Kids Will Be Kids
(m+/f+, teen, gang, anal)

by Kysa Braswell

The first thing Mary did when she got home from school on the day her parents left on vacation was to take off all her clothes. She didn't know why she did it exactly; she just found herself doing it. With all the doors of the house locked and all the curtains drawn and nobody to see her, she stripped in the living room and trotted from one end of the house to the other, giggling as her young tits bounced naked and free. In her parents' bedroom, she posed in front of the mirror, running her hands up and down her silky-smooth skin, admiring the size of her tits and the voluptuous shape of her teenage body. She pulled her silky, blonde hair in front of her shoulders and let the ends tickle her large pink cherries, which swelled with tingly bumps and a pair of nipples like fingertips. She stretched her arms overhead, dancing with sinuous movements of her gymnast's body. Her hairless armpits were moist with sweat. The the perfectly smooth skin of her tanned belly glowed in the soft afternoon light that filtered through the curtains.

"You dirty little girl," she said out loud, leering mischievously at herself in the mirror.

For the first time in her life she was actually alone in the house, and she felt like being naughty. She didn't understand why she felt this way. All she knew that the excitement was racing through her body, pounding in her loins, and she felt like being wicked and running around the house stark naked.

She headed for the kitchen, where she found some fruit and yogurt in the refrigerator. Sitting naked at the kitchen table, she shimmied her bare legs together as she ate. If her mother and father could see her now, she didn't know what they'd do; probably both die of heart attacks. She was being such a wicked girl, but she couldn't help it. For the first time in her life she felt free. Until this moment she'd never realized just how boring she'd been all her life. She couldn't understand it, but those were her feelings.

The telephone rang, startling her so that she jumped. It was as if somebody had suddenly barged in through the kitchen door and caught her naked at the table. Her heart pounding, she got up and snatched the phone off the hook on its third ring.

"Mary, are you all right?" The voice was only too familiar; Cynthia, her old babysitter.

"Of course," Mary said. "Why wouldn't I be all right?"

"You sounded strange when you answered," Cynthia said. "And you're breathing hard."

"I was exercising," Mary said. "Anything I can do for you?"

"I'm just calling to check on you and Rick," Cynthia said. "Your mother asked me to call from time to time while they're gone, to see how the two of you are getting along."

"Mom and Dad only left a few hours ago," Mary said, annoyed. "And Rick and I can take care of ourselves. We're not babies anymore, you know."

"Of course you're not, darling. I just wanted to let you know that I'm here if you need me. If anything comes up you can't handle, give me a call. Is Rick home, by the way?"

"He's got track practice after school," Mary said.

"Every afternoon?"

"I don't know. Not tomorrow, I don't think. Why?"

Cynthia chuckled foolishly. "Oh, no reason. Just curious. Well, I'm glad everything's all right. I'll call again soon."

"Don't bother," Mary said after she'd hung up the receiver.

Mary carried her clothes and schoolbooks up to her bedroom. Cynthia's call had cooled her off. Even with her parents out of town there was still a nosy adult spying on her. Why couldn't she just be left alone for once? Didn't her parents trust her? She'd never given them any reason not to trust her, and neither had her twin brother Rick.

Both she and Rick had got straight A grades all through school, and their grades for conduct were perfect too. Rick was a star in wrestling and track, and Mary was a varsity cheerleader, and a member of the gymnastics team. She and Rick were the perfect son and daughter of a pair of model parents. What could her parents possibly be worried about? In the upstairs bathroom, Mary weighed herself and measured her waist. Both measurements were exactly what the gymnastics coach said they should be. She picked up her hairbrush and brushed her long blonde hair in front of the mirror. It was so nice to be able to stand here naked like this with the bathroom door wide open, and to walk around the house naked. Her tits jiggled as she brushed her hair, and she found herself licking her lips at the sight of them. The nervous excitement began throbbing again in her loins and soon she'd forgot all about Cynthia's intrusive phone call. She wiggled into the hallway and did a few cartwheels, laughing as her naked tits flipped and flopped. She sank down into a full split, then pressed into a handstand. Wouldn't it be exciting, she thought, to have a girls' gymnastics meet where all the contestants were stark naked?

The thought was so wicked that she giggled. She flipped down from the handstand and landed on her feet. She was standing outside Rick's bedroom. She'd never been in Rick's bedroom alone before, and certainly not without any clothes on. But for some reason now, she couldn't resist. She literally shivered with excitement as she slipped through Rick's door. Athletic trophies sat on the dresser and bookshelves. At least a dozen pictures of Rick on various athletic teams hung on the walls. The room was neat and clean, just like Rick. Mary didn't know what possessed her, but she gave in to the urge to snoop in Rick's dresser drawers.

Her breath quickened at the sight of Rick's sweat socks and jockstraps. She'd never done anything so wicked as this in her life. Under some T- shirts in the lower, left-hand drawer, she discovered a key. She tried the key in the one dresser drawer that had a lock on it and the drawer slid open. She frowned at the sight of several pairs of panties in the drawer. They were unwashed girls' panties! The aroma of pussy drifted to her nose.

"What the heck?" Mary gingerly picked up the panties and found that two pair were her own! She'd wondered where they'd disappeared to. "Rick, what is all this?"

Under the panties she found a lock of blonde hair tied up with some yarn. It looked a lot like her own hair. And there were several small envelopes with a different girl's name on the front of each. She opened the envelope labeled Mary, and inside she found what looked like pussy-hairs... blonde pussy-hairs like her own. The other envelopes contained pussy-hairs too, hairs of various colors.

"I don't believe this!" she whispered. She picked up a notebook in the drawer and started paging through it. The handwriting in it was Rick's, and the dirty words that she saw everywhere made her blush. Rick never used such words. She caught sight of her own name and couldn't believe what she read. I pry apart Mary's pussy lips. They're elastic, and covered with blonde fur. The meat between them is pink and juicy. She's so sizzling-hot inside there's pussy-steam coming out of her hole. I just about faint from sniffing her smell. I suck on her clit and she groans that she can't stand it, that I've got to fuck her right now or she'll go crazy. I slide up between her legs and stick my prickhead between her pussy-lips. The sizzling lips close around my knob and I almost cream it feels so good. Mary moans as I slide my cock all the way up her butter-slick cunt. I'm in her to the hilt, my prick just about jumping out of its skin with pleasure. Her cunt starts clamping around my cock as I start to ram.

Mary snapped the notebook shut. Her hands were shaking. As best she could, she put back everything in the drawer as she'd found it, then closed the drawer, locked it, and put the key back where she'd found it. Flushed and dizzy, she tiptoed out of Rick's room and staggered down the hallway to her own bedroom. She closed her door and locked it. Her inner thighs were slick with lubricant that had leaked out of her cunt. Lying back on her bed, she spread her legs and stuck her right- hand middle finger up her pussy.

She moaned, her toes clutching, tremors of pleasure pulsing through her body. She closed her eyes, trying not to think about what she'd found in Rick's bedroom, trying to concentrate completely on the sensations coursing through her body. She wanted to forget what she'd discovered in Rick's bedroom, which was something too wicked to even think about. How could he! How could her perfect twin brother possibly have written such filthy things! She must have imagined it!

She writhed on the bed, moaning as she finger-fucked her sizzling, juice-oozing crotch. Each thrust of her finger up her virgin fuck-hole sent an electric current through her loins and made her gasp. Her slippery, squirming, red-hot clit screamed with sensation each time her finger touched it and she chewed her lips to keep from crying out loud.

She wasn't in the habit of masturbating. She never did it unless she absolutely had to, only did it when the sexual tension built to such a pitch in her loins that she could think of nothing else but relieving herself of the agony. Twice, maybe three times a month, she was forced to relieve herself. Once a week at the most. Masturbation was a wicked, sinful practice. If anybody ever found out she jerked off, she'd never be able to face them again.

"Oooh, yesss!" she breathed.

Despite herself, she felt so good she wanted to whine out loud. As she squirmed on the bed, her blonde head rolling from side to side, her right hand jerking rhythmically between her legs, she massaged her belly and tits with her left hand. Her skin was so smooth and silky and hot. She loved herself. As wicked and perverted as it sounded, she was crazy about her own voluptuous young body.

Cynthia had once told her she was pretty. They'd been in the bathroom. Cynthia was washing Mary's hair as Mary sat naked in the bathtub. Cynthia's soapy hands slid down, rubbing Mary's pert young tits with her upturned cherries. She caught Mary's nipples between her slick, hot fingers and Mary's eyes rolled back. Cynthia slid a hand down between Mary's thighs and started to rub her pussy. Shocked, yet delirious with pleasure, Mary spread her legs and let Cynthia slide a finger up inside her. Mary exploded in seconds, her pussy sucking Cynthia's finger like a voracious little mouth. Cynthia finger-fucked Mary's spasming cunt until her blue eyes nearly popped out.

That's when and where Mary had learned about the pleasures a finger could give her, from Cynthia, who had been Rick's and Mary's babysitter since they'd been kids. And it was from Cynthia that Mary had learned just how voluptuous and sexy her teenage body was. Mary had never again allowed Cynthia to masturbate her, but once initiated, Mary could never forget what pleasure her body was capable of.

Now, squeezing her thighs around her twisting right hand, Mary rocked her loins up and down, fucking herself on her stiff, twisting middle finger. Lifting her tits with her left hand, pushing them toward her face, she darted her wet tongue at her nipples, each electric flick of her tongue across her sensitive nipple-flesh sending a rush of pleasure-tingles through her body and making her cunt contract. Her asscheeks flexed as she humped upward, cunt-fucking her finger. Hot juices seeped from her pussy, leaking down her ass, leaving a moist stain on the bedspread under her ass.

"Ohhh, yessss!" she moaned, no longer biting her lips to stifle her pleasure-cries. She felt so good she couldn't help herself. But what did it matter anyway if she moaned out loud? She was alone in the house, all alone in the house for the first time in her life. She felt free! She was in heaven!

"I'm coming!" she whined. And she arched up, the spasms erupting in her loins, her cunt sucking fiercely at her finger. "Ohhh, yes!"

The pleasure exploded inside her and her body jerked.

Her eyes rolled back. Her toes clawed at the bedspread. She arched up, humping wildly with each rush of spasms through her loins. Pussy cream frothed from her cunt, dribbling down her ass. She was a juicy mess between the legs, but what did it matter? All that mattered was the pleasure. She could die feeling like this and she wouldn't care.

Her humping slowed and she collapsed against the mattress, melting into it. Sweat misted her body and she shivered as the breeze coming in under the window curtains licked across her and gave her a momentary chill. The chill passed and her sweaty body throbbed again with heat.

Holding her breath, she pulled her finger out of her pussy. Her fuck juices were like spit running down her finger. She wiped the slippery fluid on her belly and tits, then gathered the bedspread up around her nude body and let herself relax totally. In seconds, she felt herself drifting toward sleep. Luxuriating in her warm, post-orgasmic bliss, she slipped into unconsciousness.

When Mary woke up from her nap she wasn't sure of the date, time, or place. She unwrapped herself from the bedspread, startled to find herself stark naked, the bedspread under her ass moist, as if she'd wet the bed, she began to put things together, to recall what had happened before she'd fallen asleep. She hadn't taken an afternoon nap in many years, and she had never in her life slept stark naked, so at first she thought she might be dreaming, dreaming that she'd just woken up from a nap, dreaming that she was naked.

She pinched herself on the tender skin of her flank, to see if it would hurt.

"Ouch!" she said. She had definitely had not dreamed that pinch.

She stretched and yawned and forced herself to get up. She felt groggy. She felt like going back to sleep and sinking back into blissful forgetfulness, for she remembered now, remembered all that had happened since she'd got home from school this afternoon, and her face turned red with shame.

She debated whether to take a cold shower, a sort of punishment for her filthy behavior, or whether to put on her gymnastics outfit and do some hard exercise. She decided on the exercise. She needed activity to help take her mind off things.

Since nobody was going to see her, she didn't bother to put on a support bra or panties under her one-piece gymnastics uniform. Her legs and feet were naked, and she tied up her hair in back in a ponytail. Then she went down to the basement, which was outfitted with a large exercise mat, weights, and gymnastics equipment. On the exercise mat she sank immediately into a full split and began doing bending stretches. Since she wasn't warmed up, the stretches hurt, but pain was what she was after; she deserved punishment for her shameful behavior.

When Rick arrived home from wrestling practice an hour later, Mary was dripping with sweat. She'd just about knocked herself out with stretching, calisthenics, and vigorous exercises on various apparatus. Rick, dressed in jeans, T-shirt, and athletic shoes without socks, dropped his gym bag on the floor and smiled at his twin sister, who was stretching in the full split position up on the balance beam, her toes pointed, a look of determination on her face.

"Hey, Sis, take it easy, there ain't any coach around to slave drive you today; or any parents, either. You're gonna pull a muscle and lay yourself up for a week."

Mary looked up, wiping sweat off her face. She couldn't remember when she'd ever worked out so hard.

"I'm almost done," she said. "Mom left microwave dinners for us. I'll pop them in in a few minutes."

"Cool it," Rick said. "No need to hurry. I'm gonna take it easy with the folks gone, take a vacation of my own, not bust my ass rushing around doing homework and stuff. It's gonna be a relief having them off my back for a few weeks."

Mary brought her legs together and slid down off the balance beam. As her feet hit the mat, a wave of dizziness caused her to lose her balance, and she staggered. She'd literally knocked herself out by overdoing her exercises.

Rick caught her before she fell, and her head fell against his chest. "Hey, are you all right?"

Wrapped in her brother's arms, Mary started to tremble, and Rick held her tighter, pressing up against her. He stroked her head. His leg pressed up between her thighs, rubbing hard against her crotch.

"Sis, what's wrong?"

A wild excitement saturated Mary's loins and suddenly she found herself in the throes of an orgasm. She clung to her twin brother, her body shuddering, her spasming teen crotch pressed to his muscular thigh. Her eyes rolled back and her bare toes clutched at the mat. The orgasm lasted only a few seconds, then passed away as quickly as it had come on.

Mary pushed out of her brother's arms, trying to laugh. "I'm all right. I think I hyperventilated or something. I was doing some deep- breathing exercises before you came in."

Rick studied her. "I thought you were gonna faint. You sure you're all right?"

"Of course, silly." Mary did a cartwheel to show that she'd regained her balance. Her ponytail flip-flopped.

"If you say so," Rick said. He picked up his gym bag. "You know how to operate the washer and dryer? I got a shit-load of workout clothes to wash."

"I'll wash them for you," Mary said.

"I can do it," said Rick. "Just show me how to operate the machines."

"I said I'll do it," Mary said, taking the gym bag away from her brother. "And dinner will be ready in a half hour."

Rick went upstairs and Mary went to the basement laundry room. She emptied Rick's gym bag on the floor; T-shirts, gym trunks, sweat-socks, and a jockstrap. Mary began loading the clothing into the washer, but paused when she discovered that the pouch of Rick's jockstrap was moist. The woven, elastic pouch had supported Rick's balls only a short while ago at wrestling practice. Mary started to tremble again and her breathing quickened.

What's happening to me? she thought. Then, as if she'd lost control of herself, she lifted the jockstrap to her nose and inhaled the scent of her brother's ball-sweat.

Her head whirled inside and she fell against the washer to keep from falling over with dizziness.

Am I losing my mind? she wondered. What am I doing? But even as she wondered, she couldn't help herself and she kept the jockstrap pressed to her nose, inhaling the scent of her brother's balls. Her right hand moved down between her thighs and her middle finger slipped under the crotch of her gymnastics uniform and up into her cunt. She started finger-fucking herself.

Each inhalation of her brother's ball-scent caused such a rush of excitement through her body that she nearly came. Her middle finger pistoned rapidly in her cunt and her fuck-juices dribbled down her hand and thighs. She couldn't stop herself. It was as if she were losing her mind. The throbbing feelings overwhelmed her body and she cared about nothing else but the pleasure.

"Oh, Rick!" she moaned, rocking her loins and humping as she finger- fucked her pussy. She chewed on the sweat-moist jockstrap, sucking on it. She wanted to eat it, to swallow the flavor of her brother's balls. She closed her eyes, remembering how Rick had held her just minutes ago, and suddenly she was over the brink. Her eyes crossed as her body jerked with ecstasy.

She rubbed the jockstrap all over her face as she came, her pussy sucking fiercely at her thrusting middle finger, her body trembling with each delicious spasm. She leaned against the washer for support. If it hadn't been there, she would have collapsed on the concrete floor and rolled herself into a ball, squeezing her thighs together and crushing out the itchy, throbbing pleasure that racked her cunt.

When she'd regained her senses and caught her breath, she dropped the jockstrap into the washer with the rest of her brother's clothing and she set the water temperature to hot. Before she went upstairs, she wiped the insides of her thighs clean of pussy-juice with a towel.

At the dinner table a half hour later, Rick sat across from Mary without either shoes on or a shirt. Mary could hardly take her eyes off his muscles. Because she couldn't see the lower half of his body, he looked stark naked to her. From time to time his bare feet and her bare feet accidentally met under the table, and Mary quickly drew her feet back. When this happened Rick would glance up and smile at her, and Mary's face would flush with heat.

"I suppose you wanna know why I'm not wearing a shirt at the dinner table," Rick said.

"You read my mind," Mary said.

"I'm not wearing a shirt just for the hell of it," Rick said. "Know what I mean? I mean, why wear a shirt on a warm evening like this just because I'm eating dinner? It's stupid. A guy oughta be comfortable."

"Mom would have a fit," Mary said.

"I know," Rick said. "So would Dad. Which makes it that much more fun. They got all these stupid rules we're supposed to follow, even if the rules don't make any sense. Well, while they're gone I'm only gonna do what makes sense to me. Do you realize this is the first time in our lives we've been left alone in this house? This is the first time in my life I've ever been able to do what I want around here."

"I know what you mean," Mary said.

Rick laughed, then patted his bare stomach and belched.

