffed as he caught the hot scent of not one, but two slippery cunts.

Robin looked at the dog, then looked at Anna, who was closing the door behind them. She looked puzzled.

"Red has a great big prick and he knows how to use it- -and he comes bucketsful, too," Anna said.

"Red? You mean, the dog?" gasped Robin.

"Sure. That's what I meant when I said I was gonna play with my doggy," Anna confessed.

"Golly! You suck your dog's cock?" gasped innocent Robin.

"Sure. Why not? He loves it. I drink his cum, too. It tastes the same as a man's cum, and there's more of it."

Robin was staring at her new friend in amazement, wondering if the farm girl was teasing her or if she was serious.

"I let him fuck me, too," Anna added.

"Oh!" cried Robin, her head spinning. "Well? You wanna suck his prick, Robin?"

"I, I don't know. Oh, shit! It's, awful naughty."

Anna shrugged. "Sure, it's fucking naughty. That's half the fucking fun of it, right?"

"I... I'd like to suck a prick, but I'm not sure I wanna suck a doggy's prick," Robin said. "I don't know if I dare."

"It's up to you," Anna said casually, well aware that Robin was fascinated by the idea and pretty sure that the virgin could easily be persuaded to do it, and other things, too.

"Wanna watch me suck the fucker?" she asked.

Robin gulped and gasped, and realized that she was nodding without even intending to.

"I'll start sucking his cock and then, if you want to, you can have a taste, too. How's that sound? If you want, he can come in your mouth. Otherwise, I'll take over again and finish him off. Okay?"

Robin very much wanted to watch the sexy blonde give a blow- job to the big black dog. She wasn't sure if she wanted to do it herself. But she did want to find out what a mouthful of cock felt like and tasted like. Indecision clouded her pretty face, followed by a faint smile.

"Okay," she whispered.

Anna grinned happily, feeling certain that Robin was going to get involved as more than a spectator, and that after the girl had gotten really horny from fooling around with the doggy, she was going to have to have her sweet cherry pussy taken care of, too.

The farm girl knelt down on the floor.

Red was aware that he was once more in demand, and in for another treat. He walked over, stiff-legged, his long red tongue lolling from the side of his mouth. His prick had retracted and his balls had been drained, but now he began to grow tense with new arousal.

Anna reached under him and began to rub her open hand up and down against his prick. She looked at Robin as she did so. Robin gasped, her eyes glued on the dog's cock and balls. She was fascinated by the sight of the farm girl's hand caressing the brute. Dazed by lust and hardly aware of what she was doing, Robin knelt down beside Anna so that she could get a closer look at the intriguing action.

The smooth head of the dog's prick came sliding out from the hairy black cock sheath and Robin gulped at the sight. That naked red dog-cock was fascinating! Anna rubbed her thumb against the underside of the big, bloated prick and it flared out, the piss hole gaping open.

Anna's hand slid back and cupped the doggy's balls, leaving his long, hard prick standing out free, throbbing and rippling and growing bigger all the while.

Anna was licking her lips.

So was Robin, although she didn't realize it.

Then Anna curled onto her side and slid her blonde head in under the black dog's shaggy belly. She was face to face with the naked knob of the brute's big prick. Her tongue slid across her parted lips. There was a hungry look in her eyes and her mouth was watering.

Was she really going to suck the animal's cock? wondered Robin. Touching him with her hand was one thing, but taking that slimy fucker in her mouth was another, and a lot more depraved. Maybe she was just teasing about it. But Robin hoped not. Although it made her feel really naughty, she wanted very much to see the sexy blonde take that dog's prick into her mouth.

Then Anna removed all doubts.

She pushed her tongue out and began to lap at the head of the dog's cock, slurping juicily on the hot cock meat. Her pink tongue slid all over the dark-red cockhead, lathering it with spit.

Gasping, Robin leaned closer, her eyes glowing. Her pussy was flooding now, pouring cunt juice down her thighs, and her mouth felt every bit as hot as her cunt. Her tongue seemed to be steaming.

"Oh, shit, you're licking his prick!" she moaned.

"Ummmmm," purred Anna. "It's fucking delicious!"

Her nimble tongue flashed and fluttered. Red began to hump, pushing his prick out into the girl's flushed face.

"He wants me to suck the fucking thing," Anna said.

"So do I!" wailed Robin, lost to lust now.

Anna smiled and those smiling lips pressed against the tip of the dog's cock and slowly parted, taking the naked red cock- head into her mouth. She sucked softly on the cock meat, her cheeks hollowing in as her lips pulled on the hot mouthful. She blew down his piss hole, then sucked again, nursing hungrily on his prick knob.

"Ahhhh," she sighed, her long eyelashes fluttering.

"Fucking hell!" Robin moaned, trembling.

Red rumbled in his throat and humped, fucking his prick back into Anna's mouth. The dog-cock slid between her compressed lips and the slippery cockhead wedged into her throat. The dog jerked back and his prick slid out, the red cock shaft coated with slobber. He fucked into her mouth again, jolting, his balls swinging in to slap gently against the blonde cocksucker's chin as the long prick shaft vanished in her mouth.

"Ughn," Anna gasped as his cockhead jammed in her gullet. Then his cock came sliding out and she sucked on every inch, purring. "Ummmmm."

Her lips collared his cockhead and nursed greedily on the big slab. She cupped his balls in her hand, squeezing gently. The dog's tail thrashed about as his haunches drove his prick in and out. The animal was in a frenzy now, his spine twisting violently as he fucked the cock meat to the girl's soft, moist mouth with jerking fuck-lunges.

Her lips were pulled outward as the doggy's cock withdrew and her tongue flashed against the underside of his cockhead. It was obvious to Robin that Anna was relishing that hot, hard mouthful of dog-cock. And the young virgin had to admit that it looked awfully fucking tasty.

Then Anna drew her lips away from his cockhead.

"Want a lick?" she asked.

Robin could not resist the offer. Just one little lick, she figured, just to see what a dog's prick tasted like. I won't really suck him or anything, she thought. I'll just give his cock a lick and then let Anna finish the job and swallow his fuck juice.

Anna held the dog's cock by the root, moving out of the way and offering the cock-meat to Robin. Red yelped, frustrated at finding his prick temporarily unmouthed. But the dog wasn't worried. Anna had never stopped, once she started sucking his prick, until she had milked his prick and emptied his loaded balls for him.

The other girl's mouth looked interesting, as well.

"C'mon, lick the fucker," Anna coaxed.

Robin leaned closer. She could feel the heat of the doggy's prick waft into her face. Anna pressed back on his prick, so that his cockhead stood out naked and flaring.

Robin licked tentatively at that red cock meat, just a light flick of her tongue at first. She drew back. Her taste buds tingled and she gave a little moan. Dog-cock tasted as good as it looked! Forgetting that she had vowed to take only one lick out of curiosity, the dark-haired girl leaned in again and began to lave the dog's cockhead lavishly.

Anna leaned in, too, and cheek to cheek with Robin, began to tongue the animal's cockhead. They lapped at his cock meat together, their hot tongues gliding over each other as they laved the dog's swollen slab of succulent, steaming cock meat.

"Shit! I love it!" Robin wailed, amazed at how much she was enjoying this act of depravity.

Anna shoved the dog's cock against Robin's lips.

"Take the fucking thing in your mouth, honey," she urged. "Give the fucker a good suck!"

Robin gasped and her lips parted. Anna fed the dog's cock into the younger girl's mouth. Robin's lips clamped over his prick, just behind the swollen crown and she began to suck voraciously on the steaming mouthful. It seemed the most natural thing in the world. Mouthing a swollen cockhead was an absolute joy and, although Robin had never sucked a cock before, she found that she knew just how to do it.

There was moisture in her mouth! Was the doggy coming? She nursed greedily, then drew back with a sigh.

Anna took the cockhead into her lips and sucked on the delicious dog-cock in turn.

"Wanna drink his cum?" she asked, her voice husky.

"I... I'm not, sure." Robin said.

Just then a thick drop of slippery cum came oozing out of the dog's piss hole and ran down his prick. Robin gasped, staring at the nugget of dog-cum in fascination. Anna's tongue slurped up, gathering that thick glob of cum from his cock meat. She let Robin see the slippery drop flow over her tongue, then swallowed it.

"Ahhhhh," she purred.

Another slippery drop of cum squeezed from his cleft, hot and frothy. Anna looked questioningly at Robin. Robin gasped, overwhelmed by lust. She just had to see what the stuff tasted like! She pushed her tongue out the way that Anna had and lapped up her first-ever taste of cum. She savored the dog-cum, moaning, then let it trickle down her gullet.

"Nice?" Anna asked.

"It's fucking wonderful!" Robin wailed.

Like any fine appetizer, that first drop had sharpened her appetite. She wanted more! She no longer cared that it was naughty, and the thought of having that big dog empty his cock and balls into her mouth was thrilling.

"Why don't you milk the fucker off now?" Anna suggested.

"I, I will! I fucking will!" cried Robin.

Her trembling lips parted and her tongue curled out. Anna drew the dog's cock forward, slipping his steaming cockhead into Robin's eager mouth. The dark girl's lips collared that cock meat and she began to suck it ravenously. Saliva ran down her chin. Her face was contorted by lust as her head bobbed up and down.

Anna began to pump the dog's prick up and down with her hand, jerking him off as Robin mouthed his cockhead, as eager to see the animal shoot in Robin's mouth as Robin was to have that slippery load of fuck juice spurt into her throat and run down her gullet.

