Sex Scandal at School
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by Kysa Braswell

The Olympic Heights High School students wrote up a contract for the 13-year old star of their pornographic movie, had plans to charge other students to view it on a home computer and even considered submitting it for a contest. But one month later, the six male students, ages 15 to 17, are under investigation for shooting the amateur video in a North Town neighborhood's recreation center locker room in the middle of the day.

As of Thursday, no charges had been filed, but North Lake County Sheriff's Office officials said they are looking at charges of lewd and lascivious battery and sexual performance by a child.

"You can't prevent a lot of what kids do. This one was really stupid. Anyone could have walked in," said Robert W. Berry, president of the Lakes at North Town homeowners association. The sprawling, upscale community is just west of the intersection of Mainerd Road and U.S. 10.

The North Town Democrat is not identifying the students because of their ages and the nature of the crime.

Berry said the students got off the school bus in the recreation center parking lot on Dec. 13 and went directly into the outside men' locker room near the pool to shoot the video. All six live in the development, and one of them used his stepfather's electronic key card to get inside, Berry said.

Three of the boys had sex with the girl, who did not live there, while the fourth boy, 15, filmed it with a video camera, Sheriff's Office reports said.

Berry said their outside video surveillance cameras captured the seven students going in and coming out an hour and a half later, while residents swam nearby in the pool and lounged in the center's gazebo area.

Maintenance workers who went in the next morning found massive cum residue, two leather straps, rope, and cigarette butts all over the hi-tech locker room with blue-tiled floors, showers and a long, wide wooden bench in the changing area.

"At that point, we didn't know that a crime had occurred," Berry said.

All six boys admitted to having sex with the young girl, authorities said.

"I can't believe it. But it really doesn't surprise me because there's no real parental supervision," said resident Patricia Skeba, 36, a mother of four. "Anybody can go in if they have a key. Their parents ought to be shot having their little girl raped like that over and over."

The Sheriff's Office indicated that the teen female was not actually raped per se and was a willing participant who expressed disappointment that more boys did not show up for the filming. The Sheriff's Office learned about the incident when word leaked out after the boys bragged about it to classmates and even screened the video for a few of them the day after they shot it.

When asked why she did it, the young girl replied: "I got to choose the ten best-looking and most well-hung boys in the school. I was getting paid very well. And I knew it would be a lot of fun to lose my virginity on camera."

The girl was injured in the incident, however. "The boys' penises were larger in person than their photos when they emailed them to me. The first two boys were only 8 inches long, but the other four were 9-11 inches long and I was bleeding a little bit by the time the 11-incher got through with me," she commented. At the end of the 2-hour tape, all six boys participated in a bukkake session where they shot their semen all over the girl's face and in her mouth.

"It was pretty unbelievable stuff even for a professional porn star, much less a 13-year old girl. I will never forget the images on that tape and the violence of the rape that occurred. They six boys not only had sex with her, but it was very, very rough sex meant to inflict pain on her. The leather straps were used to beat the girls buttocks during oral sex. I was amazed she had such a high tolerance for pain. We're hoping there's not going to be copycat crimes like it around the area now with other, even younger girls thinking they can do these things, too," the Sheriff's Office spokesman explained.

Did she cry?

"You bet... a lot! My butt and breasts are really pretty badly bruised from the constant whipping and beating as you can see," she showed us, pulling up her top and exposing her large D-cup breasts and pulling down her panties and leaning over to expose her rear. "But it was worth it, and I'd do it again. I have interviews with major talk shows, including Larry King all next week, which should net me enough money to pay for my entire college education in five years," she bragged.

The Olympic Heights principal could not be reached for comment, and Area Superintendent Carol Shetler said Thursday she was unaware of the incident. The Superintendent's schools in the area had been involved other sex scandals over the years, including the infamous "1998 Rape Party" that brought boys in from competing schools to see who could fuck a girl the longest, along with the typical "Posse" story that crops up every year of boys having sex with young girls their homes and filming it for proof to gain points in the Posse. Last year, over 440 girls between the ages of 11-15 in the North Town school district were suspended or reprimanded for submitting to sex and performing repeated sexual favors to members of the local Posses.

Detective Phyllis Kearney, who investigated it for the Sheriff's Office, said the case has been turned over to the State Attorney's Office for review and possible additional charges. The State Attorney's Office declined to comment about the investigation other than to say, "What the hell is going on up there in North Lake? Sounds like a bunch of perverts!"

A 17-year old boy set up the video shoot with plans to make money screening it on his home computer for classmates, according to Sheriff's Office reports. He asked the girl to take part, and even drew up a contract that he had her sign, agreeing to pay her $1,000 for performing specific sex acts, reports show.

When asked why this girl was chosen, the 17-year old replied: "Are you shitting me? Take a look at her - she's a total babe! She's got it all: Horny, 13-years old, a fresh virgin, heavy D-cup tits, and a tight little pussy that would squeeze your prick right off your body! Admit it, YOU'D fuck her right now, wouldn't you, dude?"

No comment.

He also encouraged her to send the tape to High Society, a New York-based pornographic magazine that was offering a $5,000 cash prize for a home video contest, the Sheriff's Office said.

The day before, one of his friends took photographs of him having sex with her and him receiving oral sex and being reamed out by the young girl in the bedroom of his home, the Sheriff's Office said. He told her he would put the photographs on his computer, reports said, and charge his friends to view them, giving her a percentage of the take.

Sheriff's Office detectives searched the boy's home on Jan. 11, seizing his computer, a digital camera, CDs and floppy discs.

Skeba's husband, Tom Skeba, 40, said he was surprised such a thing could happen in broad daylight in such a public, well-populated place. He and his wife live across the street from the recreation center. "Those asshole punks have defiled our common area. Who wants to go there with all that cum and pussy juice all over the locker room? My god, every time I go in there now, I'll be expecting some young girl to walk in naked and lie down for all the men!"

"There's usually someone around the pool area all the time," he said. "We have security patrols at night and during the day, there's lots of people around."

He said parents will always worry about the decisions their children make. "Kids these days are full of spit and vinegar and sheer stupidity. But I admire their entreprenurial spirit trying to make money off the incident. That shows initiative, something we don't have a lot in this country any more with the conservatives ruining everything and taking away are goddamned freedoms." Skeba went on like that for several more minutes.

"In this case, they decided wrong, and it's going to affect a lot of kids' lives for a long time," he said. "Hopefully, it'll be a wake-up call to other kids. It's sad that they had to go to such extremes. Back in my day, sex was supposed to be fun, not a capitalistic venture!"

The End
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