That night, for the first time that Mary could remember, she couldn't sleep. She usually fell sound asleep at night the moment her body hit the bed, and then she slept like a dead person. Nothing short of somebody shaking her violently and shouting her name repeatedly could wake her up once she had slipped into deep sleep. Her mother often complained about the ordeal it was trying to wake up Mary for school in the morning.

Maybe it was the accidental nap this afternoon that was interfering with her sleep now. Or maybe it was that her mind wouldn't stop churning. She kept thinking about the things she'd found in Rick's dresser drawer; the panties and cunt-hairs, the notebook in which he'd written things she couldn't believe. And then she remembered the way he'd caught her this afternoon in his arms and the way she'd immediately had an orgasm. Nothing like that had ever happened to her before. How could such a thing have happened? And she remembered the smell of Rick's jockstrap, still moist with the sweat of his balls. She'd actually sniffed it. She must have been out of her mind. And she'd jerked off sniffing it. How could she have done such a thing?

Her thoughts were interrupted suddenly when some light started beaming in under her bedroom door. Somewhere out there Rick had turned on a light. She listened for the sound of him using the bathroom, but she couldn't hear anything. Her bedside digital clock read nearly one in the morning. What was Rick doing up at this hour? Maybe he couldn't sleep either. She strained her ears for a while longer, then, hearing nothing, she got up as quietly as she could and stole from her room to investigate.

The hallway light was off, as was the bathroom light. Down at the end of the hallway, light beamed out through Rick's half open door. Holding her breath, Mary tiptoed toward the light. She was dressed in nothing but her negligee. Peeking around Rick's half open door, she looked into his bedroom.

Rick stood stark naked in front of his dresser, his moving hand wrapped around his cock. The upper, left-hand drawer of his dresser was open and girls' panties spilled out onto the dresser top and floor. Rick had one of the panties pressed to his nose and was inhaling its scent, his eyes closed, his head swaying as if he were drugged. As he sniffed the panties and masturbated, fuck-lube dripped from the tip of his cock.

Mary grabbed the door frame for support. Her head swam and she thought she might faint. The sight of her twin brother masturbating was almost more than she could stand. Her body flushed with heat from scalp to toes. Waves of lust pulsed from her loins and streamed to all parts of her body. She gazed in a trance, her eyes followed each rhythmic stroke of her brother's hand. Pussy-juice dribbled like hot sap down the insides of her thighs.

"Mmm, yeahhh!" Rick sighed. "Pussy!

He rubbed the silky panties all over his face and over his chest and nipples. He released his cock and let it quiver and throb in mid-air.

Mary thought she must be hallucinating. That wasn't a cock sticking out of her brother's loins, it was a billy-club, or a rattlesnake. A cock that enormous couldn't be real! The line drawings of the erect male organ Mary had studied in her sex-education books had looked nothing like this, or at least nowhere near this big. Mary remembered the text beneath the drawings. 'The normal male penis ranges from 4 to 7 inches.' Rick's cock looked almost twice the size Mary thought it should be. And it was alive, throbbing crazily and dripping fluid.

Suddenly, Rick dropped the panties and swung toward the door and Mary reacted instantly, jerking back out of sight before Rick caught sight of her. Then she ran tiptoe down the carpeted hallway to her room. In seconds, she was back behind her closed bedroom door and climbing into bed. She lay back, her heart pounding, sweat misting her forehead.

I must have been crazy! she thought. She had no time for anymore thoughts, because suddenly her door knob turned and her door opened a crack.

Mary held her breath, watching as her bedroom door inched open wider and Rick slipped into her room. She could just make out his silhouette in the darkness. As he tiptoed toward her bed, Mary let out her breath slowly, then tried to mimic the breath of a sleeper. Rick stood over her, looking down at her awhile. Then, he lowered himself until he was kneeling beside the bed. His breathing was heavy and shaky.

"Man!" he whispered. "Baby!"

Slowly, carefully, he raised the skirt of Mary's negligee and uncovered her to the waist. He lowered his face between her thighs and kissed her muff.

Mary stifled a gasp. She fought to keep her breathing deep and even. Rick laid his hands on the thighs and pushed on them, spreading her legs wider. His thumbs pressed into the spongy edges of her blonde pussy-lips and peeled them apart. He breathed hotly against her open crotch.

"Baby! Candy-cunt!" Rick pressed his lips to Mary's cunt and gave her clit a sucking kiss.

Mary's eyes rolled back behind her closed lids. An electric shock coursed through her loins, the sensations shooting all the way to her toes, which clutched sensuously. Her fingers dug into the bed sheets.

"Mmmm, baby!" Rick whispered, kissing up and down the inside of her cunt-lips, sucking up the dewy droplets of pussy-nectar. He nuzzled her clit and his tongue slipped up into her cunt.

Mary couldn't stop herself. She sighed out loud, her loins straining upward, her cunt working itself deeper onto her brother's squirming tongue. Peering down at Rick through nearly closed eyelids, she saw the silhouette of his blonde head bobbing between her thighs. He growled softly, drinking her fuck-juices as he licked out her contracting pussy-hole.

Did he know that she was awake? If he did, he apparently didn't care. Maybe, though, he thought she was still sleeping. Maybe if he knew she was awake he'd freak out and run away and Mary didn't want him to run away. She wanted him to keep doing what he was doing. She wasn't going to announce her wakefulness to Rick, but at the same time she couldn't very well control the reflexive responses of her young body to his cunt-sucking.

She breathed rapidly, letting out little gasps of pleasure, squirming against the mattress, her head tossing slowly from side to side. She kept her eyes closed enough so Rick, glancing up at her couldn't tell whether she was asleep or awake.

Rick pulled his tongue out of her. He was painting. Carefully, he pushed her negligee up higher, bunching the gauzy shift up above her tits. Then he rose up, leaning over her nakedness, and he kissed her tits and nipples, nibbled his way down her satin-smooth belly, licked out her navel and nuzzled his way back down to her cunt.

"Oh, Mary!" He spread her legs wider, actually lifting up her thighs and pressing them to her tits. Sitting on the bed, he bent over her crotch and started slurping, lapping up the pussy-nectar that bubbled from her madly throbbing cunt and dribbled down her crotch. His tongue slipped between her asscheeks, slurping down the length of it, tasting her sweet ass-sweat and her pink, twitching asshole. His tongue probed her asshole and entered it.

Mary's head swam. Even though she was lying on her back, she nearly fainted. The shock, the excitement, the pleasure were almost more than she could bear. Never in her life had anything entered her asshole, not even a finger, let alone somebody's tongue. She could not believe this was happening, nor could she believe the pleasure her brother's asshole reaming was giving her. She panted with each flick of his tongue against the sensitive walls of her asshole. Her toes spread and clutched and wriggled. She started to wiggle her ass, rubbing it in her brother's face.

Rick was growling, thrusting his tongue deeper up her tasty girlish butt-hole, rubbing his nose against her wet crotch. As the fuck-juices ran out of her cunt, they dribbled against Rick's nose and lips. He pulled his tongue out of her asshole and licked her crotch clean. Then he drove his tongue to the hilt up her cunt. As he licked her out, he pumped wildly on his lube-oozing prick.

Mary's fingernails nearly tore through the bed sheets. She resisted with all her strength the impulse to grab her brother's head and to crush his face against her pleasure-raw crotch. Her entire body pulsed with sensation. Her nipples and toes and clit all felt like they were going to split open. She had never dreamed such pleasure was possible, pleasure so intense it verged on pain.

Rick buried his nose between her crotch-lips, rubbing it against her clit as he reamed out her cunt-hole with his tongue. His tongue jabbed inside her, from time to time hitting the ultra sensitive spot in her cunt that brought her instantly to the verge of orgasm. He seemed to know just where to lick inside her to send her through the roof with ecstasy. Mary's eyes overflowed with tears, which ran down her cheeks. Her pleasure and excitement were close to knocking her out. Unable to control herself, she clamped her thighs around her brother's head, and the feel of his head gripped between her legs brought her off instantly.

Her cunt exploded, grabbing spastically around her brother's tongue, spurting pussy-juice into his mouth. She writhed against the mattress, grinding her crotch in Rick's face, moaning with abandon as the rhythmic jolts of ecstasy flashed through her body. Rick was choking, grunting, smothering between her thighs. Suddenly, his hot jism started spurting all over, some of it splashing against Mary's ass and thighs, some of it landing on the mattress and floor. Rick shuddered as he came, each ejaculation making him groan. His tongue fluttered inside Mary, electricity shooting from it into the pleasure-raw meat of her inner cunt.

At last, their orgasms subsided. Mary's thighs relaxed, releasing Rick's head. As her legs slid back down to the mattress, Rick slid off the bed and stood up.

Mary lay panting, her sweat-misted belly and tits rising and falling. Rick's cum had made a mess all over the sheets, and Mary's legs and ass rested in puddles of it.

"Wow!" Rick whispered, wiping his mouth with his hand. His cock had softened, dangling half hard over his balls like a huge, floppy salami. He stood there, studying Mary as he caught his breath.

Mary's breathing slowed. She was still pretending to be asleep.

"Crazy girl," Rick said. "She could sleep through an earthquake."

He leaned over and pulled her negligee back down, covering her nakedness. Then he moved up and planted a kiss on her lips, pressing his own soft, spongy lips against her lips.

Mary felt the flick of his tongue-tip between her lips. Her clit stiffened and squirmed. She felt herself melting. Rick broke their kiss before Mary lost all control and threw her arms around him.

Rick tiptoed out of the bedroom and sealed shut her door behind him. Mary lay quivering on her bed for several moments before she could gather the strength to sit up and swing her legs off the bed.

She felt around in the dark, smearing her fingers in Rick's cum on the sheets. Her toes felt for Rick's cum on the floor and had no trouble finding it, it was all over.

Mary started shaking. She pulled off her negligee. In the dark, she got down on the floor, smearing her fingers in the puddles of Rick's cum and rubbing the sticky fluid on her tits and belly, raising her fingers to her nose and sniffing. The peppery scent of Rick's jism drove her crazy. She caught up a handful of the cock-juice and slapped it between her cunt-lips. Sitting cross-legged on the floor, she started jerking off with cum-wet fingers as she continued massaging cum into her skin. She came in minutes, her head swimming, her naked body jerking in the darkness.

Exhausted, she crawled back up on the bed and fell asleep instantly.

The next day in school, Mary couldn't keep her mind on her work. The throbbing in her loins and the itch between her legs wouldn't quit. It was the way she used to feel when she hadn't masturbated for weeks. Now she was feeling that way even though she'd come several times yesterday. The problem was, she kept thinking about Rick and his big cock, and his hot, wet tongue. Every time she remembered the feel of his tongue wiggling inside her cunt, or up her asshole, she nearly jumped out of her skin with excitement. She didn't see how she was going to make it through the day without going crazy.

In physics class, which she always found unbearably dull, she crossed her bare legs under her skirt and started squeezing her thighs together, working her slick pussy-lips against each other, massaging her clit with the muscles of her cunt. She'd sworn that never in a million years would she ever masturbate in the classroom, as she'd so often observed other girls doing, but today it was either jack off in class or start screaming.

The physics classroom had double desks, which looked like tables, rather than single desks, and Mary's desk was in the last row, in the corner. Her desk partner, Kari Blake, a dizzy little ninny who chewed gum incessantly, noticed Mary squeezing her legs together and gave Mary a wicked smirk, which Mary tried to ignore. Kari knew very well what Mary was doing, for Mary had seen Kari do the same thing many times before.

Kari leaned toward Mary. "How's it feel?"

Mary turned red, but said nothing. If she hadn't been so unbearably horny, she'd have stopped masturbating immediately, but she couldn't stop. All she wanted to do was to get off so she could recover her sanity.

Mary's breathing became heavier and more rapid, and she prayed that the whole classroom full of students wouldn't hear her and turn around to look at her. If Mr. Phelps the physics teacher spotted her, she'd throw herself out the window. She had to be out of her mind doing this, but she couldn't help herself.

"Feels good," Kari whispered. "Don't it?"

The dizzy little bitch reached over and started stroking Mary's lower back.

Mary glared at Kari, but she didn't push Kari's hand away. The other girl's hand on her back felt good. She glanced down at Kari's legs and saw that Kari had crossed her own legs and was squeezing them together. Kari's face was flushed, her eyes half closed as she reveled in her girlish pleasure.

For a moment, Mary felt like slugging the other girl. How dare she! But a moment later, Mary's excitement soared. There was something ultra-exciting about the two of them masturbating together, both of them pleasuring their teen pussies in the same way. She heard Kari breathing deeper, saw Kari's blue eyes glaze over as her pleasure increased.

Mary was sopping wet between the legs. Pussy cream bubbled out between her cunt-lips like hot spit, drenching the crotch of her panties. The musky-sweet aroma of teen pussy rose in the air. Mary was sure that Kari was juicing just as much as she was.

"I'm gonna come!" Kari whispered, and her eyes rolled back to white slits. A shiver went through her and her body jerked gently and rhythmically.

Mary shimmied her thighs together in a last burst of masturbatory excitement. The fuck itch saturated her loins and the tension burst. Mary clawed the desktop, trying to keep from toppling out of her seat as the spasms gnawed repeatedly through her cunt and nearly made her moan out loud.

After several seconds, a wave of relaxation flowed through her and she sighed. The boy in the seat in front of her glanced over his shoulder at her curiously and she stuck her tongue out at him. He stuck his tongue out at her and turned forward again.

"How was it?" Kari whispered, but still Mary ignored her. "Mine was heaven! Almost as good as a fuck!"

Mary sighed and pretended to be interested in the equation Mr. Phelps was writing on the blackboard.

By the time gymnastics practice rolled around after school, Mary was going out of her mind again. If anything, she felt even hornier than before she'd jacked off in physics class. As she dressed in the locker room, a few drops of pussy-juice trickled down the insides of her thighs. Out in the gym, she stumbled and tripped and fell repeatedly because her timing was all off. She couldn't concentrate on doing flips and somersaults. She fell off the balance beam so many times that Coach Peters focused all his attention on her, which made her twice as nervous and uncoordinated. He caught her when she fell, always sliding a hand between her legs for a moment and holding her by the crotch. He did this with all the girls when he caught them, and Mary was used to feeling his hand between her legs, but today she was embarrassed because the crotch of her gymnastics outfit was all wet.

"Mary, honey, your mind seems to be on anything but gymnastics today," the coach said. He had his arm around her shoulder.

"I'm not feeling too well," Mary said. "I think maybe I should go home."

"Would you like to lie down in my office for a while? See if you feel any better after a rest?"

"I don't think so," Mary said. "I'd better go home."

"All right, sweetheart. I hope you're not coming down with something. We have a meet next week, you know."

Mary undressed quickly in the locker room. Without bothering to shower, she dressed again and grabbed her books. She left the locker room by the rear exit and walked down the deserted north-basement hallway, heading for a rear exit that was rarely used. Coach Peter's office was the only room off this hallway, and Mary had to pass by it on her way out. As she was passing his office, she heard a girl's giggle behind the closed office door.

Mary stopped to listen, curious about who was in the coach's office. She heard the girl's giggle again, then Coach Peter's deep-voiced laugh, a laugh Mary would have recognized anywhere. Mary wondered if the girl had been injured. The coach often took girls down to his office if they got injured. The girl certainly didn't sound injured. She sounded downright giddy. Mary put her ear to the door.

"Yeah!" the coach said. "Yeah! Yeahhh!"

The girl had stopped giggling. Mary heard rhythmic movements of some kind, then thought she heard the girl gag.

"Suck it!" the coach groaned. "Suck every inch!"

Mary started to sweat. Her heart pounded and she began to feel faint. Although she wasn't exactly sure what was happening in the coach's office, she knew it was something sexual. One of Mary's teammates on the gymnastics team was having sex with the coach. She couldn't believe it!

Suddenly, the coach grunted. "I'm coming! Drink it! Swallow every drop!"

The girl sounded as if she were choking to death. The coach grunted repeatedly like a bull. Mary thought she was going to faint with excitement and fear. What if the coach caught her eavesdropping? What if he suddenly yanked open the door and saw her standing there?

There was a commotion in the office, as if a desk was being moved, and Mary pulled away from the door and fled down the hallway and out of the school building as quickly and quietly as she could.

She arrived home in what seemed like minutes. She'd been so absorbed in thoughts, so lost in the whirling commotion of her mind that she'd walked home mechanically, zombie-like, seeing nothing, hearing nothing. It was only when she nearly bumped into the car parked in the driveway that she came out of her trance.

It was Cynthia's car. What in the heck was Cynthia doing here? Checking up on her and Rick? Trying still to be a babysitter?

Wouldn't that woman ever leave her and Rick alone? Was Cynthia going to ruin their vacation from their parents by bugging the heck out of them everyday, calling them and even coming over to snoop on them? You'd think they were still kids, for godsake, the way Cynthia was treating them!

Mary decided she was going to have a talk with Cynthia. And if need be, she was going to tell Cynthia off.

The front door of the house was locked. Strange. Rick didn't have practice this afternoon and should be home from school. And if Cynthia was here, too, then why was the door locked?

Mary let herself in, dropped her books on the living room couch, kicked off her shoes, and went to the kitchen, where she expected Rick to be having a snack. The kitchen was deserted.

Next she checked the workout room in the basement. Nobody in sight. That left only the upstairs. What could Cynthia and Rick be doing up there? Unless Cynthia was helping Rick with his homework or something in his bedroom.

Mary padded barefoot up the carpeted stairs and turned down the hall. Immediately, she heard voices coming from Rick's bedroom. She moved slowly down the shadowy hallway, listening.

Cynthia was giggling. Cynthia was panting and gasping. Rick was grunting and growling. Something kept knocking rhythmically against the wall.

Rick's bedroom door was wide open. Frowning, Mary peered from the darkened hallway into the bedroom.