"Ummmmm, ummmm," she whimpered as she sucked the dog's cock.

"Suck the fucker, Robin! Oh, shit! Milk the fucker off! Suck the slime out of his balls!" Anna wailed enthusiastically. "Oh! You're sucking a dog's prick!"

The dog's cockhead was swelling more and more, the big meaty wedge pressing into Robin's cheeks on both sides at once as it expanded and filled her greedy mouth to the brim. A little jet of dog-cum hit her tongue and skimmed back into her throat. Another small spurt of cum soaked her cheek. Those delicious drops made the horny girl more hungry than ever. She wanted the dog to cream in her mouth. She sucked for all she was worth. Red was fucking in and out, feeding his hard cock through Anna's fist as it fucked Robin's mouth. He yelped and whined as the thrill built in his loins.

Anna could feel his prick throb as his coming drew near. Her fist pulled back on that thundering fuck stick.

"He's gonna fucking come!" she cried.

"Ummmm, ummmmm." Robin gasped, unable to speak with her mouth so full of dog-prick, yearning for his cum.

Red began to shudder all through his brawny body and his haunches drove his cock into Robin's face with vigor. Anna pulled back on his prick, her fist sliding down to his balls, and his cockhead flared in Robin's sucking lips.

Suddenly her mouth was full of dog-cum! The dog's first dynamic spurt had flooded her mouth before she realized he was about to shoot. She gasped and gulped the hot, thick cum down hungrily, making room for more. And he fed her more cum. As Robin sucked and Anna pumped the stuff out of him, the dog poured load after precious load of hot cum into Robin's mouth. Thick streams of cum gushed into her cheeks, skimmed over her tongue, ran through her teeth. She sucked and swallowed, swallowed and sucked. She was drinking it hungrily, but the dog's cum-load was too much for her. The pearly dog-cum overflowed her lips and ran down her chin. The big dog fucked deep into her throat and shot a jet of cum down her gullet and then, as he withdrew, another spurt of cum shot out into her mouth. Her tongue was floating in a swamp of dog-cum.

Red emptied his cock and balls. Panting, he slowed down. Robin kept right on sucking, wanting every last drop of the savory dog-cum, and Anna continued to jack him off to make sure that the dog had fed Robin every last drop of fuck juice.

His cockhead slipped from Robin's lips, dripping with saliva and cum. Robin fell back, astounded by the ecstasy of drinking dog-cum, panting, her mouth open and full of milky slime. Anna slurped the dog's cockhead into her own mouth and sucked off the cum-drops that remained on it, mixed in with Robin's saliva. Smiling, she turned toward Robin.

Robin was on her back and her knees were raised so that the hem of her dress fell to her hips. Anna was staring right at the young girl's cherry cunt! A gleam came into the farm girl's eyes. That virgin pussy was gaping open and flooded with cunt juice. Robin had come over without wearing any panties, and Anna smiled at the significance of that.

Robin had sucked off the doggy.

Now it was high time that Robin got sucked off, in return!

Red moved away with his spent prick drooping and dripping cum, his lust all spent. Being only a dumb animal, he didn't realize how lucky he was to have not one, but two horny young girls ready to suck his cock.

Robin was on her back, still breathing heavily, her tits rising and falling and her dress hiked up above the waist. There was a slippery film of dog-cum on her lips and a trace of cum ran down her chin. Her pussy was smoldering and steaming between her parted thighs.

Anna slid up beside her. Robin batted her eyes and smiled as the blonde leaned over her.

"I'm glad I did it," Robin whispered. The girl had expected to feel ashamed of herself, once it was over, but the cocksucking had been so thrilling that she had no regrets at all. "Shit, I'm so full of cum I'm floating!"

"Let me have a taste of it," Anna said.

She surprised Robin by bending down and licking at Robin's cummy lips and chin. Then her tongue pushed into Robin's mouth. Robin automatically sucked on it. It wasn't as if they were kissing, she told herself. Anna was just lapping up some of the doggy-cum and that sweet stuff just happened to be in her mouth. But the kiss was becoming more passionate.

Robin was amazed to find herself getting even hotter as the other girl kissed her. Her tongue slipped into Anna's mouth, in turn, and the horny blonde sucked cum and slobber from it.

"So you like sucking my dog off, huh?" Anna whispered.

"I fucking loved it."

"You can do it whenever you want."

Robin smiled sheepishly, imagining herself running across the fields with her mouth watering for dog-prick.

"The only trouble with blowing the dog, though, is that it makes a girl's cunt all hot and slippery, and she needs to come, too." As she said that, Anna slid a hand down and cupped it over Robin's smoldering pussy. Robin gave a little gasp and her pussy fluttered in the blonde girl's open palm.

"Yeah, you're hot, all right," Anna said.

It wasn't right to let another girl feel her pussy, Robin felt. Still, it wasn't as naughty as sucking off a doggy, and it felt good, too.

Anna's hand moved just a little, soothing, caressing.

"Want me to frig you off?" she whispered.

She kissed Robin again and her fingers tugged lightly on the dark girl's throbbing clit.

"If, if you want to," Robin said in a soft voice. She didn't know why Anna would want to do a thing like that, after all, they were both girls and Anna had already proved that she loved cock. But the girl's hand felt so nice that Robin was willing.

"Or I could get Red to lap your pussy," Anna added.


"Hummmmm? Do you like your cunt lapped?"

"I, I never had it done to me."

"The doggy will lick you real good, honey. Or." Anna paused, smiling faintly. "Or I will."

Robin gulped in shock.

"Or the doggy and I can share your pussy," Anna added. "There's plenty of cunt juice there for us both."

"But, that's what lesbians do!" Robin gasped.

"Sure. But I ain't a lesbian, don't worry about that. I just like to suck cunts. There's a difference."

Robin blinked. Maybe so, but it seemed like a very strange difference to her. Could a girl be a cunt-lapper without being a dyke? It was an interesting idea. Robin remembered how she had tasted her own cunt juice earlier, when she was finger-fucking herself. It had been delicious. Maybe she could understand why a normal girl would want to suck a cunt, at that. The thought of having sexy blonde Anna eat her pussy was thrilling. She knew she'd love to cream in the girl's mouth.

She might even like to return the favor!

Anna was gazing expectantly at Robin, hoping that the sexy teenager would be agreeable but not wanting to press her too hard or too fast, which might prejudice future opportunities. But there would never be a better opportunity, in fact. Robin was as hot as a pistol. While she had been sucking the dog's cock, she had concentrated totally on that tasty mouthful, ignoring the smoldering fire in her pussy. But now that the dog's cum had been swallowed and her mouth was empty and satiated, the demands of her pussy were overwhelming. Even if Robin had not been feeling so randy, the thought of having the blonde suck her cunt would have been intriguing, and at the moment it was irresistible.

Robin slowly smiled.

"Sure," she said. "You can suck me off, Anna. Oh, yes! I want you to! I'm so fucking hot!"

Anna's eyes gleamed. As much as she adored cocks, of any species, she loved pussy almost as much. It made a nice change in the horny farm girl's normal diet of cock and cum.

Robin squirmed a little, working her steaming pussy around against Anna's hand and arching her back slightly. Anna gave her another kiss, then slid down. She drew Robin's cotton dress up higher, exposing all of the dark girl's nubile loins and belly. Stretching out belly down, between Robin's widespread thighs, Anna stared hungrily at the girl's pussy.

"Christ, your cunt is like a fucking swamp," she rasped.

Robin giggled. It had been no insult, coming from a girl who was eager to drain that swamp. She could feel her cunt lips ripple and spread wider and ribbons of pussy juice ran down her crotch and seeped into the tight crack of her ass.

Anna began to lick at the soft, smooth flesh of Robin's inner thighs as she gazed at her pussy. Her tongue moved higher, slowly working up toward the foaming cunt slot for which her mouth was watering, but going slowly, hungry for the feast but not wanting to rush it, prolonging the pleasure of the anticipation. She also wanted to make it as good as possible for Robin. This was the first time that Robin was going to get her pussy eaten out and if Anna did a good job of it, she knew full well that it wouldn't be the last. Her tongue slurped moistly and her head moved from side to side as she licked each leg in turn. Robin was whimpering in joyful expectation and urgent need, shifting her ass around and moving her hips.

Anna reached the junction of leg and loins. Her tongue slipped up the crease, running parallel with the girl's open cunt slit but not yet dipping into it. Then she switched over and ran her tongue up the opposite crease. Robin was vibrant with lust, waiting for that nimble tongue to start soaking on her cunt and clit. But still Anna chose to linger over the preliminaries, teasing Robin, and tormenting herself by such prolonged starvation, by nibbling around the edges while the juicy main course waited.

She moved higher and her pink tongue rustled through Robin's dark cunt hair like a rodent in a dark forest.

"Please! Suck my fucking cunt!" Robin begged.

Those words were music to Anna's ears. But she moved higher, tonguing up Robin's smooth belly. She drew the girl's dress up as she went, rolling it up above her thrusting tits. She ran her tongue up into Robin's cleavage and licked around the plump tit mounds, then licked at a stiff, trembling nipple. The tit tip swelled against her sensitive tongue.

Anna sucked the nipple into her lips and began to nurse on Robin's tit.

Robin cried out with pleasure.

Anna mouthed the stiff nipple lovingly, then moved across to pay homage to the other pink peak, sucking the succulent nipple. Robin's taut nipples were like valves on her round tits and Anna blew softly on them, as if to inflate the tit mounds further. Then she inhaled, her lips pulling and her tongue flashing.