Cynthia lay face-up on Rick's unmade bed, her naked legs wrapped around Rick's thrusting loins, her toes clutching with each ramming of the boy's cock into her pussy. Both Cynthia and Slap were stark naked. The boy's thrusts were so powerful that the bed banged repeatedly against the wall.

"Ahhh, you hot juicy bitch!" Rick growled. "I'm gonna plow your tight pussy till you scream!"

"Baby!" Cynthia whined, clawing the boy's back, rocking her loins upward to meet his grinding, ramming thrusts. "Ohhhh, Rick!"

Mary stared as if hypnotized. Pussy-juice dribbled from under the crotch of her panties and ran down her legs like hot sap. She reached up under her skirt, up under her panties, and started finger-fucking herself. She couldn't think. All she could do was watch and feel,

"Oh, you hunk!" Cynthia muttered, grinding up against the humping, squirming teenager. "Such a big cock! And you know how to use it!"

"You taught me everything I know, babysitter." Rick licked Cynthia's neck, then gnawed into the side of it like a vampire.

Cynthia's eyes rolled back and a wail of pain and ecstasy escaped her slack mouth. Her body started to shake and jerk, her fingers and toes clawing in a frenzy.

"I'm coming!" she whined. "Ohhhhh, Rick!"

The boy humped her wildly, slamming his cock in her spasming cunt until Cynthia looked as if she would explode from the intensity of her sensations. As her orgasms subsided, she pushed up at Rick with all her strength and rolled him off her.

"Bitch!" Rick panted. "I was two seconds from creaming!"

"You must learn to hold it, horny boy," Cynthia said. "The longer you hold it, the better it'll feel when you come."

"How do you know?"

"It's what all my boyfriends have always told me," Cynthia said. "And I've had a lot of boyfriends." She kissed the tips of her fingers and planted the kiss on Rick's nose. "Besides I want to do an experiment."

She reached off the bed into a handbag and pulled out a tape measure.

"You wanna measure my cock again?" Rick said. "You've already measured it a thousand times."

"Lie back," Cynthia said. "And hold up your cock."

Rick groaned, but lay back on the mattress, holding his cock vertical as Cynthia stretched the tape measure from his groin to his cockhead. "You know it's eight inches."

"Nine," Cynthia said.

"What?" Rick's eyes widened as he studied the tape measure. "I'll be damned!"

"You're super-excited," Cynthia said. "You're cock's so hard it looks like your knob's gonna pop off. When a cock gets as hard as this, it grows." Cynthia giggled, gingerly squeezing the boy's cock with her fingertips. "What a slab of meat! I wish I could measure it while you're coming. I bet it would be even bigger."

Rick took the tape measure away from Cynthia. He put his free hand on top of her head and pushed her face toward his cock. "Pleasure it, baby- sitter! Gimme a blowjob!"

Cynthia took Rick's cock away from him and began to lick his knob. Holding his foreskin down tight, she slurped around and around, slurped up and down, lapped up the cock-drool as it oozed from the boy's wide-open cockhead. Rick groaned, his toes working sensuously, all the sinews of his feet sliding under the skin.

"You've got such a big, sweaty prick," Cynthia purred. "And such a tasty knob. Don't ever wash this knob, baby! Anytime you want it washed I'll lick it clean!"

Rick arched up, moaning, humping upward as Cynthia tortured the underside of his knob with her wet, dripping tongue.

"Big prick!" Cynthia said. "I love big teen prick!"

She lapped from one end of the boy's cock to the other, lapped front and back and sides, nuzzled down and licked the sweat off the boy's balls.

Mary saw double. Her vision blurred as hot tears of excitement flooded her eyes. Spit filled her mouth, and she swallowed repeatedly. Her panties felt unbearably tight, and she peeled them down her smooth legs and dropped them, sopping wet, on the carpet.

Then she sat down, her legs crossed, her skirt hiked up to her middle, and she pumped her middle finger in and out of her pussy, her eyes on her brother's huge cock. She tried to imagine the smell of it, the taste of it.

Gazing seductively into Rick's eyes, Cynthia opened her mouth wide and swallowed the head of his cock. As she sucked, she churned her tongue at his pleasure-strand, making him gasp and squirm.

"I'm close!" Rick moaned, and Cynthia left off licking his magic spot and slid her lips down his veined cockshaft. His knob stuffed her throat. She looked like she'd swallowed a rattlesnake.

Rick writhed on the mattress, his blond head tossing from side to side, his muscular feet working as the pleasure coursed through him.

"My balls are gonna bust if you don't get me off pretty soon, lady!"

Still gazing into Rick's eyes, Cynthia began to bob her head, to slide the ring of her lips up and down his cockshaft, to massage his knob with her throat and tongue. Her right hand was wrapped half around the base of his super-thick cock. Her left hand slid down between her legs, her middle finger disappearing between the furry lips of her cunt. Her eyes rolled ecstatically as she began to jerk off while sucking the boy's cock. What does it taste like? What does it feel like in your mouth? Mary wanted to ask Cynthia. Can I try? Can I suck it? I wanna suck it so bad!

Rick spread his muscular legs wider. He clasped his hands behind his head, relaxing as he let Cynthia do most of the work. Slowly, reflexively, his hips rocked. Each suck of Cynthia's mouth made his balls swell and lift in their smooth sac. His sensuously working toes looked so sexy to Mary that she felt a nearly irresistible urge to crawl into the bedroom and to lick his feet.

Cynthia finger-fucked herself faster, her middle finger squashing obscenely in her juicy cunt, matching the obscene rhythmic smacking of her lips. Pussy-juice trickled down her hand as she spread her legs wider so she could finger-fuck herself deeper. Her head bobbed quicker, her lips rippling over the boy's prick-veins, her mouth sucking, her tongue churning.

"Ahhhhhh, yeahhhh!" Rick moaned, ecstasy in his blue eyes as he bucked up and down, fucking his salty cock in Cynthia's mouth and throat. "Feels- so-good! Feels-so-fucking... awwwwwww!"

His body shuddered and his cum erupted into Cynthia's mouth. His eyes rolled back with pleasure as the spasms shot through him.

Cynthia gagged, her throat and mouth overflowing with cum, her head jerking with each powerful flex of the boy's cock. Cum bubbled out of her mouth, running down the boy's cockshaft, creaming his pulsating balls. Her throat bobbed as she swallowed what cum she could. Her legs suddenly clamped together around her masturbating hand and her loins went into spasms.

"Yes!" Mary whispered, watching Cynthia jerk with ecstasy as she sucked Rick's jism-gushing cock. "Oh yes!"

Mary's eyes rolled back and the pleasure exploded in her pussy. Hot teen fuck-juice spurted around her knifing finger as her pussy nearly sucked her finger off. The pleasure was so intense that she lay back on the floor, out of sight of the doorway, and writhed uncontrollably until it was over.

"You shoot like a fucking stallion," Cynthia said, smacking her lips and catching her breath. She licked the cum off Rick's cock and balls, then licked her hand clean.

Rick groaned blissfully. He was lying with his forearm over his eyes.

Mary had managed to sit up and was peering into the room again.

"What's the latest tally?" Cynthia said. "How many girls have you fucked with this crowbar?"

"Three or four hundred," Rick said. "Give or take a few."

Cynthia laughed. "That's my boy. Bust any new cherries lately?"

Rick chuckled. "I broke in some little ass-wiggler last week and she fucking fainted when her cherry ripped. She fainted again after it was over and she saw the blood."

He laughed again.

Cynthia started jerking off. "Tell me all about it... in juicy detail."

"Some other time," Rick said. "Mary will be home in a little while and you'd better be going. We don't wanna have to explain your being here."

"You get any further into her pussy yet?" Cynthia asked.

"Just the old tongue so far," Rick said. "She still sleeps right through it."

"I wanna watch sometime," Cynthia said. "I'll be able to tell if she's sleeping or not."

"She sleeps right through it, I tell you," Rick said. "No way she's faking. She's always slept like that. The old lady has to just about hit her over the head in the morning with a baseball bat to wake her up. I could fuck her pussy all night and she'd never wake up."

"Then why don't you stick your cock in her?"

"Because that might wake her up."

"Don't let her fool you," Cynthia said. "She's as awake as you are. No girl can get her pussy licked off night after night without knowing it. It's impossible."

"Mary can," Rick said. "Hey, you'd better get going."

"Does she still squirt when she cums?"

"It runs out of her like syrup," Rick said. "And it tastes so fucking good." He started stroking his cock. "I wish you'd go. All your questions are getting me worked up again."

"I'll take care of that," Cynthia said.

"Well, be quick about it!"

Chapter 4

"Sit up," Cynthia said. "Lean your back against the pillows."

When Rick was in position, Cynthia sat at his feet and pressed them between her legs and against her cunt. At the same time, she shoved her own feet in his lap and squeezed his upright cock between them. Rick grabbed her feet and started sliding his cock between her soles.

"You come up with the damndest, sexiest things," he said. "Mmm, wiggle those toes. Stroke my knob with 'em."

"Stick your toes in my pussy," Cynthia said. "Oh, baby, wiggle that big toe in deep." Her eyes rolled back as Rick twisted his toes between her pussy-lips, getting the toes greasy with her juices. "Toe-fuck my pussy, baby! Oh, baby!"

Mary was on her hands and knees, peering into the bedroom. Her skirt was up around her waist, her hot little ass stark naked and wiggling in the air. Her right hand jerked between her legs and pussy cream dribbled from her sizzling, juice-saturated cunt. She licked her lips, watching Cynthia's hot toes slide up and down Rick's cock, watching Rick's foreskin slide, watching fuck-lube bubble out of Rick's cockhead and dribble over Cynthia's toes. She wanted to suck Rick's big cock, to lick Cynthia's lube-wet toes. She wanted to pull Rick's toes out of Cynthia's pussy and to taste them. She wanted to feel Rick's big toe stuck up her own cunt.

"Oh, honey, I do believe I'm gonna come!" Cynthia moaned. "Oh yes!" Her eyes rolled back and her body jerked and trembled. "Oooh, yes, yes!"

Rick grinned lecherously, grinding his hot, big toe deep in Cynthia's spasming cunt, clawing her clit with his other toes. When Cynthia had finished coming, Rick pulled his right foot out from between her thighs and lifted it, toes dripping with pussy-goo, up to her tits. He clawed and tweaked her nipples with his wet toes, making Cynthia gasp and shriek.

"You devil, I can't stand that! Not right after I've come!" Cynthia grabbed Rick's foot and started sucking on his toes, sucking her pussy- juice off them. At the same time, she deftly manipulated his foreskin with her own feet and pleasured his cock with her toes.

"You get me so fucking horny!" Rick panted. His balls squirmed as Cynthia foot-fucked his cock. "Man, I'm out of my fucking head! That feels so fucking good!"

"Squirt your jism all over my toes," Cynthia purred. "Cream my feet, you horny stallion."

"Yeah!" Rick humped upward, pressing Cynthia's feet firmly around his thrusting cock. His knob swelled, turning purple, his cockhead gaping, his lube bubbling out. "Awww, mannnn!"

"Shoot it, baby!" Cynthia wiggled her toes wildly. "Your cock's starting to jerk! Come on stud, cream my toes!"

"Uhh, uhhh!" Rick thrust upward, ramming his cock between Cynthia's feet, jerking the foreskin up and down his cock. His eyes rolled back, his head snapped back, and he ejaculated. "Ahhhhh!"

His cum shot a foot straight up in the air before it splashed down on Cynthia's feet. Cynthia rubbed her feet vigorously back and forth, rolling the boy's spurting cock between them, making him gasp and whimper with pleasure.

"Ohhh shit!" Rick moaned, humping, spurting. His cock swelled again and again, its veins standing out, its entire length pulsing and quivering. Ropes of cum gushed from his cockhead, rolling in slimy wads down Cynthia's feet, slipping between her toes and greasing them. Finally, Rick couldn't stand the stimulation of Cynthia's cum-drenched toes any longer and he yanked his cock out from between them, groaning as he squeezed out the last of his pleasure with a muscular hand. "Oh man!"

In the hallway, Mary was delirious. She sat back on her heels, out of sight of Rick and Cynthia, and as her hand jerked between her legs, her pussy erupted with delicious spasms that nearly knocked her out. She swayed dizzily, her blonde head swinging from side to side, the ecstasy pulsing through her teen pussy again and again. Even out here in the hallway she could smell Rick's cum.

When Mary looked back into the bedroom, she saw Cynthia holding one of her feet up to her mouth and slurping and sucking Rick's cum off her toes. Cynthia licked one foot clean, then the other one, and Rick sat there watching her with a grin on his face. He flicked his tongue between his lips.

"You sure are flexible for an old lady,"' Rick said.

"I'm only thirty-six," Cynthia said. "You'll be there soon enough yourself."

She leaned over and grabbed Rick's cock and sucked it clean, her lips sliding up and down the shaft, her tongue catching the last drops of cum as it oozed from the boy's cockhead.

"Mmmmmm!" she purred, her lips smacking.

Rick groaned, working his cock slowly in and out of her mouth. "Feels great!"

Cynthia released his cock, which was hard again. "Fuck me once more before I leave."

"Mary's gonna be home any second," the boy said. "You've gotta go."

"Party pooper," Cynthia said, and she got up off the bed.

Mary eased away from the doorway and picked up her panties. Quietly, she stood up and tiptoed down the hallway, then down the stairs. She retrieved her books and shoes and slipped back out the front door. Hiding in the bushes outside, she waited until Cynthia had left before she returned to the house.

When Mary re-entered the house, pretending to be just arriving home from school, she heard the shower running upstairs.

"I'm home!" she yelled. She tromped up the steps. "I said, I'm home!"

The shower shut off.

"What?" Rick yelled.

"I said I'm home," Mary shouted.

"I hear you," Rick said. He turned the shower on again.

Mary stood in the hallway outside the bathroom door, listening to the shower run and imagining Rick under it. She tried to imagine his big cock swinging over his balls with water dripping off it. The thought turned her to jelly inside and made her squeeze her legs together. Suddenly, she was overcome with lust. She had to get in there and see her brother's cock.

"Can I come in?" Mary shouted. "I gotta pee!"

"You've gotta what?"

"Pee!" Mary shouted.

"Why don't you use the bathroom down," Rick paused. "Sure, come on in."

The bathroom was steamy inside and smelled like soap. Mary shut the door behind her.

"I'm just rinsing off," Rick said.

Mary pushed down her panties, lifted her skirt, and sat on the toilet. Just as Mary began to piss, Rick turned off the shower and peeked out from behind the curtain. Mary sat there with her skirt up and her legs spread, making no attempt to hide herself. Rick glanced between her legs and his eyes bugged out. Mary turned red in the face, but she still made no attempt to cover her pussy. She wanted her brother to see her. A stream of golden piss dribbled from between her cunt-lips.

"You wanna throw me that towel?" Rick said.

Mary handed him the towel.

"Thanks," he said. He opened the shower curtain farther, showing Mary his right leg and hip, then turning to show her his ass. He glanced at her to see if she was watching. "You're home early."

"I wasn't feeling well, so Coach let me go," Mary said. "I'm feeling better now."

Nervously, she pried off her shoes with her feet. Her panties slid off her ankles with the shoes. Piss dripped from her blonde muff, but she made no attempt to wipe herself.

Rick gazed between her legs. His tongue moistened his lips. He wrapped his towel around his waist and stepped out of the shower. His erect cock made the towel tent out, and the tent throbbed.

Mary nearly fell off the toilet. Her cunt contracted and pussy cream greased her pussy-slit. She reached up to touch the knob of her brother's cock through the towel.

"What's this?" she said, trying to sound cool.

Rick swallowed. "You sure you're all right, Sis?"

Mary's fingers closed on the head of her brother's cock.

"I'm fine,"' she said, her hand shaking. Rick's cock was so hard.

Rick loosened his towel and dropped it on the floor. His cock throbbed just a foot from Mary's face. Mary slid her fingers up and down the ivory-smooth shaft. It was hard as sculpted marble. Her eyes crossed, hypnotized by the snakelike appendage. A pearl of clear lube oozed from the cockhead and Mary salivated. She wiped the lube droplet off with her fingertip and smeared it all over Rick's knob. Then she licked her finger. The fluid had a salty tang.

"Damn!" Rick said. "I'm dreaming!"

Leaning forward, he pulled Mary's dress off over her head. With experienced fingers, he undid her bra in back and slipped it off.

Mary sat there stark naked and shaking like a leaf. Her entire body was flushed like a rose.

"You aren't any dream," Rick said, feeling her tits. "You're real. Oh, Sis!" He fell to his knees in front of her and shoved his head between her legs. "Oh, Sis!"

Mary shoved her piss-wet crotch in her brother's mouth. His tongue slithered between her cunt-lips. Mary spread her legs wide. Her toes clutched at the floor. Pussy-juice dripped from her brother's chin into the toilet.

Mary melted, slumping on the toilet seat, moaning and cooing as her brother ate her out. Being a gymnast and cheerleader, she was used to doing splits, and now she split her legs perfectly, opening herself up to the limit. Her swollen cunt-lips parted, her cunt opening like a furry-lipped mouth. Rick's tongue darted into her pink, succulent pussy, and her crotch-juices ran down his tongue and into his mouth. He sucked greedily, drinking her pussy nectar. As he licked her out, he stroked his massive cock.

Mary ran her fingers through her brother's blond hair. She caressed his forehead and cheeks. He was the handsomest boy she had ever seen in her life, and now he was her lover.

"Oh, Rick, eat me! Lick me deep!"

"Hot pussy!" Rick muttered, rubbing his face in Mary's juicy crotch, fucking her with his nose and lips as well as with his tongue. "Candy cunt. Mmmm, pussy!"

Mary gasped as his tongue darted at her clit. She started humping, rubbing her cunt in her brother's mouth. She reached up, squeezing and juggling her tits, tweaking and pinching her nipples. She felt so good she wanted to die.