Bending over, her mouth full of tit, Anna worked her shirt up until her own big tits were bared. She arched, rubbing her tits against Robin's, their nipples sliding together.

Robin reached down, shyly, and took one of the blonde's bobbing tits into her hand. She had never felt a tit before, other than her own. It thrilled her to feel Anna's nipple explode in her palm as she cupped the plump tit mound. The horny virgin knew that she would enjoy sucking on Anna's tits and nipples, when the time came.

Anna began to work back down toward Robin's groin.

But then Red began to stir again.

The big black dog had been well satisfied, his cock and balls emptied into Robin's hungry mouth, and had moved off to stretch out in the corner. But now the scent of steaming pussy was filling the woodshed and the delicious aroma caused the dog to raise his head and sniff. His cock was no longer hard but that fragrant scent was compelling.

He got to his feet and padded across the room, his prick hanging down and his tongue hanging out.

The dog pushed his big, blunt snout into Robin's foaming cunt and began to slap his hot tongue up the girl's open cunt slot.

"Ohhhhh!" Robin wailed.

She had never felt anything like this before! Her cherry pussy rippled and throbbed as the dog's big cunt-lapper slurped merrily away. Cunt juice sprayed from her fuck hole as his tongue lapped upward.

Anna raised her head when Robin cried out. When she saw that the dog had started licking Robin's cunt she was both thrilled and annoyed, wanting the feast for herself. She moved down and watched the dog's long tongue slap up the girl's open pussy. Then she slid a hand in and held Robin's cunt lips apart with her fingers, so that Red could slip his tongue right up into the juicy inner folds. The dog lapped all the way up Robin's cunt slit, his tongue trailing over her trembling and then flipping out into her curly pussy thicket.

Then, overcome by crazed cunt-hunger, Anna grasped the dog by the nape of the neck and hauled his head away.

"Oh! Don't make him stop!" Robin wailed. "Fucking hell, I was gonna cream on his tongue!"

"You're gonna cream on my fucking tongue!" Anna rasped. "I'll let the doggy lap you later, if you want. But right now I'm gonna suck the shit out of you, Robin."

Robin whimpered. It was all right with her. As long as she had a tongue slurping up her cunt, she didn't give a fuck if it was the dog's tongue or the girl's tongue. She hiked her ass up, arching her back and tilting her frothy cunt up toward Anna's face. Anna was still holding Robin's cunt lips open, exposing the dark inner cuntal flesh, the folds running with slippery ribbons of cunt juice. She licked her lips. Then she ducked her head down and flicked her tongue against Robin's clit. Robin gasped and twitched. Her body was bridged up to meet Anna's head and Anna was on her knees, her face lowered and her heart-shaped ass thrust up at the highest point of her body.

She was, in fact, in the doggy-fucking position. And this fact did not escape the dog.

Red was an obedient animal and when his mistress had shoved him aside he had retreated, but now he was becoming aroused again. Lapping on Robin's pussy had started it and seeing Anna on her hands and knees added to it and, inch by inch, the big dog's prick began to lengthen and harden.

Red would be ready when he was summoned.

But for the moment, neither of the horny teenagers was thinking about the dog's cock. Anna was working on Robin's cunt ravenously. Her tongue was as good as the dog's, Robin realized. The dog had been enthusiastic, his tongue-strokes long and swift, and Anna was skillful and paying more attention to detail.

She licked up Robin's cunt lips and lapped at her clit. Then she tilted her blonde head to one side and began to run her tongue as far up the dark girl's steaming fuck hole as it would go, tongue-fucking her steadily. She fitted her lips to Robin's cunt lips, kissing her pussy just as if it were a mouth. She began to suck then, using her lips as well as her flashing tongue.

Robin thrashed about, her ass grinding and her hips pumping in a wild, frenzied, jolting motion. Her legs closed around Anna's golden head, then opened wide again. She arched her back, then bowed it, squirming into new positions, unable to decide which was best. As long as Anna's mouth was clamped onto her cunt, it didn't seem to matter where the rest of her twitching body was.

Anna's lips were stuck to Robin's cunt like a suction cup to a flowing drain. Cunt juice ran over her tongue and trickled past her lips, her mouth filling up with the delicious stuff. slippery streams of pussy juice ran down her chin. She swallowed some and sucked more out to replace it, her whole mouth awash with Robin's cunt juice.

Robin reached down and tangled a hand in Anna's long blonde tresses, holding the girl into her groin, but unnecessarily, because Anna wanted to be nowhere else at the moment. Her blonde hair swept over Robin's smooth thighs and dark pussy hair as she turned her head from side to side, grinding her lips on Robin's pussy. She sucked on the virgin's taut clit, then tongue-fucked her cunt again.

"Ummmmmm, ummmmm, ummmm." Anna moaned as she sucked.

Her hands slid under Robin's ass, lifting her higher, as if the girl's cunt were a goblet she was draining. From that hairy goblet, the precious juices of lust poured into her mouth.

"I'm melting! Oh, shit! Suck my cunt, Anna!" Robin wailed. "Fucking hell! Suck me off!"

Anna gently turned Robin over, raising one hip and pressing down on the other. Robin turned onto her hands and knees, one leg arching high so that she could rotate without dislodging Anna's mouth from her soaking cunt.

They were both kneeling on all fours then, Anna's face thrust in under Robin's heaving ass as she mouthed the girl's pussy from the back now. Robin shoved her ass back into Anna's face. Her plump tits swayed under her like ripe fruit ready to be plucked. She could hear the soft, wet slurping sounds that Anna's lips were making on her cunt slot and the slithering of the blonde's tongue as it slipped up her fuck hole. Her cunt was making sucking sounds, too, as it pulled on Anna's tongue and lips. Now that she was on her hands and knees, her cunt juice was running down the insides of her thighs. Anna pulled out of Robin's crotch for a moment and ducked down to lap up the overflow from her thighs.

Her tongue slid all the way up, long-stroking now. Anna held Robin by the hipbones and her head bobbed up and down. She began to tongue up the crack of the dark girl's ass, then she fucked her tongue right up Robin's tight brown bud of an asshole.

Robin squealed with this new sensation.

Spreading her cheeks apart with her hands, Anna opened Robin's ass crack and tongue-fucked her shit chute with gusto. Then she long-slurped again, her flattened tongue running all the way up from Robin's throbbing clit to her asshole.

"Tongue my ass! Suck my cunt! Oh, shit! I want everything!" Robin sobbed, wild with passion.

"Come, baby, come for me!" gasped Anna, desperate to feel Robin's smoldering cunt melt on her tongue now, to know the thrill of bringing the virgin off with her mouth. She gave the girl's tight asshole a last rimming and licked back down to her cunt, really concentrating on making Robin cream now.

"Yeah, yeah! I'm gonna fucking come!" Robin wailed.

"Do it! Cream in my fucking mouth!"

"Here it comes! Suck it out of me, you cunt-lapping sweetheart! Drink my fucking cunt juice!"

Anna gurgled with joy as she felt Robin's hot pussy slime pour out in a heavier flow. The thrill was exciting the young girl, and her whole nubile body was shaking and vibrating. Darts of sensation shot up her kneeling thighs and great waves ripped across her belly. She shot her hips from side to side and her ass churned. If she'd had a tail, she would have been wagging it in Anna's eager face.

At the very peak, Robin cried out, almost screaming.

Her cunt creamed in a flood. Anna's tongue slid up her cunt and the hot fuck juice poured out and bubbled past her lips. She swallowed and sucked cunt cream.

A last spasm shook Robin.

She collapsed, sliding forward along the floor, her head and shoulders going down but her ass still hiked up high and Anna's face still glued into her foaming crotch.

Robin lay belly down then, trembling. Anna kept on sucking and tonguing to make sure that she had finished the delicious meal. Then she used her tongue to gather up the overflow from the girl's thighs and crotch and a few drops that had sprayed into her ass crevice. When she was sure that she had sucked out every spasm, Anna crawled up and stretched out beside Robin. Robin was smiling with contentment. Anna kissed her on the lips, letting Robin taste her own cunt juice.

It tasted lovely. And if cuntjuice was so delicious, licked from the lips and tongue, Robin could just imagine what the fucking stuff would be like when a girl drank it right out of a creaming pussy!

Before today, Robin had never dreamed of such a thing.

But she hadn't imagined that she would be sucking a dog off, either, and it was obvious that Anna loved sucking pussy, even though she was not a lesbian. Anything that wonderful couldn't be too wicked, Robin reasoned. But that didn't matter.

Wicked or not, she wanted to eat pussy.

She didn't realize that, by this time, the big dog had another hardon and wanted to do a few things, himself.

Red's cock had been steadily growing and his big balls had been filling up again. He had been inspired by the hot aroma of two young cunts, and when Robin creamed that fragrant scent had gotten even more thrilling. His prick had snapped up under his belly, as big and hard and hot as if he hadn't emptied it recently. When the cunt-sucking ceased, the dog stood at attention, ready for whatever sort of action was available.

Robin and Anna were ignoring the dog for the moment as they cuddled and kissed, and were unaware that the brute needed to bury his bone again. The dog bided his time.

"Can I suck your cunt now?" Robin asked.

"Oooooh! Do you want to? I mean, you don't have to return the favor or anything. I love doing it."

"Yeah. So I noticed." Robin smiled. "You had such a good time eating my pussy that it made me hungry."