Rick grinned up at her, pussy-juice running down his chin, a few blonde cunt-hairs stuck to his mouth. "You horny little bitch! I never knew you were into sex!"

He shoved a finger in his mouth, moistening it with spit, then shoved the finger up Mary's cunt. It was the middle finger of his right hand, and he was fucking her with it. He grinned lecherously at her as she squirmed and gasped.

Her brother's finger was a lot longer than her own finger, and it kept jabbing at her cherry, stretching it painfully. She grabbed Rick's hand.

"Not so deep!" she gasped.

"Jesus, you're a virgin!" Rick gasped. He pulled his finger out and sucked it clean. "A super-horny virgin!"

"Lick!" Mary panted. "Suck!" She pressed her brother's head between her legs, rubbed her pussy in his mouth, fucked her clit against his upper lip. "Oh, yes, yes!"

Rick growled, ramming his tongue up her crotch, sucking for every drop of pussy-honey she could feed him. His tongue fluttered inside her, probed the fluffy folds of her cunt walls, tortured her G-spot until she nearly screamed. Her pussy contracted rapidly, sucking Rick's tongue as he churned it inside her.

"I feel so good!" Mary wailed. "Yesss, yesssss!"

She let go, writhing on the toilet, gasping and panting with abandon. Her grunts and squeals of girlish pleasure echoed off the steamy bathroom walls. Her succulent teen pussy drooled juice into her brother's mouth. Her toes curled against the floor tiles and her cunt exploded.

Rick growled loudly, sucking and licking and gnawing, eating out Mary's pussy like he'd never dared eat it out before. He twisted his head from side to side, grinding his nose between her cunt-lips, smothering himself in her searing-hot girl-crotch.

Mary shuddered with each round of spasms, flashbulbs going off in her skull. As the spasms reached their peak, she swung her legs forward and up, wrapping her thighs around Rick's head and crushing it between them. She humped at his face, fucking his mouth until she'd squeezed out every flicker of pleasure. Finally, her legs fell away from his head and she sighed with relief. She would have slid off the toilet if Rick hadn't held her up.

"You sure felt it," Rick said. "Sit up now." He stood up in front of her, his cock dripping long strands of lube, and as Mary forced herself to sit up straight, he moved up close to her, jacking off in her face. "Get ready for a load, girl."

Rick's fist was wrapped around his cock, pounding it fiercely, working his foreskin up and down rapidly. His knob was inches from Mary's face, and Mary flicked her tongue at it, slurping lube off his cockhead, tasting the red-hot cock-flesh. Mary gazed up at her brother, her mouth open and waiting. Rick took one look at her upturned blue eyes and his cock exploded.

"Ahhhhh!" he groaned, ropes of white jism spurting from his cockhead and splashing in Mary's mouth. "Ohhhh, yeahhhhh!"

The hot spurts gushed against Mary's tonsils, pooled on her tongue, filled her throat. The potent taste and slimy texture gagged her.

"Eat it!" Rick plugged her mouth with the end of his knob, shooting jism straight down her throat as he pounded his lust-saturated cock. "Swallow it!"

Mary gulped, despite her gagging, swallowing a mouthful of cum. The slimy wads slid down her gullet like hot oysters. Before she'd finished swallowing, her mouth filled again. Her brother was shooting it by the cupful. She choked trying to swallow the salty, alkaline fluid.

Rick pulled back and finished beating off against her face, grunting deliriously with each ejaculation, rubbing his prickhead all over Mary's nose and cheeks.

Mary swallowed, starting to savor the spunky flavor. She caught the cum that had leaked down her chin and shoved it back in her mouth with her fingers.

Rick smiled down at her, rubbing his cum-greasy cock all over her face. It was half-hard now, and he shoved it back in Mary's mouth. Mary sucked the huge, rubbery prong, milking jelly-like gobs from the cockhead, sliding her lips and tongue up and down until her brother's cock was clean.

Rick pulled his cock out, pulled Mary to her feet, wrapped his arms around her and kissed her. Mary quivered in his muscular arms, moaning as Rick's tongue probed her mouth and throat. She clung to him, rubbing her nubile, ultra-soft young body against his muscular hardness. She sucked his tongue and felt his sweet spit dribble down her throat.

"Gorgeous little mink," Rick said. "I've been waiting for this for years. I'm out of my mind for you, Sis."

Mary kissed her brother's chest, sucked his nipples, felt his cock swell against her and harden.

"I wanna fuck you," Rick said.

Mary pushed away.

"I need a shower," she said. "Then I'll make us some dinner. I bet you're hungry. I sure am."

"I'd rather fuck you than eat dinner," Rick said.

Mary pulled away from him and stepped into the bathtub.

"Let's shower together," Rick said.

"You already had your shower," Mary said.

She closed the curtain and turned on the water. To her relief, Rick mumbled something to himself and left the bathroom.

Chapter 5

Rick showed up in the kitchen for dinner with no clothes on. His cock looked like a huge sausage flopping from side to side as he walked. Mary took one look at him, gulped, and pulled their dinners out of the microwave. Rick pulled out a chair, sat down, and spread his legs, showing Mary everything. He stroked her ass as she placed the steaming microwave dinner on the table in front of him.

"What's with all these clothes?" he said.

Mary was dressed in a blouse and shorts. Her feet were bare.

"What's with what you're wearing?" she said. She sat down across the table from him.

Rick scratched his balls. "You mind that I'm naked?"

"No," Mary said. "I guess not."

She squeezed her legs together under the table. Putting her nose in her plate, she started to eat.

"Why should I wear clothes in front of you anymore?" Rick said. "You've seen all there is to see. Nothing more to hide, right?"

"Right," Mary mumbled. Even though she was trying not to look at her brother, she couldn't help but see him sitting there across from her, his chair pulled well away from the table, his cock dangling on the chair seat like a big snake. He looked so sexy she could hardly swallow her food.

"So why don't you take off your clothes too?" Rick asked. "Get comfortable."

"Why don't you start eating before your food gets cold?" Mary asked. She was embarrassed, even a little shocked about what she and Rick had done together in the bathroom, and she was hoping to cool things off a little. It had really stunned her when Rick had said that he wanted to fuck her. She couldn't imagine withstanding the assault of that enormous fuck-weapon of his up her cunt. It would kill her for sure.

"I'll start eating when you take off your clothes," Rick said. "Come on, Sis, what's your hang-up?"

"Oh, all right!" Mary dropped her fork, stood up, and started unbuttoning her blouse.

"That's my girl," Rick said. "Nice. No bra. Now peel down those shorts. No panties, huh? That's sexy."

Mary dropped her shorts and sat down naked at the table. She didn't know why she was letting Rick manipulate her like this. She looked across the table at him. "Satisfied? Now will you please start eating?"

As Rick drew his chair up to the table, Mary saw that his cock had swelled and was standing straight up in the air. Her heart started to pound with excitement and fear. Pussy cream dribbled from her throbbing cunt and greased her chair seat. She squeezed her thighs together rhythmically, working her swollen muff-lips against each other.

"You cook really good, Sis," Rick said. "You cook almost as good as you look."

"All I did was press a few buttons," Mary said.

"And unbutton a few buttons," Rick said, eyeing her tits as he chewed his food. "Yummy!"

As they ate, their toes started meeting under the table and soon they were playing footsie in earnest and Mary started to pant. Her brother was so sexy that anything he did got her terribly worked up. All of a sudden he slid a foot up her leg and tried to pry her thighs apart.

"Open up, Sis, I wanna feel your pussy."

Mary resisted about two more seconds before giving in. With as sigh she slumped in her chair and allowed her legs to spread. Rick's toes stroked up her inner thigh and pressed against her cunt. Mary gasped, spreading her legs even wider.

"Sexy bitch," Rick said. "I wish I'd known about five years ago what a slut you are. And here I thought you were sleeping all those times I sucked you off during the night."

"I was sleeping," Mary said, panting as Rick rubbed his big toe up and down her crotch-slit. She moaned as he twisted it against her hard, squirming little clit.

"Sure you were," Rick said.

"Well I was," Mary insisted. "Except for last night."

"You didn't act any different last night than any other night," Rick said. "Except maybe you moaned a little louder. But that was because the folks are gone and you didn't have to worry about them hearing you." He twisted his entire big toe up into her pussy.

Mary's eyes rolled back. She groaned, squirming on her chair as her twin brother churned his hot toe inside her. She grabbed his foot, trying to fuck his toe into her deeper. "You like that, huh, Sis? I have an imagination, don't I? I know how to really turn on a girl."

"Oooooh yesssss!" Mary purred, her nipples thrusting upward like fingertips as her tits rose and fell. "Fuck me with that hot toe!"

She released her brother's foot and clasped her hands behind her head, letting Rick toe-fuck her however fast or slow he wanted. She writhed on her chair, her blue eyes rolling deliriously, her ass sliding on the juice-slick chair seat. As Rick twisted his foot between her legs, her juices bubbled out around his grinding toe, getting his foot and the chair seat greasy with her fuck-lube.

"You're the juiciest chick I ever saw," Rick said. "I love all this hot, slippery pussy-butter you ooze. When you come, sometimes it actually squirts. I've only seen a few other chicks squirt like that. It turns me on."

"Oh Rick, do it!" Mary whined, going crazy. "Shove it in deep! Deeper, oh yes!"

Rick was pounding his cock. "Horny bitch! I only got so much toe, baby. I'd have to stick my whole foot in you to fuck you as deep as you want it."

Mary's cunt contracted rhythmically, sucking Rick's toe. As he twisted his foot in larger circles, he stimulated Mary's clit more directly, sending her to the brink of orgasm.

"Your cunt's got electricity in it, baby. It's so hot and wet and tight inside, and when it sucks my toe I get a jolt up my leg and through my cock. Oh, yeah, feels so good!"

Rick tossed his head from side to side, his eyes glassy with pleasure, his prick throbbing in his sliding fist.

Mary could see her brother's cock sticking up just past the edge of the table, could see his tight fist jerking and squeezing the lube out the massive prong, lube that dribbled down over Rick's knuckles. She licked her lips, wishing she could slurp at her brother's pronghead.

"Oh, Rick!" she moaned. "Do me, Rick, make me come! Oh yes, oh God yes!" Mary grabbed her tits, juggling and squeezing. She pinched her nipples and rolled them between her fingers. Her cunt tightened fiercely around her brother's grinding toe. Fuck-itch saturated her loins. Her pleasure exploded.

"Ohhhhh, Rick! I'm coming!" Mary jerked her head from side to side, delirious with pleasure, going out of her mind as the intense fuck- sensations pulsed through her loins again and again.

"Baby! Baby!" Rick watched his sister jerk, saw the ecstasy in her face, felt her exploding crotch gnaw at his pleasure-saturated toe. He pounded his fuck-meat in a frenzy and shuddered as his own spasms began.

Streams and gobs of spunk shot straight up out of Rick's cock and splashed all over the dinner table, some of it getting on his food.

"Ohhhhh!" he groaned, his eyes glazed over and rolled back. "Mmmmm, yeahhhhh!"

When it was over, Rick slipped his toe out of Mary's cunt and slumped back in his chair.

"I lost it!" he groaned. "But you got me so hot!"

Mary leaned forward, resting her arms on the table and her head on her arms. She was weak, almost exhausted. After a minute, the smell of Rick's spunk revived her. She sat up and looked at the mess he'd made all over the table.

"How's that for a load?" Rick said.

"It's a lot," Mary said. "Why don't you lick it up?" Rick said. "It turns me on to see chicks eat my cum."

I thought you'd never ask, Mary thought as she leaned over the table and started lapping up her brother's fuck-cream. The wads were cool and slimy, and at first Mary almost gagged, but once she'd got the taste she couldn't stop slurping and sucking and licking, not until the table top was clean and tongue-buffed.

"You're a regular kitten," Rick said. He pulled his plate in front of him and chowed down his dinner. He didn't seem to mind a little cum on it.

Chapter 6

That evening, Rick went out with his buddies and Mary stayed home to study for a history quiz. She wasn't about to neglect her studies while her parents were gone just because Rick was neglecting his. By the time nine o'clock rolled around, though, Mary didn't feel that she knew anymore about history than she'd known two hours earlier. She hadn't been able to concentrate all evening.

All her mind wanted to do was dwell on the things she'd done with Rick, and all her pussy wanted to do was throb and itch and cry for more stimulation. She had to resist the urge to stick her finger up her cunt, had to force her itchy fingers to keep turning the pages of her history notebook, which she was only pretending to read.

A few minutes after nine a car pulled up outside. Mary heard boys shouting and laughing, heard a car door slam, heard a horn toot and the car pull away, accelerating hard. Downstairs, the front door opened and closed.

"I'm home!" Rick called.

"I'm up here!" Mary called back. She was sitting at her desk in her bedroom, dressed in shorts, a blouse, and no shoes.

Rick came up the stairs in three bounds and strutted into the bedroom. He was dressed in tight jeans and a tank-top that showed off his muscles. He flopped down on Mary's bed and kicked of his shoes.

"What you been doing, Sis?"

"Studying," Mary said.

"Why don't you take a break and come over here?"

Mary closed her notebook. Her brother was lying on her bed with his hands behind his head and the bulge of a hard-on in the front of his jeans. Without hurrying, Mary went to the bed and sat beside her brother.

"Nice bed," Rick said. "Real comfortable."

There was the smell of beer on his breath.

Mary began to stroke his chest.

"Nice hand," Rick said. He sighed and stretched out. "Real soft. Keep moving it."

Mary swallowed. Her fingers rippled down her brother's belly muscles and slid over the bulge in his jeans. She squeezed the bulge with her fingertips, outlining it. The cock was hard as bone. Mary rubbed her thumb up and down the underside of the knob. Rick groaned and pulled Mary down on top of him.

"I'm nuts for you," he said, and he kissed her.

His tongue stuffed her mouth. His huge cock pressed up hard against her, throbbing, rubbing. He shoved his hands into her shorts and started caressing and squeezing her asscheeks.

Mary quivered, melting into her brother. She'd never felt this way before. She kissed him madly, sucking his tongue, gazing deliriously into his blue eyes. She drooled into his mouth, and he swallowed her spit greedily. He groaned as he humped up against her.

His legs came up, wrapping around the backs of Mary's legs. His muscular arms crushed her. He smelled of sweat and beer. His body was hard as a rock. Mary knew that if he wanted to he could easily break her in half, but she didn't care. She wanted him to keep crushing the two of them together until they became one body.

His hands slipped under her blouse, kneading and pinching and clawing her back. One hand slipped back down into her shorts, a finger sliding up and down between her asscheeks, the tip of the finger probing her asshole. The hand slid down further, rubbing in the hot, slippery flesh between Mary's legs, the middle finger twisting between the sizzling- hot, lubricated slabs of her teenage cunt. She felt prickling sensations all the way to the soles of her bare feet.

"Oh, Rick!" she mumbled. "I love you!"

"I love you," Rick said. "And so does my cock."

He arched up against her, grinding his cock against her pussy-mound. He finger-fucked her pussy a few strokes, then started pulling off her blouse.

Mary squirmed as her brother undressed her. Once he got her blouse off, he pushed down her shorts and she kicked them off. She felt lusciously naked, wriggling against her clothed brother. Her fuck- juices were on his fingers and got smeared on her skin. The smell of her hot cunt perfumed the air.

They kissed again, their tongues slipping in and out of each other's mouth, both of them moaning as they gazed into each other's eyes. Mary felt her brother's massive cock pulsing against her belly and she reached down into his jeans to finger the knob. The head-flesh was searing-hot, and Mary got fuck-lube on her fingers. She pulled her hand out of Rick's pants and shoved her wet fingers between their kissing lips, both of them tasting Rick's cocklube.

Without warning, Rick rolled over, rolling Mary onto her back and coming to rest on top of her. He humped against her vigorously, sucking the breath out of her as they continued to kiss. He reached down between them and unsnapped his jeans, then unzipped them. Mary slid her hands down inside the seat of his pants and started squeezing his contracting asscheeks. She sucked his tongue rhythmically, drinking his spit.

Rick shoved his jeans down, kicked them off, pressed his hot, drooling prick against her stomach.

"Such soft, silky skin," he said. "Man I wanna feel all of you!"

He arched up and deftly pulled off his tank-top shirt, tossing it on the floor, then settled back down stark-naked on top of Mary.

Mary was in heaven, smothering under the muscular body of her twin brother, their flesh melting together. He made grunting, growling sounds, and Mary cooed and moaned, the wild throbbing in her loins driving her nuts. She humped up against Rick, grinding her blonde muff against his spunk-filled balls. She could feel hot lube oozing from Rick's cock with each throbbing thrust of it against her belly.

"Skippy, I love you!" she purred, her hands sliding up and down her brother's handsome cheeks. "I want you!"

"My cock wants you," Rick mumbled, his face flushed with such lust that it looked almost frightening. He slid down, fucking his lusting cock between Mary's silky-smooth thighs. "I want you, baby!"

The knob of his cock started ramming Mary's pussy-slit.

Mary clamped her thighs as tightly together as she could. The feel of her brother's red-hot, lube-slick cock sliding between her thighs was driving her crazy. Each thrust of his prickhead against her pussy sent tingles through her and made her shiver. She shimmied her thighs around her brother's cock, feeling it swell and pulsate, feeling it harden like steel.

"Baby, if I keep this up I'm gonna lose my load between your legs!" Rick squirmed against her, grinding his muscular chest against her swollen, up-thrust tits.

"Do it!" Mary moaned. "Squirt it all over between my legs! I wanna feel it shoot!"

She knew as soon as her brother started spurting jism between her thighs, her pussy would explode. She wanted to come so bad.

"Uh-uh, baby, I'm not gonna waste it again," Rick said. "I wanna shoot it inside you. Spread your legs, you hot little slut, and let me fuck you."

"I can't!" Mary panted. "It'll kill me! It's too big!"

"I'll go easy," Rick said. "Trust me."

He kissed her on the mouth, and the kiss so melted her that she almost gave in. She wanted it bad, wanted to be fucked, but she knew it was impossible, knew that she could never take that monstrous cylinder of steel-hard fuckmeat up her cunt-hole.

"Please, Rick, just shoot it between my legs." She shimmied her legs together until Rick's eyes rolled back and she was sure he was going to squirt.

With a gasp, Rick yanked his cock from between her thighs. He grabbed his cock and squeezed it, holding his breath. Several drops of hot, watery fluid shot against Mary's belly and tits. Rick exhaled, releasing his cock.

"That was too goddamned close," he said. "Let me fuck you, Sis."

"Rick, I can't!"

"I've fucked dozens of girls," Rick boasted. "And they're all still alive. Not only that, they can never get enough of my big cock sliding in and out of their pussies."

Mary was about to bawl.

"I can't, Rick! I can't!" she blubbered.

"Then let me eat you," Rick said, and he fell on her legs, shoving his nose between Mary's thighs, licking at her crotch.

Her brother's tongue flicking between her furry cunt-slabs and against her clit sent her into a fit of gasping. As his tongue probed deeper between her cunt-lips, she couldn't help herself. Slowly, her legs relaxed. Slowly, they spread. Rick settled down on the mattress between her thighs, lapping with long, wet slurps of his tongue. He spread her cunt-lips with his thumbs and slipped his tongue up her crotch.

Mary sighed, spreading her legs as wide as she could, rubbing her ass against the mattress and her crotch in her brother's face.

"Deeper!" she panted. "Stick it in deep!"

Rick wriggled his tongue inside her and Mary squealed. In moments, she was delirious. All she wanted was to lie here and be licked forever.

Rick sucked her clit, making her hump, making her toes clutch with each smack of his lips. He gave her clit one long, hard suck that made pleasure course through every part of her body and nearly brought her off. She wailed, hardly aware anymore of where she was. Only the pleasure mattered. She drowned in the pleasure, and she wanted more... more!

Then it happened so fast that by the time she realized what was happening it was too late to save herself. As she writhed against the mattress, her legs spread, her nude body undulating, as she writhed and moaned and gibbered out of her mind, as she lost herself completely in the pleasure. Rick suddenly slid up over her, pressed down on her, and drove his cock against her sizzling, drooling, wide-open cunt. It happened so fast that by the time she realized what was happening it was too late to save herself. He had her now.

Before she could even start to resist, Rick forced his cockhead into her pussy mouth, stretching it open mercilessly. He bit her lips and she tasted her cunt-juice on his mouth. She dug her fingernails into his back, starting to fight back, but Rick wouldn't be denied. With a smooth thrust, he sank his eleven inch cock all the way up her cunt.

Something ripped inside her, snapped like a rubber band. The pain nearly killed her, but it lasted only a moment. Then her cunt went numb. "No!"

"I'm in you!" Rick panted. "You took every inch! It feels like heaven inside you!"

Mary still had her fingernails sunk into her brother's back. She lay motionless under him, her breathing rapid, her legs clutching hard around his legs. Little whimpers came from her throat. "Don't hurt me! Take it out!"

"No way," Rick said. "I'm never gonna take it out."

Slowly he started to hump, to slide his cock in and out a few inches at a stroke.

"Ohhhh, yeahhhh!"

Mary's eyes rolled. She couldn't tell if she was in agony or ecstasy. She clung to Rick for her life, feeling that monstrous tusk-like cock of his beginning to take longer and longer plunges into her defenseless pussy.

"Ahhhn, feels so good!" Rick sighed. "Your pussy's so fucking juicy, so fucking hot!"

His cock made squishing noises in her cunt as it slid in and out.

Mary felt hot juices trickling from her cock-stuffed pussy and running down her crotch, seeping down into her ass. Rick's cock-shaft slid against her clit, rubbed the G-spot in her pussy-hole. His prickhead popped in and out of her womb-mouth. Suddenly, she became aware of her loins rocking, of her cunt rising to meet her brother's thrusts. And then the pleasure swept over her, swept through her, saturated her. She was lost.

"Ohhhhhh!" she groaned, her eyes nearly popping out. "Uhhhhh! Ooooooh!"

She began to rock her loins faster, to the rhythm of her brother's thrusting. Each slice of his long, smooth cock into her body brought her to the verge of climax.

"Fuck me! Yes!"

"Baby! Sis!" Rick gazed down into her eyes, his face and forehead beaded with sweat, his muscular body undulating on top of her. He grunted with each fucking plunge of his cock, and as his cock hit bottom the look of ecstasy in his eyes made Mary shiver.

"Faster!" she panted, her hands sliding up and down the boy's sweat- oiled back. "Deeper!"

Her loins humped, her asscheeks contracting. She wiggled her cunt on her brother's cock, at the same time thrusting her tits against his chest and rubbing her red-hot nipples into his skin.

"Yeahhh!" Rick groaned. "Yeahhh, yeahhh, yeahhh!"

He fucked with such long, swinging thrusts that his sweaty belly smacked against Mary's belly, and from time to time his hipbones collided with Mary's hipbones, sending electric jolts through both of them.

Mary wrapped her legs around her brother's loins, digging her heels into his asscheeks and trying to draw his cock deeper into her. As his massive cockhead fucked in and out of the mouth of her womb, it made popping sounds inside her.

"Fuck your juicy, hot pussy!" Rick grunted. "Bitch-baby!"

"Ohhhh! Fuck me!" Mary moaned. "Fuck meeeeee!"

They moved together as if choreographed, the natural fucking movements of their bodies perfectly synchronized. Each ramming penetration of her brother's cock sent ecstasy coursing through Mary's teenage body. It was as if she were having orgasm after orgasm, but without the spasms. She could fuck like this all night, she thought, but Rick had other ideas.

"I can't hold it!" Rick moaned. "Baby, here it comes!" His eyes rolled back. His body shuddered. His cock flexed hard inside Mary and his jism spurted into her cunt. "Mmmmnnnn, baaaaby, yeahhhhh!"

Mary's eyes glazed over. The jerking and squirming and spurting of Rick's cock inside her made her grunt with excitement. She gasped with each explosion of cum into her, with each explosion of electricity that saturated her cunt and loins. Her pleasure rose to the point of no return, her body shivered. She toppled over the brink.

"Eeeeeh!" she squealed. "Ohhhhh! I'm cumming, Yesssss!"

She clung to her grunting jizz-squirting brother, her body jerking, her pleasure so intense that tears ran down her cheeks.

"Take it, Sis!" Rick grunted as he lurched against her. "Take it!"

Mary arched beneath him, her hips bucking against him, holding the whole of his miraculous pleasure-giving manhood inside her, squeezing the length of his cock with her most intimate femaleness.

"Yesssss!" she hissed against his neck. "All of it! Give me all of it!"

He rammed up her cunt, spurting cum, his body quivering. The more spunk he shot into Mary's cunt, the louder and more obscene were the squishing sounds his cock made inside her.

Mary felt her brother's jism oozing out of her and dribbling down her pulsating teen crotch.

"I love it!" she moaned. "I love it, I love it, I love it!"

Her blonde head tossed deliriously from side to side.

Rick collapsed on top of her, gasping as her pussy sucked his cock dry.

Mary lay alone on her bed, tingling all over. Rick had left the bedroom to go to the bathroom, he'd said, but that had been almost ten minutes ago. She began to finger her pussy, no, her cunt she thought, little girls and virgins had pussies. Grown women and experienced girls, like her, had cunts that accommodated men's cocks. She had just proved her pussy, her cunt, capable of accommodating a cock. Jesus what a cock!

Her cunt felt all stretched out. Her loins throbbed, and it was as if she could still feel Rick's fat cock sliding inside her. She reached between her legs, gently massaging her pussy, stimulating her clit, soothing her aching, well-stretched cunt-lips.

It's over, she thought. He did it to me. Nothing to be afraid of anymore. I've been fucked. She slipped a finger between her cunt-lips, squishing it in her brother's cum as she worked the finger up and down her slit.

Mary felt new pride in her body, her cunt. She had been proud of her body before as a thing of beauty to be pampered and tease boys with. She had always considered her pussy a sort of naughty secret.

Now she was proud of her body on a functional level as well, proud of her pussy, her cunt, as a useful vessel for accommodating a man's cock. Capable of both giving and receiving incredible pleasure.

Now that she had survived coitus with her hugely hung brother, and was fairly certain that no damage had been done, just a feeling of being thoroughly stretched and well used, she was eager to experience it again.

"Rick!" she called toward the open bathroom door. "What're you doing? Come back to bed."

He'd been gone too long. She needed him.

"Rick, where are you?"

Rick finally swaggered into the bedroom, his right hand stroking his dong. He looked down at Mary, playing with his cock as she played with her pussy.

"Where were you?" Mary said.

"On the phone," Rick said.

"On the phone? I didn't hear the phone ring." Of course, she'd been lying here in such a daze she could easily have missed the ring. "It wasn't Mom, I hope."

Rick laughed. "Yup. And when she asked to talk to you I told her you were too busy playing with your pussy to answer the phone. I also told her I'd just fucked you."

"Tell me another one," Mary said. "Who were you talking to?"

"Cynthia," Rick said. "I called her."

"Cynthia?" Mary frowned. "For what?"

"I just felt like talking to her," Rick said.

"You didn't tell Cynthia what we did!"

"I can't remember," Rick said. He crawled onto the bed and lowered himself on top of Mary. His big cock throbbed against her belly.

Mary started to speak, but Rick kissed her and she immediately forgot whatever it was she was going to say. She and Rick gazed into each other's eyes, kissing passionately, darting their tongues in each other's mouth, tasting each other's saliva. Mary wrapped her legs around her brother and worked her muff against his balls.

"Stick your cock in me again," she purred.

"Not just yet," Rick said. "I wanna get you more worked up first."

He humped against her.

Mary arched her back, straining up against him, aching to feel his cock inside her again. Her fingernails clawed down his back. She squirmed under him, moaning.

They lay there making out for several minutes, and Mary was about to lose her mind with frustration, when she thought she heard some noises in the house and tried to push Rick off her.

"Get off me!" she panted. "I heard something. Somebody's in the house!"

"I heard something too," Rick said. "Seems to me I left the front door unlocked."

"You what!" Mary couldn't believe her ears. "Rick, get off me!"

A shadow fell through the open bedroom doorway and a form appeared in the room.

"Hello, sweethearts," Cynthia said. "Aren't the two of you adorable? I wish I'd brought camera."

Mary stared open-mouthed at the woman, unable to say a word. Rick glanced over his shoulder at Cynthia, grinning.

"You sure got over here fast enough," he said.

Cynthia had kicked off her shoes and was pulling off her clothes. Her big tits wobbled as she bent over, peeling off her panties. She straightened up, stark naked. Then she wiggled over to the bed and sat down next to Rick and Mary. She stroked Rick's ass.

"Thank you so much for inviting me, dear," Cynthia said.

"What is this?" Mary said. "What is she doing here?"

"Baby-sitting," Cynthia said, and burst into laughter.

Rick rolled off Mary.

"Oooooh, look at the blood!" Cynthia said. "You did it, you horny devil. Stuck your sister. Congratulations, dear, but it was about time, don't you think!"

"You should have heard the rip when I shoved it in," Rick said.

"I'll bet you just about died, sweetheart," Cynthia said to Mary. "He's got such a big one. But I had no idea you were still a virgin."

Mary lay there, a frown on her face as she looked from Cynthia to Rick, then back to Cynthia. She wasn't sure how to react to all this. Should she tell them that she knew all about the two of them, that she'd seen them fucking?

"Honey, you are gorgeous," Cynthia said, stroking Mary's thigh. "Skin like silk. And look at this golden little pussy! I could just eat it up!"

"Why don't you?" Rick said. "I've always wanted to see you suck cunt."

Cynthia kissed her fingers and planted the kiss on Rick's mouth. "What a wonderful suggestion, darling." She winked at Rick. "I do believe I'll sample this juicy little pussy."

"Hey!" Mary said as Cynthia lay face-down on the mattress between Mary's legs. "I don't know about this."

"Your pussy must be terrible sore," Cynthia said. "I mean, look at all this blood on the bedspread. After a bloody ordeal like this, a young pussy needs some soothing."

Mary didn't like all this talk about blood. She hadn't even realized she'd bled.

Cynthia spread Mary's cunt wide open with her thumbs, pressing her nose close to the steaming teen pussy, inhaling the aroma of pussy cream and male spunk. As Rick's cum bubbled out of the young girl, Cynthia began to slurp. After a few licks, she plunged her face against Mary's crotch, burying her tongue in Mary's pussy, slurping and sucking and groaning.

Mary's blue eyes rolled back, glazed with pleasure. Her pert young tits rose and fell, the cherry-bumps standing up, the nipples pointed and quivering. She squirmed against the mattress, unable to do anything but pant and gasp as the experienced older woman ate her out.

"Cynthia, you sound like a sow at a slop trough!" Rick laughed. "Suck up that cum, bitch!" He leaned over Mary and gave her a kiss. "God, you're sexy!"

He slid down and started licking her tits. He got his mouth around her left cherry and sucked.

"Oh, yes!" Mary arched up, her eyes becoming white slits as Rick sucked her nipple and Cynthia licked out her cunt. Each smack of her brother's lips sent itchy thrills through her and brought her to the brink of orgasm. Rick moved over to suck her other nipple, and she gasped, her toes clutching, her cunt contracting in Cynthia's mouth.

"Mmmmm! Mmmmmm!" Cynthia growled, guzzling the young girl's sweet fuck- juices, licking out her clutching cunt. She twisted her head from side to side, grinding her nose against Mary's clit, washing her face in Mary's spit-like cunt-drool.

Rick pushed Mary's tits together, mounding them up, nearly bringing their nipples together so he could suck both nipples at the same time. His hot lips smacked. His tongue darted. His teeth gnawed gently on Mary's super-sensitive nipple-flesh.

"Oooooh yesssss!" Mary whined, the fuck-itch shooting through her loins, every cell of her body prickling with sensation. "I'm coming!"

Cynthia sucked frantically as Mary's crotch exploded in her mouth. A few spurts of hot girl-juice splashed against Cynthia's tongue, and she slurped and sipped, extracting all the tart sweetness she could from Mary's candy cunt.

Rick growled, gnawing and sucking Mary's nipples mercilessly as her body writhed with orgasm. Mary clawed the bedspread, her nails nearly tearing through the cloth. The feelings were almost more intense than she could bear.

Cynthia licked Mary's pussy clean, her nimble tongue darting into every tasty fold and crevice between the blonde-furred lips. She gave a suck to Mary's pleasure-raw clit that made Mary shriek, then pulled back, laughing.

"Thank you for the delicious meal, darling," Cynthia said.

"Did she squirt?" Rick asked.

"But of course, sweetheart. It tasted like honey-water."

Mary flushed, listening to Cynthia and Rick talk so intimately and shamelessly about her.

"Now it's her turn," Rick said. "Sit on her face, Cynthia."

Before Mary could say either yes or no to such a suggestion, Cynthia had crawled up over her and had straddled her head. Cynthia's dark-furred crotch was dripping hot juice, which splattered on Mary's cheeks as the woman's gaping cunt hovered over her. Mary looked up, fascinated by the sight. She was looking straight up into the woman's hot crotch. Heat poured out of it as if from a volcano. The fuckmeat between the parted lips looked pink and juicy and succulent. The hot crotch lowered to Mary's lips and pressed down into her mouth.

"Yeah!" Cynthia said. "Yeah, baby! Eat that horny cunt! Come on, you little slut, lick it out!"

"Jesus, what a sight!" Rick gasped. "Makes me horny as hell."

"Stop pounding that sweaty hog and stick it in my mouth," Cynthia said. "Mmmmmm!"

Cynthia's lips smacked as she began to suck Rick's cock.

"Oh yeahhhhh, suck that fucker!" Rick moaned. "Tongue it where it feels best! Aw yeah, right there!"

Mary was smothering, her mouth and nose completely covered by Cynthia's voracious, seething cunt. The horny cunt sizzled, pulsated, sucked at Mary's wiggling tongue. Cynthia's tart female juices poured into Mary's mouth, and Mary had no choice but to swallow them. After a few gulps, Mary was used to the taste and began to find it pleasing. She sucked for more, biting and gnawing Cynthia's nipple-like clit, licking deep into the woman's heat-gushing cunt.

Cynthia groaned, her mouth stuffed with Rick's cock, her pussy grinding in Mary's wet mouth. She started to hump, to work her loins, to rub her pussy all over Mary's mouth and face. As her excitement mounted, she fucked more wildly, scouring Mary's tender skin with her kinky-haired cunt-muff.

"Tongue the cockhead!" Rick moaned. "Eat my juice! Suck that knob!" Rick sighed and grunted, working his lusting prong in Cynthia's mouth, fucking her lips and tongue and throat. "Man, I'm close!"

Despite the fact that she was smothering, despite the fact that Cynthia was just about scouring the skin off her face, Mary couldn't help but be excited. As she sucked out Cynthia's hot cunt, she finger-fucked her own pussy, squeezing her jerking hand between her thighs, rubbing her naked ass against the bedspread, humping upward, fucking the finger buried in her cunt.

Cynthia grunted in a frenzy, gnawing on Rick's cock, grinding her cunt in Mary's mouth. The hot juice dribbled more freely from her sizzling cunt, and her cuntal walls started to contract rhythmically around Mary's churning tongue. Cynthia was wheezing through her nose, her tits rising and falling, the skin on her entire body prickling as if electrified. Suddenly, she shuddered violently and exploded in Mary's mouth.

"She's coming!" Rick groaned. "Christ, what an explosion! What a mouth to screw!" He thrust rapidly, working his cock between Cynthia's lips, against her tongue, deep into her throat, and within seconds his jism splashed against her tonsils. "Ohhhh yeahhhh... ahhhh!"