"I know," said worldly Anna. "That's the thing about cunt-sucking. When you're sucking a pussy, your own pussy gets hot, and when some other girl is lapping you, you get hungry."

"Is your pussy nice and hot now?"

"What do you fucking think?" Anna said.

"I think I'm fucking starving for it!"

"Oh yeah! Suck me off now and then maybe we'll fool around with the doggy some more. Okay?"

Robin, game for anything now, nodded. But the dog's prick could wait, she figured. Right now she was more interested in sucking her first-ever pussy. She was thrilled by the naughtiness of it, and her mouth was watering and her tongue was as hot as her clit had been before she'd creamed.

Robin pursed her lips and flicked her tongue across her mouth. She kissed Anna again and stabbed her tongue into the blonde's mouth, pretending that it was a cunt. She licked the girl's lips as if they were cunt lips, getting warmed up for the real thing.

Anna moved away and lay back on the floor. Robin unsnapped her friend's shorts and tugged them down, thrilled as Anna's golden pussy bush emerged. Her crotch was soaking wet. When she parted her thighs, Robin saw her cunt was flowing like a river. She drooled over it, enjoying the sight before she went down on Anna, savoring the anticipation of eating out that juicy cunt and discovering the joy of pussy-sucking.

"I'm gonna fucking love it," she whispered, knowing that was true even before she'd had her first taste of pussy.

Anna hiked her hips up a little, her thighs spread. Robin was drooling so heavily that a few drops of saliva fell onto Anna's pussy, running in with her slippery cunt juice.

"I'm gonna suck your pussy dry," she rasped, her voice husky with pure passion, her lips trembling as her tongue slid back and forth across her open mouth.

"Do it! Suck my fuck hole until I fucking flood, baby. Drink the cunt juice out of my pussy!"

Robin rose up onto her knees, between Anna's legs. As her head went down, her ass went up.

Robin, like Anna had done before, had assumed the doggy- fucking position. It didn't occur to her, since it was also a cunt-lapping position.

But it occurred to Red.

And there was one difference.

Anna, as she knelt over Robin's cunt, had been wearing shorts and her cunt was not available. But Robin was wearing a dress and that dress was hiked up to her tits and as her shapely ass hiked up her flooded cunt was naked, and accessible.

Haunches lowered, moving stealthily, as if stalking a rabbit, Red advanced toward his prey. It was a far more thrilling quarry than any rabbit to a dog with a hardon.

Robin pushed her tongue out, hesitated for a moment, then took her first lick of cunt. Anna purred and squirmed. Robin drew back for a moment, savoring that initial taste of pussy and finding it every bit as succulent as she had hoped it would be. With a sigh of pure pleasure, she leaned down again and began to slap her tongue up the soaking folds of Anna's steaming fuck hole and over her pulsing clit. She opened her mouth wide and clamped her parted lips over the blonde's cunt, greedily drooling into the cunt slot and sucking hot pussy juice out. She gurgled and purred as she sucked away so happily.

Eating pussy was as much fun as sucking the doggy's prick had been, she decided, and just as natural, as well. Even though this was the first cunt she'd mouthed, the horny teenager had found out that she knew instinctively just how to go about it and that cunt- lapping required no practice or training or previous experience. Her mouth seemed to have been formed for just this purpose, to be clamped over a soaking fuck hole.

Her tongue slurped out mouthfuls of pussy cream from the folds and her lips sucked on the steaming cunt. She raised her head for a moment, with cunt juice running down her chin, and gazed up at Anna's face. Anna looked back, seeing the dark- haired girl framed between her thighs and just over her blonde cunt bush.

"Am I doing it right?" asked Robin.

"You sure the fuck are, but don't stop!" Anna said. "Don't stop until you've milked me off!"

And what a pleasant prospect that was. Robin dipped her head back down and resumed munching on that succulent snack. She began to use her fingers, too, shoving three of them up the cunt hole to the knuckles and twisting them around inside Anna's clinging cunt, finger-fucking her while she sucked on her clit.

Robin had gone suck-crazy.

Her efforts were bringing Anna toward the crest and the blonde girl's eyes glazed. She turned her head slowly from side to side, aware of nothing but Robin's mouth and her own hot pussy.

Robin's head was buried as she concentrated completely on the delicious pussy she was mouthing.

So neither girl saw the dog advance.

Red slunk up behind Robin's churning ass and pushed his snout into her soaking cunt. He sniffed, then licked.

"Oh!" she cried, startled with the pleasure the dog's nimble tongue was giving her.

In her momentary surprise, Robin had stopped sucking Anna's pussy, and the blonde stirred impatiently, jolting her pelvis up and down.

"Don't stop!" Anna cried. She had been almost at the peak and didn't want to lose it, wanted Robin to continue with that steady cunt-sucking and tongue-fucking that was going to make her cream.

"The dog's lapping my cunt!" Robin whimpered.

"Fuck the dog! Suck my cunt!" Anna wailed, desperate with the need to get her rocks off.

Robin buried her face again and began sucking steadily. Behind her ass, the doggy slapped his tongue up Robin's pussy with long, slobbering strokes. Robin was trembling wildly, enjoying sex at both ends of her nubile body at the same time. She had the pleasure of eating out Anna's sweet pussy while, at the same time, the dog's tongue was churning her own cunt to a slippery flood.

As Robin swallowed Anna's cunt juice, her own cunt juice poured out on Red tongue, as if it were the same sweet pussy juice, rushing right through her body. Her head bobbed about as she wallowed in Anna's groin. Her ass rose and fell, hips shooting from side to side, working her cunt against the dog's snout. Red was trying to push his big muzzle right up Robin's pussy and his long tongue was slithering right up into her fuck hole. The frenzied girl, sandwiched between cunt and tongue, girl and dog, was going wild. She was finger-fucking Anna's cunt slot while she lapped and sucked, and her other hand slipped back along her own belly and she began to finger her clit, pulling and twisting the sensitive bud and letting the dog lick her cunt.

Anna began to moan steadily. Her hips jolted as if dancing to the rhythm of that moaning. Suddenly she gasped loudly and swayed her back deeply, pushing her cunt into Robin's face.

"Coming, coming!" she panted.

Robin squealed with the joy of knowing that her mouth had brought the other girl to the crest. She sucked cunt for all she was worth, ignoring, for the moment, the tonguing that she, too, was getting. Anna's cunt lips rippled open like some carnivorous flower, some tongue-devouring blossom and into those soft petals went Robin's hot tongue.

With a great shudder, the blonde reached the peak, hung there for a long moment, then came crashing down.

Robin drank her cum juice ravenously, gulping the sweet pussy juice down as it poured into her mouth. Her face was coated with pussy juice from chin to brow.

"Come, come, come!" she wailed, the words muffled in Anna's hot fuck hole.

Anna obeyed the command, coming again and again in Robin's greedy mouth.

At last she slumped back, finished.

Robin continued to mouth Anna's pussy, but now, with the blonde's orgasm over, she was able to concentrate on what the doggy was doing to her.

As the dog's tongue whacked up her swampy cunt slot, Robin felt the thrill build up. She was almost ready to cream again, herself. Her ass and hips flew about frantically. Her mouth was still glued to Anna's pussy, but her head was not moving now as she turned her attentions to her own cunt.

"Lap it out of me, boy!" she wailed.

His tongue swiped up her cunt crack, and then it was gone!

Robin shoved her ass back, waiting for the next long, slurping stroke of that tongue. But Red had done enough cunt-lapping now. His cock was hard as a stone and throbbing.

That was when the dog mounted Robin.

The dog sprang up, launching himself by his powerful hindquarters and wrapping his front legs around the girl's hips. Robin gave a little cry of alarm when she felt the dog's weight pressing her down. As her ass went down, her head came up, her lips slurping as they left Anna's cunt. A slippery trickle of cunt juice ran down her chin and flecks of the stuff glistened on her lips. She looked back over her shoulder and saw that the big brute was clinging to her haunches tightly, his paws hooked around her hips, dragging her back as he jammed his loins forward. His spine was twisted into an S-shape and his tongue was hanging out, dripping saliva and pussy juice onto the girl's ass.

Anna's eyes had been closed, the lids fluttering. Now she opened them, surprised by the abrupt way that Robin's sucking mouth had been dragged off her pussy. She saw that Robin was twisted around, her plump tits bobbling as she looked back over her shoulder. Then she saw why. Red big head was poised over the girl's back. His jaws were parted and his tongue was hanging out.

Anna smiled. Red humped, stabbing his big, hard prick out at Robin. The swollen cockhead bumped against the back of her thigh. Robin's eyes opened wide in alarm as she realized what the doggy wanted to do. He humped again. His angry red cockhead slid up the slope of her ass.

Robin shook her hips, trying to dislodge the brute, but he was clinging to her tenaciously, his front legs clamped around her hipbones. He was mounted on her ass like a gargoyle on a wall.

"Get down!" the girl commanded.

The doggy humped again, trying desperately to get his prick buried up her cunt but coming in at the wrong angle.

"Anna, he's trying to fuck me!" Robin complained.

Anna twisted around sideways, grinning. She saw Red miss the mark again. His big prick slid up the crack of Robin's ass and his bloated balls slapped into her crotch.

"He can't get it in," Anna assured Robin. "When he fucks me, I always have to put his prick up me to get him started." "Well, make him get off!"

"The nice doggy needs a fuck, honey," said Anna. "Why don't I put his prick in your pussy?"

"I don't want to get fucked by a dog!" Robin cried.

"Why not?" Anna coaxed. "Shit, you've already sucked him off and swallowed his fuck juice, you might as well let him fuck you, too."

"But I'm a virgin!" wailed Robin.

She tossed her ass and hips about in an attempt to shake the brute off her but failed. His prick pounded against her ass. That powerful, driving cock meat slapped against her ass and the girl just had to wonder what it would feel like to have such a big, stiff prick actually fucking in and out of her cunt. The powerful dog was panting with need, a shaggy fucking machine that could pour the prick to a girl with doggy enthusiasm and vitality.

If only she hadn't been a virgin!

But then she wondered if getting fucked by an animal deflowered a girl. Maybe it was no different than fucking her cunt with a banana or a salami or a vibrator, she reasoned. Maybe a girl could only lose her cherry if a human fucked her. It seemed sort of logical.

"Suit yourself," Anna said, disappointed. "But if you don't want his big cock, I'm gonna have the fucker!" Despite herself, Robin felt a surge of jealousy. She liked the way the powerful, potent brute was clinging to her ass and she knew that she would be filled with envy if the doggy got to fuck Anna, instead of her. How frustrating that would be!

Again Red pounded his prick in, barely missing her fuck hole this time. His cockhead brushed against her clit as it slipped across her cunt slot and her whole vibrant, nubile body shuddered. Her cunt lips fluttered. Her pussy felt hollow, needing to be stuffed.

"Oh, shit!" she wailed, torn by indecision.

Anna had seen the girl's reactions and realized that she was sorely tempted to do some dog-fucking. Anna, naughty girl that she was, was thrilled by the thought of introducing an innocent virgin to dog-fucking. The idea was more exciting than fucking the dumb brute herself, since she had already done that countless times. She calculated that the randy virgin would not be able to resist with a bit more persuasion.

"Ooooh, his cock is huge," she murmured.

"I know! I can feel the fucker!" gasped Robin.

"He sure wants to get his cock up your cunt."

Robin shifted her ass and hips again, but now she was not trying to shake the doggy off her haunches. She was reacting to her own passion, moving in a fucking rhythm under the beast.

"I know," said Anna, hiding a wicked grin from Robin. "I'll just rub the head of his cock around in your pussy and against your fucking clit, okay? I won't put his prick in you. I'll just slide the cockhead around, and I'll jerk him off!"

Robin gulped. The prospect was thrilling. She knew that she would cream if that dog's cock was rubbed on her clit and she knew it would feel great when his cum squirted all over the outside of her pussy. She could have the joy of fucking without actually getting fucked.

"Okay," she whimpered.

Robin lowered her head and hiked her ass up. Anna curled up beside her hip and reached behind, taking the dog's cock into her hand. Red yelped and whined. He stopped his frantic humping now, waiting for that human hand to guide his cock up the fuck slot.

Anna began to run the tip of the animal's cock up and down in Robin's open, flooded cunt slot, stirring her pussy juice with his angry red cock meat. Robin's cunt lips sucked greedily and her clit flared.

"Oh, fuck!" the girl gasped, her whole body tingling as she felt that hot cock meat caress the portals of her pussy. Red was holding himself steady now, but the girl on whom he was mounted was flinging her hips about wildly and her ass was jolting.

Tilting her wrist, Anna fed half of that long, wet cock- head into Robin's cunt. She gripped the dog-cock by the shaggy hilt, so that the doggy could not fuck in any deeper, waiting to see if Robin protested. But Robin's pussy was so hot and wet that she didn't realize there was a portion of dog-prick inside her fuck hole. She thought it was still sliding around at the entrance. She flipped her hips and the rest of the dog's prick fucked into her pussy.

"Oh! He isn't fucking me, is he?" she gasped.

"Naw," said Anna.

Robin's cunt muscles fluttered around the dog's cockhead, the pussy lips clamping around the hairy cock sheath just behind the naked red prick that was already stuffed up her fuck hole.

"He is! He's in my pussy!" she wailed.

"Just the knob, Robin," Anna explained. "I'll only let him put his big, hot cockhead in a little ways, while I frig the fucker off. That isn't the same as getting fucked, right?"

"I guess," murmured Robin, who was not at all sure about it but loved having that cockhead up her cunt gash. Lust dazed the horny virgin. "Jerk him, off, Anna! Frig the fucker with his cockhead in me so I can feel his fuck juice squirt up my pussy!

Anna took one long, slow hand-stroke up and down the doggy's prick, her fist sliding from the dog's balls to Robin's cunt and then back down. As she dragged the hairy cock sheath back, the naked red knob of the animal's prick swelled and flared inside the girl.

Then Anna took her hand away.

Red braced, his back legs scrambling on the floor and his front legs hauling Robin back toward him. Robin twisted and stared back over her shoulder. She saw that Anna was no longer restraining the dog with her hand. She felt the dog quiver as all his muscles tensed.

"Oh, no!" Robin cried.

Anna grinned and shrugged.

And then the dog fucked his entire cock up the virgin's cunt.

Red's haunches whipped in, his long tail swishing, and he fucked every inch of his huge prick up Robin's cunt hole, tilting her ass up on the big lever of his fucker.

"Oh!" cried Robin, in shock.

Then she felt that massive load of doggy-cock throbbing away inside her fuck hole and the thrill overwhelmed her.

"Shall I take it out?" asked Anna.

"Don't you fucking dare!" cried Robin.

cocksucking and cunt-lapping were lovely, but the girl had never felt anything as wonderful as having her pussy rammed full of stiff prick and there was no way she was going to stop it now. She just had to get her ass fucked off by the horny brute.

Red, his haunches tucked in and his spine twisted, held her ass back with his paws as he ground around, churning his cock inside her cunt without starting to fuck yet, at full penetration, his prick buried to the balls in her steaming cunt.

Robin began to fuck before the doggy did.

She twisted her ass and hips around, winding her clinging cunthole onto his throbbing fuck rod. Her cunt muscles gripped his cockhead and stalk, molding the contours of her fuck hole to the shape of his prick. The inner rings of her pussy fluttered up the length of his cockhead. She could feel that massive slab of cockhead flaring and pulsing deep up her fuck tunnel while the cock shaft throbbed in the channel.

Then Red began to pour the prick to her.

The powerful dog loosened his grip on her hips and pulled back, drawing his cock out of her cunt. The hairy prick stalk was soaking with the juices of Robin's pussy. He pulled out until only the flaring red meat of his cockhead was in her cunt, then he fucked the whole big prick in again, dragging back on her hips as he did so.

He began to fuck the cock meat to her steadily, whining and whimpering as he fucked. Robin moved with the doggy, shoving her ass back to meet him as his prick fucked in and grinding her hips from side to side as the brute drew back out.

His balls swung in and out like the dewlap of a moose, slapping against her crotch as his cock fucked in to the balls. Her cunt lips were dragged out as the dog's prick pulled from her cunt, then stuffed back up into her fuck hole as he filled her pussy full of his prick meat again. Cunt juice sprayed out of her pussy as his cock stuffed it full, then poured out and ran down her crotch.

"Anna! He's fucking me! The fucking dog is fucking my cunt!" wailed Robin in wonderment, hardly able to believe it.

"He sure as hell is," said Anna, who was avidly watching the dog's prick fucking into the girl's cunt.

The beast dipped his haunches and fed her cunt an underslung fuck-stroke that slid every inch of his hard prick across her stiff clit and lifted her ass higher into the air. Then he hiked up and poured a long, rippling fuck-stroke into her from above, his weight flattening her ass under him. Robin pumped her belly and her ass churned.

"He's fucking me!" she cried again.

Her virgin cunt pulled and sucked and dragged on the dog's prick, wringing his cock meat, molding itself around the shape of the throbbing dog-cock. Her cunt juice was flooding out, lubricating the passage. The dog fucked harder and faster up that soaking cunt, his prick skimming up the fuck tunnel on a film of pussy cream.

"Ugh!" she grunted, slamming her heart-shaped ass back. Her tits bobbled under her. She was crazed by fuck-lust, eyes narrowed to slits, mouth hanging open. The girl was panting like a bitch in heat.

Red's ass corkscrewed, grinding his prick into her steaming cunt gash. His tail swayed behind him and his cum-filled balls flipped in, slapping against her crotch. His long fucker vanished into the oval between her sucking pink cunt lips, every last inch disappearing, and she wailed as she felt his cockhead slam into the depths of her fuck hole. She could hear that massive cock hiss up her cunt.

Anna cupped the doggy's balls in one hand, caressing them, then she leaned in and began to tongue the doggy's balls, wanting to get involved in this thrilling action. Her tongue ran all over the dog's bloated balls, streaking them with spit.

"I'm licking the dog's balls!" she wailed, wanting Robin to know, wanting her own depravity revealed. "Oh, shit, his balls are stuffed full of dog-cum! He's gonna fucking drown you when he comes!"

"I want the fucker to come!" Robin cried. "Oh, sweet fucking shit! I want that hot, thick slime up my cunt!"

But she was in no hurry for the dog to come.

She loved the thought of having the dog spill his cum up her pussy, but the fucking was so wonderful that she wanted it to last, too. Her clit was already sparking and her cunt was creaming but she knew that she could hold the crest back, waiting for the dog, letting her own climax peak at the instant she felt her cunt flood with his cum.

Red fucked on and on. Normally the horny animal would have spilled his cum-load by this time. But he had already fucked Anna earlier, and then Robin had sucked his prick and milked his balls a second time and so, hot and horny as her cunt was making him, his orgasm was delayed.