Cynthia gulped the boy's profuse load of spunk, gagging a few times as the forceful spurts drilled the back of her gullet. As she sucked the bucking cock and drank hot jism, she fed her juicing twat to Mary, grinding her sizzling crotchmeat all over the girl's face.

Mary groaned, twisting her head from side to side, licking blindly as she washed her face in Cynthia's juicing crotch. The smell of cunt was overpowering, intoxicating her, smothering her. She drowned in the wonderful female aroma, in the luscious, hot female juices, and suddenly her own pussy erupted with spasms. Her young body jerked, her toes clutching, her legs shimmying, her stiff middle finger screwing pleasure through her cunt. In her excitement, she gnawed into Cynthia's cunt with her teeth and heard Cynthia gasp and shiver.

When it was over, Cynthia rolled off Mary and collapsed beside her on the bed. Rick was kneeling on the other side of Mary, milking the last fuck-feeling through his softening cock. Cynthia threw an arm over Mary, pressed up against her, and kissed her on the mouth.

As they kissed, Cynthia released a mouthful of Rick's cum into Mary's mouth, and Mary groaned, swallowing the spunky fluid greedily. Cynthia continued kissing her, darting her tongue in Mary's mouth, and Mary lay there in a blissful daze, letting Cynthia do whatever she wanted.

The two teenagers and their former babysitter lay side by side on the bed, Mary in the middle, squirming as Cynthia stroked and kissed and finger-fucked her. Rick lay with his arm over his eyes, as if he were dozing.

"You're such a doll," Cynthia said. "Have you ever made it with a girl before?"

"No," Mary said. "Of course not."

Cynthia chuckled. "It's perfectly natural, you know. Most girls your age have sucked pussy. Me, I've been sucking pussy and cock for as long as I can remember."

Mary gasped as the tip of Cynthia's finger prodded her G-spot. Cynthia tittered and rubbed the super-sensitive spot in Mary's cuntal wall until Mary thought she was going to come. Cynthia slipped the finger out of Mary's pussy and started rubbing Mary's clit, wiggling it in circles. The stimulation was different, but it affected Mary the same way. She groaned.

"I love to play with teen pussy," Cynthia said. "So sensitive. It's like pressing a magic button. Touch a teen pussy and it explodes."

"I'm gonna explode if you keep that up," Mary said.

Cynthia took a finger off Mary's clit and slid it up her belly, leaving a trail of pussy-juice on Mary's skin. She rubbed some pussy-spit on Mary's nipples, then shoved the juice-slick finger in Mary's mouth. Mary sucked it clean.

"What a dirty little girl," Cynthia said. "Eating your own fuck-juice. Don't you wish you could suck your own pussy?"

Mary rolled her eyes.

"I do," Cynthia said. "If I could suck my own pussy I'd have my head between my legs about ten hours a day." She shrieked hilariously.

"Excuse me," Mary said. She climbed over Cynthia and off the bed.

"Where are you going?" Cynthia asked.

"To the bathroom," Mary said.

"Hurry back," Cynthia said.

Mary hadn't settled her ass onto the toilet seat for more than a second before Cynthia came wiggling into the bathroom, her big jugs wobbling and jiggling. To Mary's shock, the woman fell to her knees in front of the toilet and shoved her head between Mary's legs.

"I wanna watch," Cynthia said.

If Mary hadn't had to piss so bad, she would have told Cynthia she was crazy and to get out of the bathroom and let her pee in peace. But her bladder was about to burst, and her piss-flow was already on the way, so Mary sighed and let it come.

"Mmmmmm!" Mary moaned.

Cynthia, whose nose was only inches from Mary's golden cunt, watched the yellow piss-stream for about two seconds before she began to lap at it like a cat, catching Mary's piss and drinking it.

Mary gazed down at her in shock, but she couldn't stop pissing. Cynthia pressed her open mouth to Mary's cunt, sucking and guzzling Mary's piss, some of which ran down Cynthia's neck and between her boobs. Mary started to pant as Cynthia's lips stimulated her pussy-lips and clit.

"Drink my hot pee!" Mary growled, surprised that such filthy words had come from her own mouth. There was something so disgusting about what Cynthia was doing that Mary lost all scruples. She slumped on the toilet, rubbing her pissing crotch in Cynthia's mouth. "Eat my dirty pussy!"

Cynthia went berserk, pressing Mary's legs wide apart, slurping and sucking and gnawing. Her tongue slipped to the hilt up Mary's cunt as the last few dribbles of piss ran into her mouth. Mary kicked her legs up, feeding her pussy to Cynthia, pointing her sexy toes and playing with her tits.

"Ooooh yessss!" Mary purred, her entire body flushing and tingling. She loved being licked between the legs. She loved being dirty and sexy. She didn't care anymore what anybody thought of her. She just wanted those wonderful feelings.

Cynthia pulled her head out from between Mary's legs, then pulled Mary off the toilet and onto her knees on the floor.

"Bend over the bathtub, darling. Turn up this pretty little ass for me and I'll lick it out."

Mary rested her elbows on the bathtub and watched over her shoulder as Cynthia, on her hands and knees behind Mary, stuck her nose between Mary's asscheeks and started licking out Mary's ass-cleft. Cynthia licked Mary's twitching shitter, and Mary wiggled her ass.

"Stick it up my asshole!" Mary panted. "Lick out my asshole!"

Cynthia probed Mary's hot, sweaty shitter, her tongue-tip licking out the tasty crevices. Cynthia reached up between Mary's legs, and as she slipped her tongue up Mary's asshole, she slipped her middle finger up Mary's cunt.

"Oooooh yesssss!" Mary cooed. "Do it!"

As the two females squirmed with excitement, the older woman rimming the teenager, Rick walked into the bathroom, scratching his balls. The moment he saw what was going on, his cock swelled like a balloon and erected in two powerful jerks. He dropped to his knees behind Cynthia and slipped his cock to the hilt up her pussy with one smooth thrust.

"Ahhhh!" Rick sighed. "Hot pussy!"

He grabbed Cynthia's ass and started to plunge his cock in and out.

Mary watched over her shoulder as Rick fucked Cynthia. Cynthia's eyes had turned back in ecstasy and she grunted with each ramming thrust Rick gave her. Cynthia's tongue quivered in Mary's asshole as if charged with electricity, electricity fucked into Cynthia's body by Rick's huge cock.

Mary squealed as Cynthia tongue-fucked her asshole and finger-fucked her cunt. Her pussy-juices dribbled out, running down Cynthia's hand and arm. Rick was watching her, and she smiled at him and licked her lips seductively. Both she and Rick puckered their lips as if kissing each other.

Rick cracked the flat of his hand across Cynthia's ass, and Cynthia jerked, gasping from the sudden slap.

"Juicy bitch slut," Rick said, slamming his cock up Cynthia's cunt and smacking his hard belly against her ass.

He slapped Cynthia's ass again, and as she shivered from the stinging sensation, he yanked his cock out of her. The massive prong bucked and quivered, drenched and dripping with Cynthia's slick fuck-juices. Female juices ran down Rick's balls.

Mary gazed at Rick's dripping cock, licking her lips as she hungered to taste it. Rick ran his hand up Cynthia's cunt, spreading slick cunt- lube up Cynthia's asscrack. He rammed a finger up Cynthia's asshole and pistoned rapidly as Cynthia squirmed, then yanked the finger out. Then he mounted Cynthia again, guiding his slick cock between her asscheeks. With a thrust, he buried his entire cock up Cynthia's asshole. Mary's eyes almost popped out at the sight.

Cynthia looked as if she were suffering either excruciating pain or unbearable pleasure. Her eyes rolled deliriously. Her body trembled. She still had her tongue up Mary's asshole and a finger up her cunt. She rammed her tongue even deeper into Mary, grinding her nose between Mary's asscheeks. With her free hand she reached up between her own legs and started jerking off her pussy.

"Ahhhhhh, I love a tight, hot ass!" Rick groaned, slicing his cock in Cynthia's asshole with longer and longer strokes. "I love to fuck a woman's tight shitter!"

He leered at Mary, licking his lips as he screwed.

Mary looked down at Rick's gleaming, rapidly sliding cock. Rick looked as if he was having the time of his life, but Mary wondered how Cynthia could stand the pain.

Cynthia appeared to become more excited with each stroke of Rick's cock up her butt. Her body writhed, undulated, her ass churning as Rick rammed it. Her right hand jerked rhythmically between her legs, pussy cream dripping from it as she finger-fucked herself. Her tongue wriggled and darted in Mary's asshole. The middle finger of her left hand knifed in Mary's pussy, the tip of it jabbing at Mary's G-spot and making Mary moan.

"Ooooh yesss!" Mary sighed. "Stick it in!"

She wiggled her ass, fucking her asshole on Cynthia's tongue. Her itchy pussy sucked at Cynthia's drilling finger.

Cynthia started to groan. She jerked her ass back at Rick's smacking belly.

"Come on, bitch!" Rick moaned. "You're almost there! Your asshole's just about popping the knob off my prick! That's it, baby, tighten up! Come on, slut! Oh Christ!"

Cynthia's eyes rolled back to white slits. Her body shuddered violently. She groaned as if she were being whipped. Her tongue slipped out of Mary's asshole and she wailed in ecstasy.

Rick growled, ramming his cock repeatedly up Cynthia's spasming asshole. Cunt juice poured from Cynthia's pussy, dripping off her jerking hand.

"Ahhhh, feels so good, don't it?" Rick said, slapping Cynthia's ass and making her shriek. He plunged his cock up her butthole until Cynthia's orgasm subsided and she begged him to stop. He laughed and yanked his cock out. Then he grabbed Cynthia's ass and pulled her out of the way so he could move up behind Mary.

Mary was shaking. Pussy-juice ran down the insides of her thighs like hot oil. Rick slid his cock between her thighs, greasing it with her slick fuckcream. He rubbed his cock up and down between her asscheeks, greasing her cleft and pucker.

"What're you gonna do?" Mary said.

"You know what I'm gonna do," Rick said. "Just relax, like you relaxed when I fucked you pussy. You're gonna love it."

"Please don't," Mary said. She thought Rick must be playing games with her, teasing her, trying to scare her. He wouldn't dare try to ram his cock up her asshole. It would kill her for sure.

"Cynthia primed your asshole for a fuck with her tongue," Rick said, the knob of his cock searing Mary's asshole. "Now all you gotta do is relax.

He started to fuck into her.

"Don't!" Mary gasped.

"I love you," Rick said, and half his cock disappeared up Mary's virgin asshole.

Mary's mouth gaped, but no sound came out.

"I'm in!" Rick panted. "Tight ass!"

Mary quivered, impaled on her brother's massive cock. Instinctively, she reached down between her legs and started jerking off. The stimulation in her cunt eased the searing pain in her asshole.

Rick's cock throbbed inside her. Gently but persistently, he pushed. The rest of his cock disappeared up Mary's asshole and his belly rubbed against her butt.

"Yeahhhhhhh!" he sighed triumphantly.

Mary straightened up, pressing her back against her brother's chest, moaning as his huge cock throbbed inside her, buried up her ass to the hilt. He nudged her blonde hair aside with his nose and nibbled at the back and side of her neck. His hands slid up her front and started playing with her nipples.

Mary whimpered, masturbating frantically, squirming against her brother, who held his cock motionless in her asshole. As her asshole relaxed, he began to slide his cock in and out.

"Oh yes!" Mary panted. "Oh God yes!"

She was breathless. It felt so good she couldn't believe it.

"Sis!" Rick growled, smoothly slicing his cock in and out. "What an ass! So soft and tight and hot and slick! Man, what an ass!"

He gnawed into the side of her neck, drooling spit down her left tit. His fingers pinched and twisted her nipples.

Mary's belly heaved. She panted so fast that she hyperventilated and swayed with dizziness. She'd have fallen over if she hadn't been impaled on Rick's fence-post cock and crushed in his muscular arms. Her middle finger rammed madly in and out of her pussy and the fuck-juices poured down between her legs.

"Fuck meeeee!" she whined, out of her mind with excitement, every cell of her young body turgid with fuck-tension and the itching, aching need for release. "Screw me! Ram me!"

Rick fucked in a frenzy, his eleven inch cock plunging relentlessly in Mary's hot, tight shithole. "Oh, Sis, I'm so close!"

"Shoot it!" Mary gasped. "Quick! Oh please!"

Rick slammed into her and ejaculated. His body shook as the hot spunk splashed in her guts. "Ahhhhh, yeahhhhh!"

Mary's vision blurred. Her pussy tightened around her finger and her asshole squeezed her brother's spurting cock. An electric tingle exploded in her loins and spread in a flash throughout her body. She screamed sharply, her body jerking with spasms.

"Mmmmnnnn!" Rick groaned, humping Mary's ass, pumping cum up her bunghole. "Tight ass!"

"Ohhhh yessss!" Mary whined, writhing in her brother's arms, her loins exploding, her asshole sucking greedily at his plunging, spurting cock. "Shoot it in me!"

When it was finally over, Rick hauled his cock out of Mary's asshole and collapsed on the tile floor. Mary slumped forward over the edge of the bathtub. Cynthia, who'd watched everything, applauded the show, saying she wished she'd had a video camera to catch it all on tape. Then she crawled up behind Mary, spread Mary's asscheeks and began licking out Mary's asshole.

Mary sighed, enjoying the feel of Cynthia's tongue in her well-stretched pucker. Cynthia growled, licking and sucking until she'd cleaned all of Rick's cum out of Mary's twitching asshole.

The next day in school, everything and everybody looked different to Mary. It was as if she was seeing everybody for the first time. She found herself eyeing all the boys, wondering what their cocks looked like, if they were near as big as Rick, wondering how many of them had fucked girls. She looked at each girl who passed her, wondering if the girl had been fucked, wondering how many girls had been fucked up the ass, or how many had been fucked by their brothers, or how many girls had been fucked up the ass by their brothers wonderfully huge cocks. She felt like announcing that she was no longer a virgin, that she'd been fucked by her brother, that she was ready to fuck almost any boy who would shove his hard cock between her legs.

In physics class, Mary actually spoke to her deskmate, Kari Blake, something she usually avoided whenever possible.

"How's it going?" Mary said before class.

"Real good," Kari said, chewing her gum and giving Mary a seductive wink.

During class, the two girls again jerked off as they had yesterday, by squeezing their legs together under their skirts. Today's jack off was better than yesterday's, however, because today Mary wasn't wearing panties under her skirt, which made the feeling that much better. And today Mary shamelessly watched Kari's every move and facial expression, which turned her on even more.

After class, Kari leaned toward Mary and said under her breath, "Follow me. We'll have some more fun."

Since it was Mary's free period, during which she usually went to the school library to study, Mary said what the heck and followed. Kari led Mary past the cafeteria in the school basement to the girls' restroom. Kari grabbed Mary's hand and pulled Mary into the corner toilet stall.

Kari bolted the door. She wrapped her arms around Mary's neck, pressed up against Mary, and started kissing Mary on the mouth. Kari's mouth tasted like bubble gum.

Mary pulled her head back. "Spit out your gum."

Kari spit the gum in the toilet and smiled. "That better?"

Then she hugged Mary fiercely and started kissing again, working her tongue between Mary's lips and into her mouth. Her hand went up under Mary's skirt and started playing with Mary's pussy.

Mary trembled, somewhat surprised by what was happening, but not really shocked. After what had happened yesterday with Rick and Cynthia, she didn't think anything would ever shock her again. She reached up under Kari's skirt to rub Kari's pussy. Kari wasn't wearing panties either, and discovering that thrilled Mary. Her hand trembled, sliding in the other girl's fuck-juices.

Mary broke their kiss. "Have you ever been fucked?"

"Of course," Kari said. "Hundreds of times."

"By who?"

"By about every foxy guy I can get my hands on," Kari said. "What about you?"

"Same here," Mary lied. "Hundreds of times. Hundreds of guys."

"I thought so," Kari said. "You being a gymnast and a cheerleader and all. You can get any guy in school." She slipped a finger up Mary's cunt and started working it in and out. "You've got a tight pussy."

Mary panted, the juices pouring out of her cunt and running down her legs.

"You sure are juicy," Kari said. "You sure you're not peeing?"

"Does it feel like pee?" Mary said, and she stuck one of her own fingers up Kari's cunt.

Kari moaned, her eyes rolling. "Feels so good!"

The two girls kissed, tonguing each other's mouth, finger-fucking each other's pussy. Fuck cream dribbled from both their cunts, trickling down the insides of their thighs like warm, melted butter. Both girls panted, their tits rising and falling rapidly. As they made out, they kicked off their shoes and stood barefoot on the cool tile of the restroom floor, their hot toes playing with each other's feet.

"I'd like to see you get fucked sometime," Kari said. "I really get off on seeing other girls get fucked."

"I'd like to see you get fucked," Mary said. "I'd like to see you get fucked up the asshole."

"I never knew you were such a dirty-mouthed bitch," Kari said, leering into Mary's face. "I like you."

"I like you," Mary said, her hand pounding between Kari's legs, her finger ramming Kari's contracting cunt.

"Ooooh, Mary, I'm gonna come!" Kari gasped, her eyes rolling back.

"Me too!" Mary moaned, her excitement surging to a head as she watched the expression of ecstasy in Kari's eyes.

"Eeeeeh!" Kari squealed, her pussy exploding around Mary's finger. And Mary exploded with her, her own pussy chewing up Kari's finger.

The two girls kissed passionately, their loins pulsing with spasms, their bare toes clawing each other's feet, fuck-juices running down their legs. They swayed deliriously, clinging to each other, supporting each other.

Kari pulled her dripping hand out from between Mary's legs and started licking off the tart-sweet girl-juice.

"I swear, you squirt when you come," Kari said.

"Most of the time," Mary said with a smile. She licked Kari's cunt juice off her own hand. The taste was delicious, sweeter than the taste of Cynthia's pussy.

"I wish I could squirt when I come," Kari said. "I bet it drives the guys nuts when you squirt on their cocks or in their mouths."