He whacked his prick into her fuck hole with frenzied strokes, his haunches jolting as he fucked his cock up her. The girl felt her cunt spread wider as his massive cock expanded. Cunt juice was foaming from her pussy.

Anna turned onto her back and slid under them. Face up, she opened her mouth. Heavy drops of cunt juice fell into her face, splashing on her chin and cheeks and lips. A frothy ribbon dropped into her open mouth and slid along her tongue as it ran back into her throat. Robin looked back past her swaying tits and gasped when she saw what Anna was doing. Her cunt overflowed and the pussy juice poured down into Anna's waiting mouth. Anna was as wild with lust as Robin and the doggy now. She lifted her head up from the floor and began to suck on Robin's clit.

As Anna's greedy lips pulled on Robin's clit, Red slimy cock slid over her cheek and nudged at the corner of her mouth as it fucked in and out of Robin's dripping pussy.

She began to lick and suck on the dog's cock and the girl's cunt at the same time. Her tongue ran up Robin's sucking cunt lips, darted over her clit and slid right up her cunt hole alongside the animal's pounding prick. As he drew his cock out, she tongued cunt juice off his cock, and when his balls slapped against her lips she slurped hungrily on them. That jolting fucking went on and on. Robin's body was being pounded to a pulp under the big dog's frantic fucking. She was gasping with the joy of it, the joy even greater now that Anna's tongue had also gone into action and Robin was getting fucked and lapped at the same time.

Anna slid back out from under them and then jammed her head in between Red's belly and Robin's ass. The sex- crazed farm girl began to run her tongue up the crack of the city girl's ass, then fucked it up her tight brown shit chute. She rimmed Robin's asshole for a moment, then moved back and, totally abandoned to her passion, gave the dog's ass a few swipes with her tongue.

Red had begun to rumble in his throat.

Anna knew what that meant.

"He's gonna shoot!" she cried. "He's ready to squirt his fuck juice up you, Robin!"

"Yes! Yes! Pour the fucking cum into me!" Robin wailed.

Robin was fucking even faster than the frenzied animal now, desperate to feel his cum spurt into her cunt, wanting to cream at the same time that the dog pumped his cum into her. Her pale ass churned under his shaggy belly as his dark haunches blurred in a frenzy of fucking.

Anna slid under them again, wanting a close-up view when the dog emptied his balls into the girl. Face tilted up, staring, her lips parted and her tongue pushed out, the naughty blonde waited, eager to see it and hungry for the overflow. She cupped one hand over her own smoldering pussy and rubbed herself. Her other hand gripped the animal's balls again.

Those balls were huge now as his coming drew near, swelling like balloons in her hand.

"Come, you dumb fucker!" howled Robin. "Oh, shit, I can't wait! Shoot in me, you son of a bitch!"

Her cunt was hovering at the peak, ready to melt. She struggled to hold her coming back, but her body was out of control, moving of its own accord. Her ass heaved and her belly pumped and her hips jolted spasmodically. Her pussy clamped over his prick, sucking like a mouth, rippling like a hand, milking the dog-cock desperately.

Red, that true son of a bitch, howled.

"Here it fucking comes!" yelled Anna as she felt the dog's balls expand in her hand. His steaming cum shot up his throbbing cock shaft. The dog's prick swelled in Robin's cunt and she knew he was coming. She let herself go and her pussy creamed and, a split second later, she cried out with joy as she felt the dog's hot cum flood into her cunt.

"Jesus, he's shooting in you!" Anna squealed.

"I'm fucking creaming, I can feel him come, we're coming!" Robin cried, in the throes of her orgasm.

Her cunt juice was pouring out in rivers and the dog was spurting a massive load of cum into her, the two hot fluids running together in a maelstrom deep within her pussy.

Cum and cunt juice gushed out and splattered in Anna's face and into her open mouth.

She swallowed the second-hand cum hungrily.

Red fucked his prick in, spurting cum. Then, as he pulled his cock out, Robin's cunt sucked another dose from him on the backstroke. She could feel the hot dog-cum wash around in her cunt, blended with her own fuck juices in a sea of swirling slime.

The doggy began to falter, still fucking the cock meat to the girl but moving slower now.

Robin was fucking as fast as ever, her cunt driving up and down on his slow-motion cock. Thrill after thrill hit her and she peaked again and again, melting and creaming with ecstasy. Coming on a stiff prick, feeling her cunt flood with fuck juice, knowing that a fucking dog had shot his steaming cum-load into her pussy, all these new experiences, plus the fact that Anna was swallowing the overflow, had brought the innocent girl to a height of lust that she had never even dreamed of. She thought that her pussy was never going to stop coming. She was going off like a machine-gun. The dog was still shooting, too, not quite so powerfully now, but still hosing her smoldering cunt with his jets of cum.

Then Red was spent.

With his cock and balls milked dry, he stopped fucking. Panting, he clung to the girl's heaving ass while she ground out the last spasms of her prolonged orgasm on his emptied prick. Then, at long last, the final wave ripped through her and Robin, trembling and gasping and panting every bit as much as the dog, stopped fucking. A blissful and radiant expression replaced the frenzy of lust on her pretty face.

The dog pulled back. His thick cock slid slowly out of her fuck hole, softening and shrinking now. His prick was lathered with fuck cream. His cockhead pulled out with a jerk. The dark- red cock meat was bathed with pearly cunt juice and quicksilvery cum. The dog's cock bobbed up and down, dripping into Anna's upturned face.

Anna raised her head and sucked the dog's cock into her mouth. Her tongue curled around the cock meat and her lips pulled. Then she began sucking the fuck juice from his prick, gulping the delicious stuff down.

Red stood steady, obediently, but he was finished for the moment. Even Anna's talented mouth could not arouse the dumb brute another time. As she sucked lovingly on his cock, she was disappointed to feel the big fucker soften and diminish in her mouth. She flashed her tongue against his cockhead and nursed skillfully on it, but to no avail. His cock continued to soften and retract.

Anna, disappointed, pulled her lips from his prick and saw the spent thing collapse. His balls were flat, as if they'd had a puncture. It would be a long time, too long to suit Anna, before Red was able to get another hardon and another ball-load of cum.

She turned to Robin, who was still kneeling, her head on the floor and her ass in the air. Her cunt was gaping wide open and juices were pulsing from the cunt slot. Anna leaned in from behind and parted her lips over that flowing fount and began to greedily suck all the fuck juice and cunt cream out of the girl.

Robin purred happily, enjoying the sensation of being sucked. But Robin, too, was drained for the moment.

Anna sucked her dry, then sat back, moaning.

"Damn!" she sighed. "I need prick now."

Robin was not a selfish girl. She turned onto her flank, gazing at her friend's dripping pussy and, despite her titanic coming, felt her tongue ripple at the delicious sight. Like a glutton who had eaten her fill, the girl still felt hungry.

"Want me to suck you off again?" Robin asked.

"I guess so. I really need some stiff prick but I gotta get my rocks off somehow." She grinned impishly. "And since you've already used up all my doggy's cock and cum, I guess it's your duty."

Robin, perfectly willing to perform the oral obligation, started to dip her head into Anna's groin, but Anna took the younger girl by the shoulders and turned her over.

"Let's try it a different way," she suggested. "Any way you fucking want it," purred Robin.

She was lying on her back now and Anna knelt beside her, then moved one knee across so that she was straddling the girl.

"Ohhhhhh, you gonna sit on my face?" Robin asked, loving the idea of having the sexy blonde riding her tongue, mounted on her face as if it were a saddle.

She arched her back and her tongue came out even before Anna had shifted into position. Anna was poised above Robin's upthrust tits and she slowly lowered her soaking cunt gash onto the firm, stiff-tipped tit mounds. She began to work Robin's nipples around in her soaking fuck hole and brush them against her clit. Cunt juice poured down the smooth tit globes and seeped into the girl's cleavage. She squirmed. Anna's ass brushed her belly. The blonde's big tits swayed from side to side as she threw her head back and arched, her pussy pumping on Robin's tits. After a few moments of tit-riding, Anna moved higher, her sleek thighs tense as she positioned her cunt just over Robin's face.

Robin moaned softly and tilted her head back, waiting for that sweet pussy to descend.

A slippery drop of pussy juice dangled from the blonde's clit, then fell onto Robin's lips. She licked it up. She was staring right up into the open folds of Anna's steaming pussy, her mouth watering at the prospect. Her hands cupped Anna's firm ass.

"Feed me," she murmured.

Thighs rippling, Anna lowered her cunt into Robin's eager face. Robin was lapping at the air even before she made contact- -and then she was lapping with gusto as that soaking cunt hole plastered itself over her mouth, the hairy pussy lips parted as if it were a mouth, too. Robin french-kissed her friend's cunt, stabbing her tongue deeply up the cunt gash.

Red strolled over. His prick had withdrawn into a mere nubbin and the big dog looked a bit sheepish about it. But he still had his tongue, and his instincts. Lowering his head, he began to lick at Robin's upthrust tits. Anna's ass was brushing against those tits and the dog ran his tongue up the ass crack. The horny blonde grinned and spread the cheeks of her firm ass apart, so that the doggy could tongue out her asshole while Robin sucked on her cunt.

Red whined, enjoying the snack.

But the girls, to their regret, saw that even ass-lapping was not enough to inspire another hardon in the dumb animal now.

With the dog slurping merrily away on her shit chute and Robin working like a sump pump on her pussy, Anna began to rise instantly toward the crest of the sensation. She ground her cunt around in Robin's face, smearing the girl with pussy juice. Her clit swelled and tingled in Robin's pulling lips. Robin's tongue flashed and she opened her lips wide so that she could mouth Anna's slippery crotch.

Gasping, Anna creamed, her body shaking violently as the spasms tore through her loins. She arched, riding Robin's face, shoving her ass back on the dog's busy tongue. Moaning and panting, she spilled her cunt cream into Robin's mouth.

"Ummmm, nice," Robin purred. But Anna sighed.

The dog's tongue slipped in, gathering up pussy-juice from her crotch and from Robin's lips.

"I still need a prick," Anna said. "A big, stiff prick!"

She would have been surprised if she had known where she was going to get some prick, and how fucking big it was going to be!

Anna was tugging her tight shorts back over her hips, putting her pussy away. Robin smoothed her dress down. Red had gone to sleep next to the woodpile, once more to chase rabbits in his dreams, now that the pussy had been dealt with. Robin watched Anna's curly blonde cunt bush vanish behind the shorts. Robin was sorry to see it vanish, too.

Although she was only a novice cunt-sucker, the teenager had loved eating pussy so much that she was looking forward to the next time she got to eat Anna's pussy, and to all the other girls she could think of who would not object to having her suck their cunts. She felt sure that a lot of her girlfriends at school, although they'd be surprised when she suggested it, would be happy to do a little mutual cunt-lapping. It just seemed to be the sort of thing that all girls, no matter how normal they were, would enjoy. The next time that Robin was in the locker room or shower, after gym class, she was sure as shit going to be looking at her companions from a different point of view.

And she didn't think that Red was going to be the last doggy to get stuck up her pussy, either. She felt no guilt or shame or remorse about fucking with the dog. In fact, the more she thought about it, the more advantages occurred to the naughty teenager, as far as doggy-fucking was concerned. A girl could always find a stray dog around. A dog, by his very nature, loved to lap pussy. And best of all, a dog couldn't talk, so a girl could suck his prick or fuck him and not have to worry about gossip ruining her reputation.

She still hadn't decided if, technically, she was still a virgin, and she didn't give a shit. Just as there were going to be a lot of well-sucked girls in the near future, so would there be a lot of dog-cocks.

But these were plans she was making for the future. While she was at the farm, she supposed that her sex life would be centered around Anna's cunt and Red's cock. Her recent experiences had exceeded her imagination, and her expectations were unlimited now.

But even naughty Anna had not imagined what was going to happen later.

Anna snapped her tight shorts closed and wriggled around, working the clinging material comfortably to the shape of her nubile loins. Her pussy still felt hot. She knew that Robin would have gladly sucked her off again, but she'd had enough of that for the moment. She was wondering where she could find some cock. "I'm sorry I was so greedy and took all your doggy's cum," Robin apologized, sensing her new friend's frustration.

"That's okay," Anna said, thinking it was well worth a temporary frustration to have made friends with sexy Robin and to have two whole weeks to enjoy the city girl's tongue and pussy.

Then, thinking about Robin staying at the neighboring farm, Anna recalled that there was a handsome sheepdog over there. If the doggy was out in the fields, tending his flock, maybe she would have a chance to get some more doggy-prick, after all.

"I'll walk back with you, honey," she said.

Leaving Red to his slumber, the bouncy blonde and the lithe brunette strolled back across the fields. But when they got to the other farm, Anna was disappointed to find no sign of the sheepdog. She wondered if the flock was unguarded, or if there was a big fucking ram in charge. The thought of getting fucked by a woolly ram excited her. But she couldn't see one. The sheep were scattered around the hills like grounded clouds but none had the big, swept-back horns of a randy ram. Anna sighed. Her fantasy had given her a glimmer of hope and when that hope was dashed it left the hot-crotched teenager more horny than ever. She glanced at Robin. What she really needed was prick, but tongue was better than nothing.

"Shall I come up to your room?" Anna asked significantly.

"Oh, gee, I wouldn't want the Turners to hear us making any suspicious sounds or anything," Robin said. "And we both make an awful lot of noise when we're coming."

"Can we go in the barn?" Anna suggested.

Robin thought for a moment, then grinned. She knew that the farmer would be having his dinner now and that there would be little danger of being interrupted in the barn, and she figured that it would be fun to frolic with sexy Anna in the haystacks.

"Okay," she agreed.

Nobody would see them in the barn.

Nobody but the horse.

The barn was cool and dim and, with late afternoon sunlight filtering through the chinks in the board walls, sort of romantic, Robin thought. They hadn't even noticed the horse in his stall. But the stallion had looked up from his oats when the two young girls had entered and his nostrils had flared at the familiar scent of hot cunt. He was interested. Being only a horse, he had no idea of fidelity and did not realize that he would be cheating on Lena Burke. His big balls began to slowly inflate and his enormous prick started to slide out like a telescope.

Anna tugged her shorts down again and Robin pulled her dress off over her head and, naked, the two girls smiled expectantly at one another, admiring each other's nubile young bodies. "Who goes first?" Robin asked. She didn't care at all. Sucking cunt was as much fun as having her cunt sucked and her tongue was as hot as her clit, her mouth drooling as much as her pussy.

"Let's do it together," Anna suggested. "You know? Let's sixty-nine. That way we can have it both at the same time."

Robin beamed. That was a great idea. It would be thrilling to have a juicy cunt to suck while, at the same time, her own smoldering cunt was getting eaten out. And if they could manage to cream at the same moment, what a kick that would be, drinking cunt juice by the mouthful while spilling the fucking stuff out at the other end.

"Ummmm, let's lie down in the hay and suck each other off," Robin whispered with enthusiasm.

The haystack was close to the stallion's stall.

The two girls stretched out, facing opposite directions, and began to sixty-nine. They did it lying on their flanks, to begin with. Then they took turns getting on top. It was nice, but it wasn't as good as Robin had supposed. For one thing it was hard to know which end of the act to concentrate on. Her mind jumped back and forth between the thrill in her pussy and the tingling in her tongue. She figured it had been better to take turns sucking each other off than to do it this way. Still, they wallowed around in the hay, tongues lapping and lips sucking on foaming cunts.

Robin, on top at the moment, suddenly giggled.

"The horse is watching us," she said.

Cunt-sucking was so naughty that it gave a thrill to the girl to be watched, even by a dumb animal. His gaze was fixed upon the cunt-lapping girls.

Then Anna rolled on top, and she gasped.

"What's wrong?" Robin asked, her mouth on Anna's pussy and the words muffled.

"The fucking horse is getting a hardon!" squealed Anna.

"Oh!" Robin cried. Both girls gave each other's cunt a last lick, then broke apart and sat up, staring at the stallion.

"Holy shit!" Anna rasped.

The stallion was standing sideways to the girls and they could see his cock and balls in profile. The huge, dark cockhead was sliding out from the leathery cock sheath. The long, thick cock was hardening and rising and his balls looked huge.

"Fucking hell, we made the horse horny!" Anna gasped, thrilled that they were so sexy that they had stimulated a stallion.

She could see jolts and spasms run up his fat prick and the thick vein that seamed the underside was throbbing and pulsating. His cockhead was all the way out now, a mighty wedge of dark cock meat, and his piss hole was open.

"Maybe we ought to jerk him off, huh?" Robin suggested. "I'll bet he squirts an awful lot of cum out of that big fucker!" She was thinking that it would be a real kick to jack the horse off and to watch all that hot cum spurt from his prick.

"Jerk him off, hell!" snorted Anna.

Robin looked at her in amazement.

"I wanna fuck the bastard!" cried Anna. "Oh, yeah! Oh, sweet shit!" Robin wailed. No longer innocent, Robin was game for any depravity now. "I'll help the fucker get his cock in you, Anna. You think it'll fit?"

"I fucking hope so," Anna rasped, her head spinning with lust as she gazed at the stallion's massive prick.

That giant horse-prick was going to fill her pussy to the fucking brim, stuff her and spread her. She began to crawl toward the horse's stall. Robin followed, giving the blonde's ass a lick as she crawled up behind, just for hell of it. But now Anna was not interested in tonguing, not with that big cock available.

They opened the stall door and entered. The stallion's prick was fully erect now, standing out horizontally under his belly. The cockhead almost reached his chest. He turned toward the girls and his cock swung around like the boom of a ship.

"Look at the fucking thing!" Anna gasped in awe.

But looking was not enough. She reached out and touched the bloated slab of cock meat with her fingertips. It felt as if she had touched a hot stove. Her hand glided down the slope of the triangular prick knob. Then she leaned in and began to lap that dark cock meat with her tongue.

Robin watched Anna's pink tongue slide around on the horse's massive cockhead, lathering the horse's dark prick with slobber. Then Robin leaned in, too. The horny teenagers began to lick the horse's cockhead between them. There was plenty of cock for both girls. They lapped and laved and their lips slurped on the horse's cock.

The stallion pawed at the ground, snorting and tossing his big head up and down. His haunches rippled with muscle, those haunches that would drive his prick into Anna! His cock jerked up and down as the girls double-tongued the prick tip. They were panting down his cock stalk. Anna parted her lips wide and clamped her mouth over the stallion's piss hole, sucking avidly. A trickle of precum ran into her mouth and she squealed happily and swallowed the slimy stuff.

"Yummy," she purred.