"Yeah," Mary said, and for a moment she actually believed she'd had sex with hundreds of guys instead of with only one. "They go nuts."

"Come on over to my house after school and I'll suck you off," Kari said.

"Can't," Mary said. "I got gymnastics practice. I'll take a rain check, though."

"Anytime," Kari said. "I wanna feel you squirt against my tongue." She pulled a fresh stick of bubble gum out of her purse and popped it in her mouth. "I'd better get to study hall or they'll think I skipped out."

In gymnastics class, Mary found herself eyeing the coach. She'd never paid much attention to him in the past. Until yesterday, in fact, her mind had always been on her gymnastics during practice. She'd been aware of the coach more as a disembodied voice than as a living, breathing man. Today she was very aware of the coach being a man, so very aware that she stumbled through her exercises more or less in a daze.

"Still feeling a bit under the weather?" the coach asked.

He was sticking close to her today, paying more attention to her than any of the other girls. And when he caught her on some of her clumsy dismounts, his hand pressing between her legs lingered longer than usual.

"I'm all right," Mary said, blushing. "Just a little weak yet, that's all."

"Maybe you should go down to my office and relax a while. I've got a cot down there you can rest on."

"Maybe I should," Mary said, blushing even more.

A few minutes later, Mary found herself alone in the coach's office. Funny, but she'd never been in here before. Dozens of photographs, some framed, some clippings from newspapers, were mounted on the walls. All were pictures of girl gymnasts, some schoolgirls, some Olympic champions. Hundreds of willowy young bodies, slim, shapely legs, bare feet and pointed toes adorned the walls. The coach was in a lot of the pictures, his arms around the girls' shoulders, his mouth pressed to victorious young cheeks.

A small cot lay along one wall of the small office. A desk, cluttered with papers, took up the middle of the room. In one corner of the room sat a canvas laundry bin, full of leotards, girls' panties, gymnastics uniforms, and bras. From the sweaty, girlish smell that permeated the office, it was evident that the clothing was in need of washing.

Mary notice a pair of her own panties, marked with her name, lying among the jumble of girls' athletic clothing. The coach insisted on personally washing the sweaty clothing of the young gymnasts, but it always took him forever to get washed clothing back to the girls.

Mary stretched out on the cot, dressed in her gymnastics uniform, her legs and feet bare. The uniform fit her like a satiny, shiny skin, and she wore nothing under it: no panties, no bra. As she thought about the coach's hand rubbing between her legs when he caught her, her pussy- lips swelled and the crotch of her uniform pulled up between them like a gag. Her pussy throbbed with every beat of her heart and pussy cream started leaking out of her. Some of her blonde cunt-fur had curled out around the edges of her uniform crotch. She wondered what the coach would do when he saw her like this, maybe the same things he'd done yesterday to the other girl behind the closed door of this same office, maybe the same things he'd done to several of the girls on the team, and, she guessed, to many of the sexy nymphettes in the photographs on the office wall.

"How are we doing, sweetheart?" Coach Peters stepped into the office and closed the door behind him. His eyes immediately fell between Mary's spread legs. "Just thought I'd check up on you, darling. I like to take care of my girls."

Mary heard the bolt click in the door lock.

"I'm still a little weak," she said.

"I hope you're not coming down with mono or something," the coach said. He came over to the cot and felt Mary's forehead.

"I think you might have a slight fever."

"I do?" Mary opened her eyes, surprised to hear she might actually be sick.

"I don't think it's anything to worry about," the coach said. "But I'd better take your temperature."

He opened a desk drawer and pulled out a thermometer.

Mary opened her mouth.

The coach smiled at her. "Unfortunately, all I've got is a rectal thermometer. If you don't mind, we'll take off your uniform."

Mary swallowed. "Take my clothes off?"

"We can't take your temperature very easily otherwise," said the coach. "Besides, these flimsy little things you girls wear show off more than they hide. You won't be showing me anything I haven't already seen."

Mary noticed the huge bulge in the man's sweatpants had tented out further, as if he had a billyclub sticking up from between his legs. She glanced at the tent and swallowed again. The man had a huge cock, maybe even bigger than Rick's. With the help of the coach's fumbling hands, she pulled off her uniform. She'd never felt so naked in her life.

The coach was breathing hotly through his nose. "Get up on your hands and knees, darling. Put your sexy little ass up in the air."

Mary was hot. She could hardly keep from squirming as she leaned forward onto her elbows on the cot and stuck her naked ass high in the air, turning it up as if for a fuck. Her tits dangled heavily, swollen with excitement. Pussy cream dribbled down the insides of her thighs. She saw the coach grope his cock. He was sitting on the cot behind her, his nose inches from her gaping, oozing cunt. He slipped the thermometer into her moist, twitching asshole.

"I'll have to hold onto the thermometer so it doesn't slip inside you and disappear," the coach said. "We wouldn't want that, would we?"

Mary giggled. "No."

"Just relax," the coach said. Slowly, he started twisting the thermometer in Mary's asshole, at the same time working it in and out, as if fucking her with it.

Mary started to pant. She couldn't keep her ass from wiggling. As she grew more excited, she felt her pussy-lips swell even more, and as they swelled they parted, opening up her cunt. The coach was breathing heavily. Mary heard him sniffing her ass and cunt.

"We'd better check this," the coach said. He slipped the thermometer out of her asshole.

Looking up between her tits and legs, Mary watched the coach push the thermometer into his mouth and suck it clean.

"Hmm," he said. "According to this, you don't have a fever. You sure feel warm, though. I wonder if this thing is broken." He reached over and placed the thermometer on his desk. "Maybe I'd better check it out with a more reliable gauge."

Mary kept her ass high in the air, wondering what the coach would do next. The end of the bulge in his sweatpants was all wet.

The coach sucked on the middle finger of his right hand, lubricating it, then slipped the finger between Mary's asscheeks. "Just relax, honey."

He wiggled the tip of his finger against her ass-pucker, then pushed. His finger disappeared up Mary's asshole as if sucked inside.

"Oh, coach!" Mary gasped. Her cunt contracted and a tiny stream of pussy-juice squirted out, spraying onto the coach's nose.

"Jesus!" the coach said. "Honey, I can't help myself!"

Pumping his finger in and out of Mary's asshole, he started slurping at her upturned crotch, eating up her pussy juices, licking out the tasty folds of succulent meat between her cunt-lips. He licked down between her thighs, cleaning up the sweet juices that had dribbled down her skin.

"Oh, honey! Gorgeous little bitch!"

Mary churned her ass, moaning as the coach finger-fucked her asshole and ate her pussy. She pushed her right foot into his lap, toeing his cock through his sweatpants. The coach groaned and rammed his tongue up her cunt.

"Oh, Coach, yesss!" Mary whined. "Lick my pussy! Oh, yes!" She rubbed her ass wildly in the man's face, grinding her pussy in his mouth, fucking herself on his darting, twisting tongue. Pussy-juices seeped out of her, running into the man's mouth and down his throat.

The coach sucked, slurped, slobbered, growling as he ate her out and drank her tart-sweet girl-juices. His finger continued to twist in her asshole, doubling the pleasure Mary felt in her loins. The tip of his tongue probed her G-spot, the most sensitive spot in her cuntal walls, and Mary let out such a squeal of delight that the coach continued jabbing the spot with his tongue-tip. Mary went crazy. In seconds, she exploded.

"Ooooooh!" she groaned, her cunt spasming around the coach's tongue, her asshole clutching his finger. "Oooooh yessss, I'm coming!"

She wiggled and jerked her ass, feeding the coach her juicy pussy.

The coach sucked greedily, drinking her hot fuck-juice, growling and groaning as if he were feeling as good as she was.

When it was over, the coach pulled both his tongue and finger out of Mary at the same time. Her fuckholes remained open for a few moments, cool air licking their hot edges. The coach sucked his middle finger clean, savoring the taste of Mary's sweet young asshole.

Mary relaxed down on the cot, turning on her side and curling up. The coach stood up, pulling off his sweatshirt and sweatpants. From where Mary lay, the coach's cock looked like a baseball bat sticking up from between his legs. Foreskin half covered the bulbous prickhead, and veins bulged out all over the massively thick shaft. The coach's hairy balls looked about the size of hen's eggs.

"How'd you like to suck this!" the coach said, massaging his cock, making the foreskin slide. "How'd you like to taste this big thing! How'd you like to eat my cum!"

Though still quivering from her orgasm, Mary felt a new rush of heat and excitement throughout her body. The spit flowed in her mouth, trickling from one corner of her lips as she stuck her tongue out.

"Coach," she whispered. "Yes!"

The muscular coach dropped to his knees beside the low cot and shoved his cock into Mary's waiting hands. She stroked the huge, sweaty man- cock, feeling its hardness and smoothness, rippling her fingers over the cock veins, peeling the foreskin back off the knob and inhaling the musky aroma. As she squeezed the massive fuck-rod, lube oozed out the cockhead, and Mary flicked it off with her tongue.

The coach pressed closer, shoving his cock at Mary's mouth. "Suck it, sweetheart! Lick it and suck it!"

Her hands trembling as she held the massive cock, she began lapping at the naked knob, cleaning the salty moisture off, teasing the cockhead with the tip of her tongue and sipping the lube as it bubbled out. Her hands began to slide up and down, working the foreskin along the shaft. Her mouth gaped and she engulfed the knob and a few inches of the shaft. The cock was so thick that she couldn't swallow much of it.

The coach's eyes rolled. He had his hands on his hips, kneeling there next to the cot as he fed the schoolgirl gymnast his rampant cock. Slowly, he started rotating his hips, working his cock in Mary's mouth, rubbing the underside of his knob against her hot wriggling tongue.

"Oh, baby!" he groaned. "Pleasure that thing! Suck it, lick it, eat it! Jerk it off! Oh shit, you're good!"

Mary was delirious. She lay there on her side, cradling the coach's big prick, playing with it and sucking it as if it were a giant toy that she owned. She loved the salty taste of the man's cock. She stuck the tip of her tongue a half inch up his cockhead, twisting it as she vigorously jerked his foreskin up and down.

The coach was gasping, wiggling his ass and working his cockhead between Mary's lips, fucking the shaft between her silky-soft hands.

"Suck! Lick! Jack!" he panted.

Mary felt his cock harden, felt it quiver in her hands, sensed the electricity shooting through its core. The massive fucker flexed, shuddered, and hot spunk shot into her mouth.

"Ahhhhhh!" the coach moaned. "Yeahhhhhh!"

He humped rapidly, rhythmically, working his spasming prick between Mary's hands, pleasuring the head in her mouth, shooting spunk against her tonsils and tongue.

Mary cooed, sucking and gulping the man's cum. It was so hot and thick she could hardly swallow it. Huge slimy wads of the coach's spunk slid down her gullet. She kept jerking her hands and sucking until the last gobs oozed out and the cock began to soften.

The coach sighed and pulled his cock away.

"Thanks," he said. "You're a lot more experienced than I ever figured."

Mary sat up, licking the cum off her lips. After sucking the man's cock, her body was tingling all over. She spread her legs and started rubbing her pussy, her eyes on the coach's massive, dangling cock.

"You wanna be fucked now, I guess," the coach said.

"Yes," said Mary, her young body throbbing with renewed lust. "Fuck me coach!"

The coach grabbed his cock and started working up a fresh hard-on for Mary, his eyes roving all over her sexy teen gymnast's body.

The coach laid Mary on her back across his desk, lifted her legs and let them rest against his shoulders, wrapped his hands around her slim waist and pulled her twitching little ass toward his cock. His cockhead kissed her pussy, rubbing the fluffy pink fuckmeat between her blonde cunt-slabs. He wiggled his cock, driving Mary crazy, making her squirm.

The coach chuckled. "Anxious for it, huh?"

"Stick it in!" Mary growled. "Oooooh, fuck me!"

"I bet you've never had one this big inside you. It's gonna hurt."

"I don't care," Mary said. "I want it. I wanna be fucked."

Her cunt contracted, bubbling cuntlube all over the man's prickhead. Her pussy cream trickled down his shaft and onto his balls.

"I don't think I've ever had a girl as juicy as you," the coach said. "You actually squirt. I've only seen a few other girls do that before."

"Please put it in!" Mary moaned.

Her toes worked crazily, and she started rubbing her feet up and down the man's cheeks to entice him.

He turned his face from side to side, nuzzling her soles. He started licking her feet, his tongue darting between her toes. He took several toes into his mouth and started sucking them.

Mary moaned, tossing her head from side to side. Her cunt started contracting rhythmically. Just when she thought she was going to scream with frustration, she felt the coach's cock slip into her cunt. It was enormous, as thick as an arm, but it slipped in easily, disappearing inside her to the hilt. Mary's eyes rolled back in ecstasy. Both she and the coach groaned. He was still sucking her toes.

"Yes!" Mary sighed. "Fuck me!"

She wiggled her ass, rocked her loins, fucking herself on the coach's cock. It was bigger than Rick's cock, but it really didn't feel that much bigger inside her, and it slipped in and out smoothly.

The coach had hold of both Mary's feet, and he continued to kiss and lick and suck them as he fucked her. He chewed on her toenails, sucked half her right foot into his mouth, spit it out and sucked up half her left foot. Her feet were in ecstasy, and the coach continued to pleasure them, sucking her toes until she wanted to scream.

"Oh yes!" she cried, squirming on the desk, her blonde head twisting from side to side.

"Fuck me! Suck my toes! Oh yes!"

She wiggled her loins wildly, churning her madly throbbing cunt on the man's rapidly thrusting cock.

"Mmmmm, mannnn!" the coach groaned, humping deliriously, sliding his lust-saturated cock in the searing-hot pussy of the purring teenager, sucking her sexy young toes as they wiggled and clutched in his mouth.

Mary grabbed her tits, squeezing them, rubbing them in circles, massaging her cherry-bumps and nipples. She felt sexy all over. Her clit rubbed against the man's sliding cockshaft. The hot edges of his knob massaged the sensitive folds of her cuntal walls. As his steel- hard prong rubbed her G-spot, she started losing her mind. She thrashed on the desk, rocking her loins, crazy to bring herself off.

The coach dropped her feet, fell forward over her, crushed his hairy chest to her swollen tits, covered his mouth with hers. He humped against her so forcefully, ramming his cock in so hard and deep, that with each thrust the desk legs scraped along the concrete floor. He rammed his tongue down her throat and she sucked it, gazing deliriously into his lust-watery eyes. Her arms and legs wrapped around him. He was fucking her so deep she thought his cock would come out of her mouth. His eyes rolled back in ecstasy and he began to spurt.

"Mmmmnnnn!" he groaned. "Ahhhhhh!"

He fucked out of control, ramming his cock up Mary's pussy with all his strength, firing stream after stream of scalding jism into her womb.

Mary hovered at the brink of orgasm for an endless moment. It was as if time had stopped forever. The man's cock bucked inside her, spurting endlessly, and Mary lay under him, on the edge of ecstasy, experiencing orgasm without the spasms. She thought she'd never get over the hump, but at once, she exploded.

Her fingernails sank into the man's back, her toenails into his ass. She squirmed up against him, crushing her body into his body, melting into him. Her cunt contracted fast, hard, almost viciously, and the coach gasped as her pussy nearly popped the knob off his pleasure-raw cock. She bit the man's jaw, clawed his back, writhed under him so violently that she nearly rolled them both off the desk. She felt a hot cum-spurt drill her womb and she shrieked with delicious excitement until her orgasm was over.

The coach pushed up off her, staggered around the office as if he were lost. "Jesus, girl, you nearly sucked the life out of me! I ain't never fucked a pussy like that before!"

Mary lay across the desk, moaning softly. What a fuck! She thought. What a feeling!

Before Mary left his office, the coach said, "I hope you'll be coming around regularly from now on, sweetheart."

"I hope so too," Mary said. She glanced at the dangling outline of the coach's cock in his sweatpants. "I know so, Coach."

Over the next week, Mary slept with Rick every night. Usually Rick went to sleep with his cock buried in Mary's cunt from behind, and the two of them would remain coupled all night, waking periodically to fuck themselves to a climax. He fucked her in the morning before school, fucked her before dinner, and fucked her before the two of them went to bed to fuck some more. She was never able to get enough of her twin brother's huge, rock-hard cock, and he was never able to get enough of her tight, super-juicy cunt.

But Rick wasn't the only person to keep Mary's insatiable young cunt satisfied. There was Cynthia, who stopped by at every chance to give Mary a tongue-job. And there was Kari, who loved to suck Mary's cunt as much as Cynthia did. Cynthia stopped by one day while Kari and Mary were sixty-nining, and Cynthia nearly had a heart attack as she joined in the action and sucked off both squirming, squealing teenagers.

Then there was Coach Peters. Mary was getting in the habit of stopping by his office after gymnastics practice and turning her ass up for him to lick and fuck. Sometimes when she stopped by his office his door was locked and she could hear some other girl giggling and gasping as the coach worked her over, and that always made Mary fume with jealousy. Despite her fuming, however, she usually pressed her ear to the door and listened to every gasp and grunt, jerking herself off as she eavesdropped.

One afternoon when Mary got home from school, her ass and cunt still throbbing from the after-practice workout the coach's cock had given them, the coach's cum oozing from her asshole, she stepped through the front door of the house and found three naked boys sprawled on the floor in the living room. The boys were Rick and two of his buddies from the wrestling team. They had the TV on and were jacking off as they watched a video porn movie Rick had got hold of. All three boys sat up and let go of their cocks as Mary walked into the room.

"Hey, Sis," Rick said. "We've been waiting for you. Take off your clothes and get comfortable."

Mary flushed. It was obvious that Rick had been blabbing to his buddies about his having fucked her, and now it was obvious that his two buddies wanted to fuck her too.

"This is Todd," Rick said, nodding toward the redheaded boy sitting on the floor to Rick's right. "And this is Billy."

Billy was short and stocky, with black hair and a thick stubby cock. Todd was tall and gangly, with an uncut cock almost as big as Rick's.