She pushed her tongue right up inside the horse's piss hole. If his cock wouldn't fit in her cunt, she could always drink his fuck juice, she was thinking. But she sure as shit hoped that her pussy could take that big fucker. As she thought of it, Anna's cunt was starting to open and oil itself.

While Anna mouthed the head of the stallion's cock, Robin began to run her parted lips up and down along his cock stalk, tracing the throbbing vein that seamed the thick cock shaft from knob to balls. She played that equine organ like a flute. She hummed on it, then sucked, and her nimble tongue flashed up and down, then flattened and gave his prick a long slurp that started at his swollen balls and, went all the way up until, at the tip of his prick, the way was blocked by Anna's lips.

Anna reluctantly drew back, her face radiant. She adored sucking and tonguing that tasty cock, but she was afraid that the stallion might have a premature ejaculation. Swallowing the horse's cum would be a treat, but her pussy needed that cum-load.

Robin was still mouthing the horse's cock.

"Don't you dare suck him off!" Anna cried.

Robin, too, withdrew her hungry mouth. As much as she had been enjoying the succulence of stallion cock meat, Robin was even more interested in letting the big brute fuck Anna's cunt. She had already deprived the blonde of dog-cum and she didn't want to be greedy. Anyhow, she could suck the stallion off another time.

Anna turned and got on her hands and knees, figuring that would be the best position and that it would be more familiar to the horse. The horny farm girl lowered her head and turned it, her cheek resting on the straw-covered floor. She tensed her lush thighs and pushed her ass up in the air until it was almost level with the horse's jutting prick. Her legs were parted and cunt juice was pouring down her groin and soaking her thighs.

The stallion dipped his head down and thrust his muzzle into the girl's crotch. His nostrils flared. He ran his long tongue up her cunt gash, causing Anna to cry out with the joy of that hot and slippery tongue.

She whipped her ass from side to side as the stallion slapped his tongue steadily into her fuck hole.

"Cock! I need cock!" wailed Anna. The animal's tongue felt great, but she was not going to settle for coming on it. "I want the fucking horse's cock up my cunt! Put his cock in me, Robin!" Her voice quavered, husky with her animal lust.

Robin was more than glad to attend to this duty. She hooked one arm over the horse's prick, her elbow bent around the stalk just behind the flaring cockhead. She pulled that mighty slab down into Anna's foaming cunt. The stallion threw his head back, snorting and stomping, waiting for his prick to be placed. Anna gurgled with joy as she felt the huge prick head flaring and throbbing in her crotch. She braced both hands against the floor and shoved her ass back. For a moment, to her dismay, she didn't think that the horse's prick was going to fit up her fuck hole. The massive slab of his cockhead was filling her whole groin. But then her pussy lips began to ripple and open wider, wider than ever before.

Robin helped, pulling the horse's prick forward and, at the same time, using her free hand to spread Anna's cunt lips open. She was forcing the head of the stallion's cock into the blonde's steaming cunt gash, stuffing her pussy like a Christmas stocking.

"Oh, fuck!" Anna cried, grinding her ass back.

Her cunt lips began to edge around the mighty wedge of cock meat. Those pliable pink folds were slowly and surely enveloping the dark horse-cock. Slippery, lubricating cunt juice soaked into the stallion's cockhead and ran down his prick. Robin lapped up the frothy overflow automatically, but continued to pull the horse's prick and the girl's pussy together.

Anna grunted. Her pussy opened a bit more and the whole head of the stallion's cock slipped up her fuck hole.

"Oh my God!" she wailed as she felt that gigantic hunk of hot horse-prick throbbing inside her cunt. She felt chock-a-block full, yet only his cockhead was in her pussy.

Her cunt lips sucked on the huge wedge, fluttering, clamping around his prick just behind the buried cockhead.

"More! More!" she wailed.

Robin pushed hard but no more of that long prick would go in. She figured that Anna would have to settle for what she had, a cuntful of cockhead, without any of the cock shaft. Robin thought that she would have to jerk the stallion off into Anna's cunt.

But then the horse began to fuck.

His powerful hindquarters drew back, then jolted forward. On the first few fuck-strokes he was simply hauling Anna back and forth with his prick. She was stuck fast on the end of the big fucker, her pussy jammed so tight around the horse-cock that it couldn't slide in and out. As the stallion drew back, he dragged her ass up and as he thrust forward he pushed her head down against the ground. But then her elastic pussy began to adjust to the bulk of that massive prick. When the stallion humped again, his cockhead fucked in another inch, and then, another.

"He's fucking me!" Anna cried in rapture.

She began to move in counterpoint. As the stallion fed his prick to her, the depraved blonde jammed her cunt back to meet his fuck-thrust, and as he drew back she twisted her hips, grinding her cunt around on his retreating cockhead. She was panting and whimpering in ecstasy.

"More, more, more," she wailed.

The stallion fucked more prick up her cunt. Inch by inch, that incredible cock was wedging its way up into the very depths of the blonde girl's loins.

His cockhead fucked deeper and the thick, throbbing stalk pushed in behind the mighty slab, more and more horse-prick vanishing up the frenzied girl's pussy with every fuck-stroke.

Robin looked on in awe.

"Where the fuck is it going?" she gasped.

The horse's prick seemed to be as fat as Anna's body and yet, as if by magic, it was pushing farther up her fuck hole. Robin half expected to see the rounded outline of the stallion's cock press out a furrow in Anna's belly. It wouldn't have surprised her to see the head of that long prick come pushing right out of Anna's panting mouth. Robin, by this time, was well acquainted with her blonde friend's juicy cunt, but the sight of this feat made her respect that pliable pussy even more!

Cunt juice poured out as that fat plunger pumped in and plugged her fuck hole to the brim. Her ass tilted up and down each time the stallion's prick gave a throbbing lurch.

Then the horse's cock bottomed out, the head of that fat prick was fucked as deep as it would go. Anna cried out with joy as she felt her cunt filled with hot, hard cock meat to a depth that no cock had ever reached before, to the absolute limit of her cunt tunnel.

The stallion stood steady for a moment, with the girl's ass swaying as she bobbed up and down on his embedded prick. There was still about a foot of horse-cock sticking out of her, with no room left to fit it in. Anna's pussy was not as deep as Lena Burke's.

Robin saw that, even with the horse's cock buried, there was still some left over for her. Happily, she began to tongue the horse's cum-filled balls and to lap up and down his prick. Her hot tongue slid from the root of the stallion's cock down to Anna's cunt lips. She gave those widespread pussy lips a lick, then slurped back to the horse's balls.

The stallion began to fuck Anna rigorously then. His cock began to pull out, then plunge back into the girl's pussy. Her body was jolted and tossed about on the fucking prick and she jerked her ass and rolled her hips, loving it.

His cock pulled out, dripping with cunt juice.

Robin's greedy mouth clamped over the slimy cock, slurping and sucking, and the cock fucked back in, foaming with her saliva.

"I'm creaming!" Anna howled.

Deep inside her cunt she was melting. But the horse's prick was filling her pussy so completely that it seemed to trap her orgasm inside her. She went off in a series of explosions, all of them seemingly muffled in the interior of her loins, coming in a series of depth charges. Her body vibrated as those eruptions ripped through her cunt. Her bones were being shaken. Her whole body was shuddering.

The horse snorted and fucked in again, and then the big animal was shooting his fuck juice into the girl.

Anna wailed when she felt that tidal wave of horse-cum pour into her fuck hole. She creamed again and again. The stallion, bucking and heaving, fed the cock to her frantically and each time that enormous cock fucked into her cunt, he spurted another foaming shot of cum up her cunt.

Anna, her lust drained off, slumped. The horse fucked on, shifting her limp body on his plunging prick, as he emptied his balls and shot the last of his cum-load into her satisfied cunt.

Then he stepped back, prancing.

His prick pulled out. Anna's sucking cunt lips were almost turned inside out as the thick cock meat was dragged from her pussy.

The cockhead popped out with a slurping sound. Anna slid belly down to the floor and a great cascade of frothy, foaming horse-cum poured out of her vacated pussy. Robin dipped her head into that flooded crotch and happily tongued up the horse's cum as it overflowed the blonde girl's pussy, blended with her own fuck juice in a savory sexual sauce. She lapped it up and then fitted her lips to Anna's cunt and sucked more of the precious juice out of that well-fucked pussy.

Then she turned and grasped the head of the horse's slippery prick between her hands and, holding it to her lips, began to slurp the fuck slime from that dark cock meat hungrily, polishing his cockhead with her tongue.

The horse's mighty prick gave a great lurch and expanded in the girl's face. His cock snapped up again. Robin gave a cry of joy when she realized how potent the stallion was, that although he had shot his wad, his prick was still hard. His big balls were already beginning to swell up with a brand new cum-load.

"It's my turn!" Robin wailed.

And Anna, completely satisfied, was more than happy to help fit the stallion's prick up Robin's cunt.

Afterward, Robin giggled.

"What's so funny?" asked Anna.

"Why, I've just been fucked by a goddamn stallion, and I still don't know whether or not I'm a virgin!"

Both girls had a good laugh over that.

It was the best vacation that Robin had ever had, and this was only the first day of it.

The next two weeks were every bit as good.

And when Robin arrived home after her vacation on the farm, she looked so healthy and happy and wholesome that her mother and father knew it had been a good idea to send her on a vacation in the country, and they promised the girl that she could return to the farm on her next vacation.

It was a lot better than keeping her in the city, where a girl could get into trouble.

The End
Kysa Braswell