Mary's tongue almost dropped out as she eyed the three rigid cocks waiting for her. On the TV screen an actress was shrieking. Mary dropped her books on a chair and shakily began taking off her clothes, starting with her shoes. The three boys watched her every move, salivating as if they were going to eat her alive.

"Man, your sister's one hot chick!" Billy said. He grabbed his cock and started to stroke it. "Great tits."

"She does everything," Rick said. "She can't get enough hard prick."

"I got some hard prick for her," Todd said. He held his cock at the base of the shaft, waving it at Mary like a club. His foreskin was pulled back nearly off his knob, and the fuck-lube oozed from his cockhead.

Rick turned off the TV.

"We don't need this on anymore," he said. "Not when we got the real thing."

Mary stood naked in front of the three boys, quivering from head to toes. She reached up behind her head and took down her ponytail, letting her long blonde hair hang freely halfway down her back. As she eyed the boys' throbbing cocks, pussy-juice started leaking down between her thighs.

"So, what you guys wanna do?" Rick asked.

"I want a blow-job," said Billy. He stood up, his hands on his hips, his thick cock ready to split out of its foreskin from hardness.

Mary took one look at Billy's lube-oozing prick and she went down on her knees in front of him. She swallowed his cock to the balls, burying her nose in his thatch of black groin hair. The cock tasted sweaty. It was red-hot and harder than a bone. As Mary started to suck, Billy's ball swelled and lifted in their sac, and he moaned, wrapping his hands around Mary's head.

"Yeah, baby, suck that thing!" Billy humped into Mary's mouth, rubbing the underside of his cock against her tongue. His dark eyes rolled with pleasure. The muscles of his body undulated under his smooth skin.

"She sure loves prick," Todd said, sliding the foreskin up and down his cock.

"She loves to eat cum," Rick said. "I can't feed her enough of it."

"She can eat my cum anytime," Todd said.

"Mmmm yeahhh, baby, suck it!" Billy wrapped his fingers in Mary's hair, dug his fingernails into her scalp, and thrust forward, ramming his cock rapidly in and out of her mouth. "Shit, she's good! Yeah, lick it right there!"

Mary twirled her tongue at the underside of Billy's cock as he slipped it in and out. She could taste the salty gobs of his fuck-lube as they rolled out of his cockhead and down her throat. She closed her eyes, enjoying the sensation of having a sweaty, rock-hard cock stuffing her face. As the cock slipped in and out, itchy fuck-sensations saturated her lips and tongue and excitement pulsed through her body. She rammed a finger up her pussy and started jerking off.

"Hot!" Todd gasped. "Look at that horny little bitch finger-fuck her pussy! Christ, there's juice running down her legs.

"She's a juicy bitch," Rick said. "I've never fucked one juicier."

"Man!" Todd yelled.

He crawled on his hands and knees around behind Mary, his hand jerking up and down his prick, and crouching low, he shoved his red head between her thighs from behind. His hot tongue lapped up the juice running down the insides of Mary's thighs.

"Tastes great!"

As Mary sucked Billy's cock, she turned up her ass, wiggling it in Todd's face. Todd plunged his nose between her asscheeks, his tongue slurping at her crotch as Mary finger-fucked herself. Todd licked up Mary's asscrack and shoved his tongue in her recently fucked asshole, rimming her, eating her asshole out.

"Damn, this is hot!" Billy panted, ramming his cock faster and faster in Mary's mouth. "What a girl!"

Mary groaned, sucking vigorously, her tongue churning nonstop at the sensitive underside of Billy's cock. Todd's tongue in her asshole made her squirm. She gazed up seductively at Billy, showing him her cute, sexy blue eyes. Billy looked as if he were going to pass out with pleasure. His cock began to pulse and quiver in Mary's mouth.

"I'm coming!" Billy gasped. "Yeah, eat it!"

He rammed his cock to the hilt into Mary's mouth. His body shuddered, his cock flexed, and a stream of hot spunk splashed against Mary's tonsils.

Mary gulped, guzzling the hot, slimy jism. It was salty, but much sweeter tasting than she'd expected. She cooed, sucking rhythmically, delighting at each buck and spurt of the boy's hot prick between her lips.

Billy moaned, ramming his cock into Mary's mouth again and again and again. "Eat my load! Suck out my cum!"

At last as Billy pulled his cock out of Mary's mouth and staggered over to the couch to collapse on it, Todd slipped his tongue out of Mary's asshole and slid up behind her. "I wanna fuck your hot little shitter," Todd growled in Mary's ear.

Mary shivered. "Mmmm, stick it in!"

"Yeahhhh," Todd said. He spit in his hands and smeared his cock with the spit. Mary dropped forward onto her hands and knees so Todd would have a better angle to penetrate her, and she turned up her sexy, jizz- oozing ass at him. Todd took one look at her twitching pucker and rammed his cockhead against it. Her asshole opened and sucked Todd's cock in all the way.

"Ahhhhh!" Todd groaned. "What a hole! I've never fucked a girl's asshole this easy!"

"That's 'cause I taught her how to relax," Rick said. "Plus, I've reamed her out about a hundred times."

"She's so tight," Todd said, sliding his cock in and out and groaning with pleasure.

"Tight but slick," Rick said. "I've never fucked a better ass."

As Todd humped Mary's ass, moaning deliriously with each screw, Rick kneeled in front of Mary so she could suck his cock. Mary stuck the middle finger of her right hand up her cunt, beating off as she ass- fucked Todd's cock and sucked on Rick.

"Suck slow and easy, Rick said. "I don't wanna come right off. Careful with that tongue."

Mary was so experienced at sucking Rick's cock by now that she'd learned exactly how to pleasure it to bring him off in seconds. All she had to do was get her tongue under his foreskin and tongue his knob, which drove him nuts, then slurp the underside of his knob a few times while sucking his shaft. If she hit just the right spot, he'd be gushing like a geyser in seconds.

"Sis, watch that tongue!" Rick cautioned as Mary started getting too playful.

"I'm in fuck-heaven!" Todd groaned, his hands clutching Mary's loins, his own loins swinging, driving his rigid cock up Mary's asshole again and again. "I swear, this asshole feels better than any pussy I've ever fucked!"

"Try out her pussy," Rick said. "See what you think."

"I think I will," Todd said.

As Todd slipped his cock out of Mary's asshole, Mary pulled her finger out of her cunt and turned her ass up higher. Todd pushed the bulbous head of his cock between Mary's pussy-lips, and with an easy thrust, he buried his entire cock up her cunt.

"Ahhhhh!" Todd groaned, his eyes rolling back. "Tight, hot pussy!"

He fucked rapidly, grunting with each thrust. His belly smack against Mary's ass.

Mary squealed, sucking harder on Rick's cock, wiggling her ass as Todd screwed her pussy.

"What do you think?" Rick asked, panting as Mary sucked his cock.

"Feels great!" Todd gasped. "Different, but just as good! This girl's got the best-feeling holes I've ever fucked!"

Rick laughed. "You ought to feel her mouth." He pulled his cock out of Mary's Mouth. "Come on, Todd, try out her mouth."

"I like this," Todd said. "Any hole I want I can stick it in is mine." He pulled his cock out of Mary's pussy. It was dripping with her fuck- juices. On his knees, he moved around in front of Mary and stuck his cunt-wet cock in her mouth.

Mary stuck her tongue under Todd's foreskin and started slurping, twirling her tongue around and around his knob.

"Awww, yeahhhh!" Todd groaned. "What a mouth! What a hot, electric tongue! Suck my prong, you jizz-hungry slut!"

Mary stuck her finger back up her cunt, jerking off as she sucked and licked Todd's cunt-flavored cock. There was something wickedly exciting about sucking Todd's cock right after he'd pulled it out of her cunt, and she sucked greedily, twisting her blonde head from side to side. Her tongue twirled and churned, pleasuring the most sensitive parts of Todd's bucking teen cock. In a matter of seconds the cock flexed hard in Mary's mouth and began to spurt.

"I'm cumming!" Todd grunted. "Jesus, ahhhh!" He rammed his cock to the hilt down Mary's throat, then humped rhythmically, spurting again and again. "Eat it, bitch!"

Mary was delirious. The potent aroma of hot spunk filled her head. She choked as the cum flooded her throat and overflowed her mouth. Todd's cock was big, and the head of it kept lodging in Mary's throat as the spunk shot from the cockhead. Mary gulped as best she could, but cum escaped her mouth and dripped from her chin.

"Look at that chick suck cock!" Billy said, getting up off the couch, his cock in his hand. He watched closely as Mary gulped down Todd's load.

Next to Billy, Rick stood beating his own cock, smiling as Mary struggled with Todd's bucking cock as if she'd swallowed a rattlesnake. "Way to go, Sis! eat that cock! Guzzle that slop!"

Mary closed her eyes, gulped a throatful of spunk, and exploded between her legs as her finger knifed in her pussy. She squeezed her thighs together, shimmying them, squirming as the jolts of electric pleasure surged through her body. Pussy-juice gushed out of her, running like hot sap between her thighs. She opened her eyes and saw all three boys watching her, and their ogling attention turned her on even more. She rolled her glazed eyes at them, her body spasming with ecstasy.

"Sexy fucking chick!" Billy panted, jerking on his cock.

Mary had hardly finished spasming when Billy rolled her onto her back on the floor and sprawled out on top of her. He had his legs between her thighs and he forced them further apart so he could stick his cock up her pussy. Mary gasped as the hot, stiff cock began to fuck her feverishly spasmed crotch. Her arms and legs closed around the grunting boy, crushing his muscular body against her, hugging him tightly in an effort to slow down his thrusting.

"Please, my pussy's sensitive!" Mary gasped, and her eyes almost popped out as Billy's searing-hot cock kissed her G-spot.

"Slow down, billy-goat," Rick said to Billy. "You're gonna blow your nuts before you've had any fun."

"I'm having fun," Billy grunted, humping fast and hard, driving his rigid cock up Mary's pussy again and again. "Feels so fucking good!"

"Roll over on your back," Rick said. "Pull her on top of you. I wanna screw her asshole."

"Huh?" Billy threw a puzzled glance over his shoulder at Rick. His loins kept moving.

Rick gave Billy a push with his foot, rolling Billy and Mary onto their sides. Billy fell onto his back and Mary, clinging to him, came down on top of him. Now she was on top with Billy beneath her, humping upward into her cunt. Rick got down over Mary from behind and started working his cock into her asshole.

"Oooooh yessss!" Mary purred, shaking with excitement.

She was going to be fucked by two cocks at once: one up the cunt, one up the asshole. As Rick's cock slipped to the hilt up her asshole, her mouth gaped from the pressure in her loins. The two cocks felt enormous inside her, as big as arms.

Billy gnawed the front of Mary's neck, sucked up flesh and gave her hickies. Rick gnawed the back of Mary's neck, nuzzling under her blonde hair, giving her goosebumps that covered her entire body. Mary squirmed crazily between the two rutting teenagers, groaning and panting, her ass wiggling with wild gyrations.

"Fuck me!" she squealed. "Ooooh fuck me!" The two cocks were like two hot, oiled snakes sliding in and out of her. Each screwing thrust sent fuck sensations shooting to her toes.

Todd came over and kneeled in front of Mary. His big uncut cock was hard again, and he was working it in his fist, jerking the foreskin up and down. Fuck-lube oozed from the cockhead, greasing the shiny knob, leaking under his foreskin. Mary stuck her tongue out, and Todd shoved his cock in Mary's mouth.

Mary's eyes crossed, turned back, rolled deliriously. She'd never been so stuffed with cock. Her every pussy was filled with hard, throbbing dick. She salivated profusely, sucking Todd's cock. Her asshole and cunt tightened, sucking the cocks of Billy and Rick. She was in fuck heaven, and she wanted it to last forever.

The boys grunted and moaned, getting hotter and sweatier as they worked their teen cocks inside her. Her lips smacked. The cocks in her cunt and asshole made squashing sounds as they rubbed her juicy fuckmeat. She nearly came each time she felt the three cocks swell and pulsate in her pussy, ass, and mouth.

"I'm getting fucking close!" Billy panted. "Let's come together," Rick said. "I'll blast her asshole and you blast her cunt."

"Yeah," Billy said, thrusting faster, knifing his cock up Mary's pussy. "Yeah! Yeahhh, let's shoot!"

"Yeahhh!" Rick moaned, thrusting rapidly up Mary's asshole. "Let's cream this bitch!"

Mary nearly jumped out of her skin from the sensation of the two hard cocks pistoning in her loins. Her toes clutched. Her nipples hardened as she rubbed them against Billy's chest. She felt the two cocks growing larger and harder inside her.

Billy was humping like a jackrabbit, thrusting upward, his back arched, all his strength directed into fucking Mary's pussy. Mary's fuck- juices washed down over his balls.

"I'm gonna come!" Billy panted. "Shit!"

"Here I go!" Rick moaned. "Here it comes!"

The two cocks flexed murderously hard inside Mary, flexed in unison, flexed and shuddered, shuddered and shot off. Hot spunk gushed into Mary's loins, splashing in her pussy, splashing in her bowels.

"Ahhhhh!" Billy and Rick moaned in unison. "Ahhhhhh!"

Mary would have screamed if Todd's cock hadn't been stuffed in her mouth to keep her quiet. She could feel the hot spunk shooting inside her, could feel every flex and quiver and ejaculation of the two cocks impaling her loins. She wiggled her ass in a frenzy of lust, and suddenly she exploded. Todd yanked his cock out of her mouth as she bit into it, and Mary wailed louder than Billy and Rick together. The pleasure was nearly unbearable.

Billy and Rick gasped as Mary's fuckholes rapidly milked their bucking, spurting cocks. Billy let out a whimper, his body shivering, his cock nearly jumping out of its skin in Mary's hard-sucking pussy. Rick kept humping, pleasuring his cock in Mary's contracting shithole. Mary writhed between the muscular boys, gasping and shrieking until every twinge of spastic ecstasy had been milked from her loins.

Rick pulled his cock out and rolled off. Billy pushed Mary away and rolled out from under her. Before Mary could collapse against the floor and relax, Todd grabbed her from behind and pulled her to her hands and knees. Kneeling up behind her, he stuck his cock up her jizz- oozing cunt.

"This is living!" Todd sighed. "All the pussy and ass a guy could want. "Ahhhhh!"

His fingers clutching Mary's hips, he plunged his cock up her pussy again and again.

Mary, who'd just experienced two orgasms in close succession, shrieked from the intense stimulation of a hard cock ramming her pussy. Her cunt was so sensitive that Todd's fucking was nearly unbearable. She pleaded with him to stop, to give her a break, but his itch-saturated cock was not about to pull out of the hole that gave it satisfaction.

"I'm gonna fuck you to death!" Todd muttered, screwing faster, his belly slamming Mary's upturned ass. "Ahhh, yeahhhhh!"

As Todd fucked, Billy's cum bubbled from Mary's cunt and creamed Todd's balls. His fat cock rammed her deep, the head of it popping in and out of her womb.

Mary whined as if she were being whipped, her entire body shuddering. For a few moments she thought she would pass out, then her cunt began to suck as the ultra-sensitivity of her pussy gave way to a throbbing, aching lust. Gnawing her lips, she began to churn her ass, screwing her cunt on Todd's cock.

"Give it to me! Fuck me!"

"Jesus!" Todd gasped, his eyes nearly popping out. "What a pussy!"

He hugged Mary's loins, ramming her hard-sucking cunt, plunging his cock in the depths of her pussy.

Mary leered, tossing her blonde head from side to side, churning her ass. Her tits wobbled under her. Her toes clutched with each rush of sensations through her body. She tightened her pussy, trying to tease the spunk from Todd's balls.

"I'm gonna cum!" Todd groaned. "Fuck!" He fell forward over Mary, his arms around her loins, his own loins jerking. His eyes rolled back and his body shook. His jism spurted up Mary's cunt. "Ahhhhhhh!"

Mary cooed, contracting her cunt to the rhythm of Todd's spurting. As her loins tightened, Rick's cum seeped from her asshole, trickling down her asscrack. Todd humped and grunted until he'd squeezed every drop of spunk and pleasure from his cock. As he pulled out, some of Rick's cum leaking down Mary's asscrack dribbled onto his prickhead.

Before Mary had a chance to move, Billy was kneeling behind her. He grabbed her ass and stuck his cock up her asshole. "Ahhhh!"

"Don't you guys ever go soft?" Mary said. Giving Billy a seductive leer over her shoulder, she began to rotate her ass.

Rick kneeled in front of Mary. Wrapping his left-hand fingers in her blonde hair and keeping her face turned up, he began to jack off near her mouth. She flicked her tongue at his cockhead, catching the drips of his warm fuck-lube.

"You guys like my sister?" Rick panted as he stroked his stiff cock vigorously.

Todd, who was lying on the couch in a daze, grunted. Billy, whose tongue was hanging out like a dog's as he humped Mary's ass, groaned deliriously.

"Animals," Rick said. "All you wanna do is sleep and fuck, just like me."

It took Billy less than two minutes of ass-humping before he shot off. He moaned as if being whipped, "Mmmmnnnn!" and emptied his third load of spunk into Mary's body,

Rick watched for a few seconds as Billy humped spastically against Mary's smooth white buttocks, then looked downward. Brother and sister gazed into each other's eyes.

"Sis!" Rick cried.

"Rick!" Mary shouted.

Cum burst from Rick's cock, drenching Mary's face. Cum ran down her neck and tits, dripping from her nipples. Rick stuffed his cock into Mary's mouth, crushing her upper lips painfully against her teeth in his haste. He shoved it down her throat, catching her unprepared, causing her throat to burn and her eyes to water as she fought the gag reflex. He shot his cum straight down her gullet.

Mary pushed forward, ignoring the pain of Rick's hand twisting in her hair, swallowed his magnificent cock clear to the root, buried her nose in Rick's pubic hair and gulped her brother's delicious cum as she began to spasm.

The End
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